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K-Bar List Jobs: 12 July 2010

K-Bar List Jobs: 12 July 2010
I apologize for the delay in posting. My computer crashed after a lightning strike and I had to buy a new one.
The K-Bar List is a non-profit veterans’ network meant to help vets get jobs. Please also view the jobs we have with my ‘day job’ at Athena Technical Services (www.athenatechservices.com).
Today’s Postings:
1. Intelligence Support Analysts (CONUS - MD) (TS)
2. Intelligence Analyst (SDS) (Columbia, MD TS/SCI with Poly)
3. Job - Radio Telecomm - Huntsville, AL
4. Senior Instructor - National Guard Bureau (Arlington, VA)
5. Wing Operations Center Capacity Manager (Newport News, VA; TS/SCI)
6. DCGS Training Developer (Goodfellow AFB, TX - TS/SCI)
7. Senior Operations Officer (Mclean, VA - TS/SCI with POLY)
8. Field Service Representative (Ft. Lewis - TS/SCI)
9. Senior Logistician - Gulf Coast
10. RecruitMilitary's upcoming Veteran Opportunity Expo in ST. LOUIS, MO. July 15th
11. Veteran Opportunity Expo in BIRMINGHAM, AL. Aug 12th
12. Operations Manager - Oklahoma City OK
13. Cleared CACI Invitational Recruiting Event July 19th and July 20th, 2010 (Denver, CO)
15. Hiring Heroes Career Fair, Tuesday, July 20, 2010 (Camp Pendleton, CA)
16. Wireless Mobility engineer -Crofton, MD or Herndon, VA
17. Structural Dynamics Analyst (Washington, DC)
18. Document Classification Specialist: Washington, DC
19. Restricted Document Classification Specialist: Washington DC
20. Volunteer Manager (Colorado Springs, CO)

TzJobWarrior (02-39-37)
Job # TZ-1018601
(Opens 5 July - 5 August 2010) (May close sooner)

Use suggested resume format

1. A motivated company has a requirement for a few Intelligence Support Analysts (CONUS - MD) (TS)
Duty location: Linthicum, MD/Annapolis Junction MD (unclassified/classified testing)
Clearance: TS/SCI CI poly, desired
TS/SCI, desired
TS/SSBI, minimum requirement
Duration: Contract length
Qualifications: U.S. Citizen (required)
Availability: Immediately

//Please answer the following//
* Salary requirements: ___________
* Availability date: ______________
* Clearance: ___________________

Position Description
Minerva Engineering has been given the responsibility of performing independent test and evaluation for the TAC program which is a tool for querying large multi-source intelligence databases. Tasking to support this project will include the development of a formal software test and evaluation process as part of the software build cycle. This process will have to be integrated into the system as a formal element of the overall build process. In addition, Minerva Engineering will perform Independent Test and Evaluation of the software system employing rigorous methodologies for evaluating the correctness and functionality of the product throughout the software delivery life cycle. This process is intended to serve as a means to generate confidence in the SW performance through early identification and correction of functional or performance deficiencies specifically related to customer deployments. A key element of this activity will be the evaluation of performance characteristics of the SW through the generation and evaluation of objective data. The system is a web-based software product (uses IE7/IE8 and Firefox) with a wide diversity of customers. Testing will need to encompass the specific needs of the various customers as well as the data products.
This position will require the successful candidate to have a thorough knowledge of the TAC program, the software and its associated uses. Of particular importance is a detailed knowledge of the development of queries ("Analytic Mentor" knowledge highly desirable), use of the Grid of Grids functions, working knowledge of the "Details Panel" and the "Document View". The successful candidate will use their knowledge of TAC to support the independent test and evaluation process and therefore be able to read, follow and implement written test procedures. In addition, it's highly desired that the successful candidate be able to support the development of detailed test procedures.

Desired Skills
Experience with TAC (will consider experience with similar multi-source analysis systems)
Experience developing, documenting and implementing TAC queries
Experience with the TAC common views (Grid of Grids, Details Panel and Document View)

Specific Requirements
2-5 years experience working with TAC (will consider experience with similar multi-source analysis systems)
- Analytic Mentor experience highly desired
- Ability to write queries
- Ability to perform analysis of data resultant from queries and document results
- Ability to read, follow and implement written test procedures
- Ability to support the development of detailed test procedures (a mechanism for demonstrating how the system is used)

Educational Requirements
BS desired, not required
All qualified candidates please log-on to our website and/or apply here:
Side bar note: I would like to thank all the positive assistance we have been receiving over the last few years on developing a Veterans Social Network. Due to the growing demand, we would like to invite you to register and apply at our new website: www.TzJobWarrior.com - we are hoping to streamline the time it takes to apply for a position and get your information in front of the hiring authority.
In addition, we will be downsizing our use of the TZNET distro and focus more on the TZJobWarrior distro network - job postings will be distributed through the TZJobWarrior distro network - this will be for the members of our new website. Registration is free!
If you are not interested, but know of someone who might be, please forward this information.
I hope to hear from you soon.
Thank You,

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Thank you for your support,
Tralfaz, LLC
DBA: TzJobWarrior
Visit us on the web at http://www.tzjobwarrior.com

2. >Subject: Intelligence Analyst (SDS) (Columbia, MD TS/SCI with Poly)
>POC for this email is emil.reynolds.ctr@jfcom.mil
>The Intelligence and Information Solutions Business Unit currently
>has an opening for a Intelligence Analyst.
>JOB DESCRIPTION: Must be able to effectively identify all components
>of personal communications system architectures, collection
>capabilities, and databases. Additionally, must identify essential
>elements of information from each of the major personal
>communications systems. Produce multimedia reports and support
>packages. Works directly with customers and team members to complete
>projects. Provides research and analysis to support intelligence
>organizations. Presents analysis or products to customers.
>degree in Liberal Arts/Sciences (or related field) and/or equivalent
>formal military training and 4+ years of related experience to
>include target development. Current TS/SCI with Full Scope polygraph.
>Desired Skills: Experience in at least five (5) of the following:
>current client analytic tools and databases, producing technical
>reports, social network analysis, geospatial metadata analysis,
>target research, metadata analysis, target templating, and SIGINT
>collection systems.
>Applicable Tools:
>Emil S. Reynolds
>Sr. Joint C2 Functional Analyst (SAIC)
>Joint Systems Integration Center-JFCOM
>COM: 757-203-4464
>DSN: 668-4464
>"Sua Sponte"
3. Subject: Job - Radio Telecomm - Huntsville, AL
I have an immediate need for a person with excellent hands-on experience in radio telecommunications. Needs extensive RF experience and Army Aviation application. Please post an opportunity announcement to the ORG list. Location Huntsville, supporting PM-UAS. Thanks.
Contact: Doug Baker
Subject: Job - Opportunity - Senior Instructor - National Guard Bureau, Arlington, VA
Date: Fri, 2 Jul 2010 20:12:44 -0400

All ... see note ... FYI, review and consideration ... or to pass along to individuals you know who would be interested ...


4. Subject: Job - Opportunity - Senior Instructor - National Guard Bureau (Arlington, VA)

HCI | integrated solutions has an immediate opening for a Senior Instructor - National Guard Bureau

This position is in direct support of the National Guard Bureau's Joint Operations Center (JOC) and / or State Emergency Operations Center (EOC) efforts - CONUS wide

Title: Senior Instructor
Reports To: Program Manager
Location: Arlington, VA

HCI | integrated solutions seeks a full-time Senior Instructor to join the HCI National Guard team. This position provides the NGB a range of functions described below.

Duties and Responsibilities:
• Demonstrated ability to effectively instruct and develop courses for senior level students.
• Extensive knowledge of the National Response Framework (NRF), National Incident Management System (NIMS) and Incident Command System,
• Experience and/or demonstrated knowledge of the functions of a Joint Operations Center (JOC) and / or State Emergency Operations Center (EOC). This includes knowledge of the functionality, roles, duties and responsibilities of a National Guard Joint Operations Center operating within a State in support of State civilian authorities.
• Ability to function as an element of a training, education, and readiness support team.
• Demonstrated familiarity with OSD, combatant command, and National Guard operations, roles and requirements.
• Demonstrated success as senior staff officer/analyst in a multi-tasked, high tempo environment
• Knowledge of Guard operational activities in a Homeland Security/Homeland Defense role as well as the emergency responder to Domestic crisis
• Familiarity with joint preparedness, joint training, readiness, exercises, and lessons learned.
• Demonstrated extensive knowledge of the role of the National Guard Bureau and Joint Force Headquarters - State.
• Demonstrated knowledge of the roles and responsibilities of the National Guard Bureau, Army National Guard, Air National Guard, Joint Force Headquarters - State and Joint Task Force organizations
• Demonstrated ability to operate the following joint training and preparedness systems or processes: Joint Training System (JTS), Joint Training Information Management System (JTIMS), Joint Event Life Cycle (JELC), JTS Mission Analysis process, Joint Mission Essential Task List (JMETL) development. Experience with Defense Readiness Reporting System (DRRS), National Guard Joint Capabilities Database (JCD) and Joint Lessons Learned Information System (JLLIS) is highly desired.
• Process advance skills in MS Office products, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook
• Highly Desired: Current NGB, Joint Agency or Combatant Command experience providing training, education and readiness support and staff officer analysis at the operational level. Previous staff assignment and experience on Joint or Combatant Command Staff. Maneuver Augmentation Company (MAC) organizations.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required:

1. Senior Major Command, Joint Staff or National Guard Bureau; Program and Policy Development; Program Management with 3 years of relevant experience
2. 5 years relevant instructing and course development experience
3. Staff action process and joint/service staff operations; briefings and products in support of senior leaders.

Clearance Requirements: SECRET

Minimum Job Requirements

Education: Bachelor Degree
• Military Education: Intermediate Level Education or the military service equivalents. Formal training in Small Group Facilitator and/or Instructor Training Course (ITC)

Please contact Ryan Coble or Kyle Krizay at 703-537-3151
5. >Subject: Wing Operations Center Capacity Manager (Newport News, VA; TS/SCI)
>POC for below is emil.reynolds.ctr@jfcom.mil
>The Operations, Intelligence and Security Business Unit expects to
>have an opening for a Wing Operations Center (WOC) Capacity Manager.
>JOB DESCRIPTION: The successful candidate will assist the 480th
>Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR) Wing Operations
>Center in managing the Wing's processing, dissemination and
>dissemination (PED) capacity in support of 24/7 ISR operations. The
>candidate will use specialized applications and procedures to
>dynamically calculate PED capacity based on available resources and
>assist the WOC in allocating ISR missions to subordinate units for
>execution in the PED Tasking Order (PTO). The candidate will monitor
>PTO execution and adjust capacity assessments as required to reflect
>mission and resource changes. The candidate will also identify and
>document recommended improvements to PED assessment tools and
>REQUIRED EDUCATION/SKILLS: ** Current TS/SCI clearance rquired ***
>Bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts/Sciences (or related field) and/or
>equivalent formal military training and 4+ years of related
>experience. Successful candidate will have at a minimum 3 years
>previous experience in the DCGS/Sentinel Weapon System. The
>candidate must have excellent written and oral communications skills
>and demonstrated skills and experience in interacting with senior
>military and civilian officials.
>DESIRED SKILLS/EXPERIENCE: At least one tour in the AOC/Falconer
>Weapon System a plus.
>Emil S. Reynolds
>Sr. Joint C2 Functional Analyst (SAIC)
>Joint Systems Integration Center-JFCOM
>COM: 757-203-4464
>DSN: 668-4464
>"Sua Sponte"
6. >Subject: DCGS Training Developer (Goodfellow AFB, TX - TS/SCI)
>POC for below is emil.reynolds.ctr@jfcom.mil
>The Operations, Intelligence and Security Business Unit currently
>has an opening for a DCGS Training Developer.
>JOB DESCRIPTION: Plans, develops, and revises Air Force Distributed
>Common Ground System (AF DCGS) Formal Training Unit (FTU)
>Multi-Source Analyst courses and Training Qualification Packages.
>Develops and approves course materials, analyzes occupational survey
>reports, student critiques, test results, and recommends
>improvements to the courses. Responsible for assuring course control
>documentation, study guides, handouts, and measurement devices
>conform to Air Force Instructions. Provides guidance to instructors
>to determine resource requirements in terms of manpower, resources,
>and facilities. Responsible for creation of course content, training
>materials, and documentation that may include educational technology
>such as computer based training (CBT) or web based training (WBT).
>REQUIRED EDUCATION/SKILLS: Bachelor's degree in related field and 6+
>years of related experience. Minimum 4 years experience working in a
>DCGS as a qualified Multi-Source Analyst.
>DESIRE SKILLS: Prior experience as a qualified instructor or
>evaluator and any previous experience in Air Education & Training
>Emil S. Reynolds
>Sr. Joint C2 Functional Analyst (SAIC)
>Joint Systems Integration Center-JFCOM
>COM: 757-203-4464
>DSN: 668-4464
>"Sua Sponte"

7. >Subject: Senior Operations Officer (Mclean, VA - TS/SCI with POLY)
>POC for below is emil.reynolds.ctr@jfcom.mil
>This Senior Operations Officer (who has difficult ops environment
>expertise) position is part of an instructor cadre that supports
>HUMINT operations training. The individual will be responsible for
>teaching an established lesson plan for a training course that lasts
>from 4 to 8 weeks with 2 weeks in between course runnings. There are
>several course runnings a year, most of which are conducted in the
>Washington, DC metro area. Responsibilities may include, but are not
>limited to, teaching the training plan, establishing and conducting
>training scenarios, providing student feedback, preparation of
>student evaluations, and acting as a mentor and coach for the
>students. The candidate will also be expected to propose creative
>ideas, participate in brainstorming sessions, and to offer
>recommendations to strengthen the course. The candidate must have
>strong verbal and written communications skills and be able to teach
>and engage the students in learning the required skills. Individuals
>must have excellent operational judgment and be able to respond
>quickly and appropriately with minimal supervision while conducting
>training exercises.
>Education: BA or BS required.
>Required Skills:
>? Certified HUMINT operations officers
>? Have 12 years of general ops experience
>? Completed two successful field tours
>? One field tour must be in the most difficult operational
>environment (non war zone)
>? Completed special training for working in the most difficult
>operational environment (non war zone)
>? Candidates must be familiar with the use of cell phones, cameras,
>computers (laptop and desktop), and classroom audio-visual equipment.
>? Strong verbal and written communications skills required, as well
>as an ability to work well in teams with minimal supervision.
>Desired Skills: Demonstrated experience as an instructor of
>Intel-related courses
>Emil S. Reynolds
>Sr. Joint C2 Functional Analyst (SAIC)
>Joint Systems Integration Center-JFCOM
>COM: 757-203-4464
>DSN: 668-4464
>"Sua Sponte"
8. >Subject: Field Service Representative (Ft. Lewis - TS/SCI)
>POC for below is emil.reynolds.ctr@jfcom.mil
>The Distributed Common Ground System-Army (DCGS-A) Field Service
>Representative (FSR) serves as a member of a globally distributed
>team that fields, repairs, integrates, and maintains client and
>server systems for the DCGS-A Programs. DCGS-A systems are a diverse
>mix of software and hardware solutions designed to meet challenging
>intelligence processing, exploitation, and dissemination
>requirements for the Army at war. DCGS-A features unique data
>scalability requirements and allows for a flexible system evolution.
>Engineers working on the program are required to solve hardware and
>software challenges across three different fielded hardware and
>software baselines. The engineer will identify server and client
>hardware and software faults, create solutions, and then test
>solutions in often demanding field environments with no remote
>support. Once the engineer implements the solution, they will
>provide the customer operator level system maintenance training.
>With three different hardware and software baselines currently in
>the field, the DCGS-A FSE will interact with a wide variety of
>systems implementations on a single customer site, including
>Virtualized Machines (VMs) running on a variety of different
>hardware platforms.
>The successful candidate will have extensive software, hardware, and
>network troubleshooting experience. The candidate will able to
>install, maintain, and troubleshoot Windows and Linux-based
>operating systems and software on client and server machines.
>Candidate will have project engineering experience and familiarity
>with remote system administration software, networking principles.
>They will also have exceptional oral and written communications
>skills and ability to work independently, with minimum direction;
>creative problem solver able to quickly devise, test, and implement
>solutions, and a self-motivated and results-focused mindset is a
>Workload Distribution:
>60% of time spent solving hardware/software challenges (creating
>software scripts, integrating the system components, and performing
>GIS or DBA technical support)
>25% of time working through installation procedures
>10% of time solving hardware/networking issues
>5% of time coordinating and arranging necessary customer support
>This position is based out of Ft. Lewis, WA and will require 6 month
>deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan, the Horn of Africa, and other
>locations as required. The candidate will also prepare and deploy
>client and server systems within the area of operations in order to
>field new equipment to units.
>Education and Experience: Bachelor's degree or Associates degree in
>Computer Science preferred. Additional relevant experience may be
>considered in lieu of a degree. 5+ years of experience in
>information technology operations or system repair required.
>Additional technical certification preferred (A+, CCNA, RHCE, MCSA /
>E, Networks+).
>Prerequisites: *** All applicants must possess a current Top
>Secret/SCI security clearance. ***
>Desired Skills:
>Experience with bare metal systems building and preparation.
>Working knowledge of client and server software interaction
>including web-based application design, support, and integration,
>JAVA script creation, Oracle Databases, virtual operating systems,
>and creating and maintaining and intelligence software applications.
>Experience with administration in WAN or LAN, Linux, Windows Server
>2003, VMWare, IIS, and LDAP
>Experience with tactical systems and a network environment is preferred.
>Experience in the DOD intelligence environment or equivalent
>government agencies, with field level experience preferred.
>Emil S. Reynolds
>Sr. Joint C2 Functional Analyst (SAIC)
>Joint Systems Integration Center-JFCOM
>COM: 757-203-4464
>DSN: 668-4464
>"Sua Sponte"
Subject: Opportunity: Senior Logistician - Gulf Coast
Date: Fri, 2 Jul 2010 20:12:44 -0400

All ... see note ... FYI, review and consideration ... or to pass along to individuals you know who would be interested ...

9. Subject: Opportunity: Senior Logistician - Gulf Coast

POC: Tom Honeycutt - thoneycutt@burrbusinesssolutions.com. Vice President, Burr Business Solutions, LLC ,(703) 821 - 2111
BBS is looking for a top performing former Chief/LDO in the gulf coast region. Here is the write-up.

Responsible for the design, analysis, implementation, and modification of logistics systems and processes; Defines and uses analytical and quantitative methods for modeling logistics support. Develops support documentation to include, at a minimum, elements such as support equipment, technical orders, supply support, computer resources support, and maintenance/support concepts. Provides acquisition logistics expertise in the procurement and management processes of support equipment, technical orders, spares, and computer resources and in the logistics associated reliability and maintainability functions.
Qualifications to Include Minimum Training, Certifications, Education, and Experience Requirements:

BA/BS degree or equivalent with ten (10) years of logistics experience with five (5) years of supervisory or management level experience in the management of logistics efforts.
"hands-on" experience of Unit and Force level RSupply, in-depth working knowledge of all NTCSS applications to include RSupply, Optimized NALCOMIS, OMMS-NG, FACTS, IBS, SMARTS and other PC based Wizard Works related products.
Tom Honeycutt
Vice President
Burr Business Solutions, LLC
(703) 821 – 2111
Dear K-Bar,

10. Thank you for your help in spreading the word about RecruitMilitary's upcoming Veteran Opportunity Expo in ST. LOUIS, MO. Sending out a reminder would be greatly appreciated! This event is being produced in conjunction with the American Legion, Purple Heart Services, and the Military Spouse Corporate Career Network to benefit veterans, transitioning military personnel, members of the Guard and Reserve, and military family members.

Veteran-friendly employers, franchisors, and educational institutions will be in attendance offering a variety of opportunities.

Thursday, July 15, 2010 - 11AM to 3PM
Chaifetz Arena at Saint Louis University
#1 South Compton Avenue - St. Louis, MO 63103

Click the link below to see some of the exhibitors who are scheduled to participate:

We invite you to download the poster for this free event. You can print, post, and forward it to anyone who may benefit:

Please direct job seekers who would like to register for the event to our event-specific candidate information page:

Thanks again for your help in getting the word out and ensuring that the event will be a great success. If you have any questions, please contact me.

Thank you.

Mary Beth Miller
Dear K-Bar,

11. I am hoping you can help me spread the word about an upcoming Veteran Opportunity Expo in BIRMINGHAM, AL. RecruitMilitary is producing this Expo in cooperation with the American Legion, Purple Heart Services, and the Military Spouse Corporate Career Network to benefit veterans, transitioning military personnel, members of the Guard and Reserve, and military family members. It is proudly sponsored by Virginia College. Anything you can do to get word of this event out would be greatly appreciated!

Veteran-friendly employers, franchisors, and educational institutions will be in attendance offering a variety of opportunities.

Thursday, August 12, 2010 - 11AM to 3PM
Birmingham Marriott
3590 Grandview Parkway - Birmingham, AL 35243

We invite you to download the poster for this free event. You can print, post, and forward it to anyone who may benefit:

Or you can direct anyone who would like to register for the event to our event-specific candidate information page:

Thank you for all you do for our country, our military personnel, and their families. If you have any questions about this event or RecruitMilitary, please let me know.

Thank you.

Mary Beth Miller
12. Operations Manager - Oklahoma City OK
Category: Supervision/Management
Summary/General Description of Responsibilities:

The function of this office is to provide management and control of the Base Civil Engineering (CE) Operations Division. The position provides staff-level direction of all functional activities for ten operating sections. Coordinates availability and application of resources for performance of all in-house work approved and authorized for accomplishment by TAFB CE work force; coordinates Operations activities with base CE as well as base and tenant organizations; provides input for real property operations and maintenance programs by contract; develops work plans; and reviews utility and maintenance data to determine efficiency and effectiveness.

Essential Duties & Job Functions:

Monitors, plans, direct, and controls the activities of the CE Operations Division through unit managers who perform the work of the functions. Plans, organizes, and directs the maintenance and operations work which CE is responsible for. Personally or through others, supervises the work force.

Ensures, through subordinate supervisors, that technical guidance concerning objectives, policy interpretation, and internal procedures are provided. Provides expert decisions and/or viewpoints resolving complex technical maintenance and repair problems. When there are professional disagreements, incumbent reviews, accepts, changes, or rejects work of the sections on the basis of established engineering and/or policy standards.

Organizes manning resources and develops/employs engineering planning methods and techniques to accomplish maintenance repair and some minor construction work. Directs unit activities through delegation of authority to subordinate supervisors and sets the priorities for the CE Operations Division. Monitors all maintenance work in progress and adjusts work and/or staff to meet variable workloads and/or changes in work and schedules, which cannot be accurately predicted. Participates with other staff elements in and outside the organization (i.e., base activities and tenants) to assure integration of the CE Operations Division engineering mission with other related activities.

Reviews and approves proposed work schedules and assesses long- and short-range work plans. Provides technical and professional expertise, advice, and opinions on projects of significant depth and complexity.

Reviews plans and specifications for contractual and in-house maintenance, repair, and construction projects to ensure compatibility of the end product with available skills, commonality of components with other existing facilities, and accessibility for inspection and maintenance. Recommends design changes to avoid unnecessary maintenance and repair problems and uneconomical utilities consumption. Resolves

complex/technical maintenance and repair problems at the sub-professional level associated with mechanical, civil, electrical, sanitation and structural disciplines.

Coordinates maintenance, repair, and new construction activities and schedules with other user organizations and HQ AMC. Advises Base CE or Commander of design, function and utilization problems pertaining to maintenance and utilities programs. Advises adjacent organizations of mutual maintenance/utility problems and, in

conference with them, resolves problems to mutual benefit. Resolves problems with local government agencies and civil organizations and activities.

Initiates/approves subordinate requests for classification and recruitment action, interviews and makes selections to fill vacancies and reviews/approves subordinate selection. Exercises disciplinary control and endeavors to resolve formal and informal grievances. Ensures accomplishment of on-the-job as well as formal training. Keeps subordinates informed of company personnel programs and actively supports affirmative action objectives.

Selects or contributes significantly to the selection of subordinate supervisors. Hears group grievances and serious employee disciplinary cases (i.e., those proposing suspension and removal) and recommends approval or change to higher-level management. Recommends disciplinary action involving key employees. Recommends training requests, estimates and justifies resources needed to accomplish plans recommended for approval to higher-level management. Exercises position management responsibilities, assuring subordinate job descriptions are current and accurate and subordinate positions are designed and structured to ensure optimum efficiency, effectiveness, and economy.

Assesses final evaluation reviews of the Operations Division and arranges resources to perform and accomplish broad project assignments. Serves as consultant to the Base CE on complex problems critical to Base objectives, briefs the Wing Commander and higher authorities as required, providing timely guidance relating to Base CE Operations. Reviews and makes recommendations to engineering plans and specifications of new or proposed modifications to existing buildings, roads, and grounds, to determine whether existing operations, maintenance and repair capabilities are sufficient to accommodate intended operation in an economical and efficient manner.

Provides information to the Engineering Division on short- and long-range contract maintenance and repair requirements.

Coordinates with the Project Manager on matters related to the Operations Department as follows:

Work-related issues, other than sensitive personnel or personal matters, should be discussed/worked with the Project Manager. Areas of disagreement with the Deputy Project Manager should be jointly presented to the Project Manager for resolution.

All matters where Government staff expresses concern regarding JV performance.

Issues where Operations and the respective functional area manager cannot reach mutual agreement on resolution.

Job Requirements (Education, Experience, & Professional Association)


Current state driver’s license, acceptable driving record, and proof of valid insurance.

U.S. citizen and ability to obtain required security clearances.

Professional knowledge of management concepts, principals, and practices.

Knowledge of standard contracting regulations, practices and procedures.

Knowledge of health, safety, and environmental requirements as outlined in the applicable standards, regulations and/or technical orders.

Knowledge of program planning and budgeting cycles, financial control and budget systems and management.

Knowledge of local, state and federal environmental principles, practices procedures and regulations.

Knowledge of work classifications and the regulatory and statutory restrictions on the expenditures of appropriated and non-appropriated funds.

Ability to research, analyze, interpret, and apply rules, regulations, and procedures to a variety of situations and to recommend timely and economical solutions.

Knowledge and broad background in construction principles, methods and techniques.

Working knowledge of standard base civil engineering system as decisions made effect the working and living environment and the safety and health of all base occupants.

Sub-professional engineering knowledge and broad background in construction principles, methods and techniques

Working knowledge of the standard Base CE system, as decisions made effect the working and living environment, and the safety and health of all base occupants.

Effective communication verbally and in writing with personnel at all levels.


May be required to perform temporary duty travel by either government or commercial air transportation, and to utilize government furnished quarters and messes at temporary duty locations when available.

Subject to emergency call-back at all hours and for extended periods during emergency situations.

May be required to take part in readiness exercises.

Work Environment:

Work is performed indoors and outdoors. Outdoor work is subject to temperature extremes and inclement weather conditions.

Work hours are subject to change, with overtime work as needed.

Subject to hazards that may cause personal bodily harm; diseases, cuts, bruises, burns, common colds, influenza, dust odors and elevated noise levels.

Tasks may be performed on uneven, inclined, hard and soft-carpeted floors, cement structures and surfaces.

Physical Demands:

While performing duties of this job, the employee is occasionally required to stand and/or walk for long periods at a time, sit, use hands and fingers, handle, or feel objects, tools or controls, reach with hands and arms, climb stairs, balance, stoop, kneel, crouch or crawl, talk or hear, taste or smell. Employee must routinely lift 50 pounds and occasionally lift items up to 90 or 100 pounds. Lifts exceeding 50 pounds will be accomplished with the use of a Safe Lifting Procedure.

Specific vision abilities required by the job include close vision.

This position may currently and/or in the future be required to obtain and retain a favorable National Agency Check (NAC) and/or Personal Clearance (PCL) as required by law or contract. Position requires pre-employment drug screening.

Please submit your resume for consideration.
Ray Durand
Corporate Recruiter
Able Body Labor

Clearwater, FL 33759
Cell: (727) 423-0001
e-mail: ray.durand@ablebody.net
13. Subject: FW: Cleared CACI Invitational Recruiting Event July 19th and July 20th, 2010 (Denver, CO)

Come Join Us!

CACI International Inc.

Cleared Career Invitational

When: July 19th and July 20th, 2010

Where: Denver/Aurora, Co

Our growing business in the Denver/Aurora area welcomes candidates with Secret + clearances desiring opportunities in the following areas:

3D Animators

Video Producer/Directors

Graphic Designer / Illustrators

Print Production Specialists

Please email your resume to mfeagans@caci.com today to reserve your interview space for the Cleared Career Invitational in Denver/Aurora, Co. If you are not able to attend the event in person please feel free to submit your resume for a virtual interview.

RSVP Deadline: Friday, July 16th, 2010

For a complete list of CACI open positions please go to www.caci.com

Consider CACI ...

Great Employees, Great Customers, Great Benefits,

and Dedication to Growing a Top-Rate Diversity and Inclusion Program

CACI is an equal opportunity employer M/F/D/V
Department: Department Of The Navy
Agency: U.S. Marine Corps
Job Announcement Number: EA0-1750-11-K4363810-DE

SALARY RANGE: $62,467.00 - $97,333.00 /year
OPEN PERIOD: Wednesday, July 07, 2010 to Wednesday, July 21, 2010
SERIES & GRADE: GS-1750-11/12

The announcement has been uploaded and opens 2/4/10 and closes 2/19/10; to view the announcement, go to the USAJOBS website: www.usajobs.gov and search for Announcement Number: EA0-1750-01-K4318743-CE or click on the link below:


Because of the growth of our program we have an additional opening for an Instructional Systems Specialists (ISD). We have written this position as developmental to allows those with less than 5 years experience an opportunity to qualify. However a current GS-11 may qualify to start as a GS-12

This position is developmental in nature, leading to the target grade of GS-12. The incumbent works under close supervision and works in developmental capacity performing assignments and completing training. The incumbent analyzes occupational areas or jobs to identify specific tasks that can be efficiently and effectively supported by instruction or job performance aids; identifies performance problems and probable causes; and investigates the needs, wants, context, learners, resources and constraints that are related to a given need or problems. The incumbent develops, reviews and revises instructional programs and both individual and unit training materials; products include curricula, courses, and job aids. The incumbent conducts evaluation studies to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of the programs and products produced; uses techniques such as interviews, statistical validation of tests, and observation; gathers information and draws conclusions from student feedback and recommendations from formal schools and field commands; and formulates plans of action designed to improve the performance improvement intervention. Leads project teams; coordinates and integrates the work of others efficiently and effectively; serves as a resource specialist and internal consultant to the team Officer in Charge and distance learning instructors concerning instructional matters.

The duties and responsibilities at the GS-11 level are essentially the same as those at the full performance level except the incumbent is under closer supervision and receives more detailed instructions. This position has known promotion potential to GS-12.

SPECIALIZED MISSION CRITICAL EXPERIENCE: In addition to the Basic Requirements, applicants must possess one year of specialized experience in the same or similar work at a level of difficulty and responsibility equivalent to the next lower pay band or GS-05 level that has equipped you with the necessary knowledge, skills or abilities to perform successfully the duties of the position. Creditable specialized experience includes experience such as: applying systems approach to training, using Instructional Design methods and techniques; maintaining current paper based instructional materials as well as converting to digital using the Blackboard Learning Management System; interpreting distance learning pedagogy and the effective use of rapid e-Learning development tools for web-based training; and utilizing Adobe CS3 Suite, HTML, XHTML, CSS, XML, FTP, Action Scripting 3.0 programming, Adobe Presenter, Adobe Captivate 3.0, SnagIt 8, Blackboard, Windows XP, Vista, and Unix.


Mr. Kenneth Hess (GS-14) MSIT ITS
Director Distance Learning and Technology Marine Corps Institute Building 220 DLTD
912 Charles Poor St. S.E.
Washington Navy Yard, DC 20391
(202) 685-7513 DSN (325-7513)
You are cordially invited to participate in the

15. Hiring Heroes Career Fair, Tuesday, July 20, 2010 (Camp Pendleton, CA)
Hiring Heroes Career Fair
9:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Talk to over 70 DoD, Federal and Private Sector recruiters about opportunities
in various civilian career fields
South Mesa Staff Noncommissioned Officers’ (SNCO) Club
Building #202850 (202850 San Jacinto Road)
Camp Pendleton, CA 92055

For more information: Call Ty Redmon at 703-696-6243 or email Brent.Redmon@cpms.osd.mil
16. Subject: Wireless Mobility engineer -Crofton, MD or Herndon, VA - Secret or higher clearance prefered
Date: 7 Jul 2010 16:17:14 -0400




Become part of an energized technology team responsible for designing, deploying and troubleshooting Cisco wireless networks in enterprise environments or varying size. Experience working in the Federal space is a plus. Strong communication skills and experience with working in a professional environment. Comfortable working in a team environment as well as interfacing frequently with a variety of customers. The desire and aptitude to expand technical knowledge by utilizing our full CCIE Labs R/S, Security, Voice which all our engineers have access to use.


Strong working knowledge installing, configuring, and supporting Cisco Wireless LAN Hardware products including ACS and WCS, including but not limited to Wireless Controllers, Wireless Access Points, and Wireless Client hardware. Strong working knowledge configuring and troubleshooting WEP, WPA-PSK using TKIP-MIC, WPA2 using AES and 802.1x port based authentication.


DESIRED CISCO CERTIFICATIONS may include: Cisco Wireless LAN Support Specialist or CWNA, CWNP and CCDP, CCDA, CCNP, CCNA. At least 3-5 years experience with Network Security: Knowledge of Cisco Secure appliances including NAC, ASA, PIX is nice but not necessary. We ideally would like an engineer who has experience with Cisco Secure ACS for Wire

John Wainwright I Senior Technical Recruiter
E-mail: wainwje@kellyservices.com
Office: 301-446-6960 Ext. 211 I Mobile: 301-535-5475
6305 Ivy Lane, Suite 100, Greenbelt, MD 20770



17. Structural Dynamics Analyst (Washington, DC)

Clearance Required: Secret

Avanti Placements is searching for high-performing, self-motivating professionals to fill projected opportunities in the area of structural Dynamics.

Structural Dynamics Analyst- Engineer with extensive experience in structural dynamics, specifically in the areas of blast waves and effects of explosions on buildings. Civil or Mechanical Engineering degree required.

Please forward your resume and cover letter outlining your experience and salary expectations to Debbie@AvantiPlacements.com

Deborah Ceccoli-Dyke
Avanti Placements
Skype: debbie.ceccoli-dyke
18. Document Classification Specialist: Washington, DC

Clearance Required: Secret
Avanti Placements is searching for an experienced Document Classification Specialist.

Document Classification Specialist- Responsible for reviewing wide range of government documents for classification and de-classification purposes. Must have prior experience working with classified documents. 5 -7 years overall experience desired.

Please forward your resume and cover letter outlining your experience and salary expectations to Debbie@AvantiPlacements.com

Deborah Ceccoli-Dyke
Avanti Placements
Skype: debbie.ceccoli-dyke
19. Restricted Document Classification Specialist: Washington DC
Clearance: Secret
Restricted Document Classification Specialist- Responsible for reviewing and classifying essential atomic information received from, and Joint Staff papers containing atomic information under consideration for transmission to, foreign nations or international organizations. Prior Critical Nuclear Weapon Design Information (CNWDI) experience required. Must have working knowledge of DoD Directive 5030.14, DoD Directive 5230.11 or familiarity with Atomic Energy Act or experience with Nuclear Policy Division, Strategic Plans and Policy Directorate (J-5) Joint Staff. 5 – 7 years overall experience desired.

Please forward your resume and cover letter outlining your experience and salary expectations to Debbie@AvantiPlacements.com

Deborah Ceccoli-Dyke
Avanti Placements
Skype: debbie.ceccoli-dyke
20. Volunteer Manager (Colorado Springs, CO)

General Description
The Volunteer Manager is responsible for all aspects of the volunteer program. This includes the recruitment, retention, processing and coordination of all Habitat volunteers, including construction, committee and other support. This position works closely with all staff and volunteers to ensure that all levels of volunteers have positive productive experience, while working towards Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity mission and purpose.

Core Responsibilities:
 Work with staff, board and committee chairs to identify volunteer needs of the organization.
 Recruit, schedule and assign volunteers in conjunction with PPHFH needs, goals and objectives.
 Respond to all individual and group inquiries
 Effectively schedule volunteers to meet the volunteer needs of the construction staff.
 Welcome and orient volunteer groups on construction days (Thursdays, Fridays, & Saturdays)
 Screen and place volunteers for specific needs such as committee, office or special events.
 Coordinate and communicate construction and event schedules for volunteers
 Develop new programs/opportunities for volunteers
 Attend volunteer recruitment fairs, events, and speaking engagements throughout the Colorado Springs community.
 Assist in converting dedicated volunteers into donors
 Conduct monthly orientations for volunteers
 Maintain database of volunteers and key contacts:
--Enter volunteer profile information for all new volunteers to include volunteer’s
skill level and areas of interest.
--Record volunteer’s hours for quarterly volunteer activity report
--Track volunteer commitment and encourage regular volunteerism
--Work to retain valuable volunteers, ie skilled builders, regulars, midweekers and
qualified committee members.
--Develop, maintain and evaluate the regular construction volunteer program to
retain on-going volunteerism.
 Prepare job descriptions for volunteer positions
 Ensure volunteer liability waivers and confidentiality forms are signed and filed.
 Maintain Volunteer Handbook
 Write and Maintain volunteer policies and procedures
 Manage community service volunteers from local jurisdictions
 Maintain communication and provide support to committee chairs
 Act as a liaison to Board of Directors and Committee Chairs
 Develop and implement formal and informal volunteer appreciation program
 Develop and implement safety programs and maintain safety book
 Attend and participate in Building and Event Committee meetings
 Interface with ReSTORE Volunteer Manager

 Collect, open and distribute mail to the office staff accordingly.
 Assist with clerical duties including copying, addressing, and stuffing envelopes.
 Assist office staff in recording donations, as well as printing and mailing receipts.
 Order and/or purchase office supplies for PPHfH staff.
 Assist in the writing of articles for the PPHfH quarterly newsletter and e-newsletter.
 Assist in keeping the PPHfH website and database up-to-date.
 Staff PPHfH committees, especially the Volunteer Committee & Events Committee
 Lead Youth United project
 Provide Monthly construction updates to Board and staff, and sponsored

Education, Experience, Knowledge & Skills:

• Minimum requirement is bachelor’s degree or equivalent.
• Knowledge of Microsoft Office programs preferred.
• Prior experience with Habitat for Humanity is helpful.
• 3 yrs. experience in volunteer coordination with a non-profit organization desirable.
• Ability to work under pressure, multi-task, and coordinate numerous activities and groups of people.
• Good oral and written communication skills and the ability to communicate effectively.
• Able to track information and meet deadlines.
• Ability to act and work independently as well as with a team.
• Patience and ability to work effectively with volunteers possess good "people skills" and be able to interact with diverse groups of people.
• Be comfortable sharing the HFHI mission and ministry with large and small groups of potential volunteers.
• Prior experience working with students.

Time Commitment: Approximately 40 hours per week

The hours are Tuesday - Saturday (9:00 am – 4:30 pm). The Volunteer Manager will need to be at the site on Thursday, Friday and Saturday mornings at 8:30 am to greet the respective volunteer groups. Some evening and weekend work required (including board and committee meetings, special events, house dedications and ground breakings) totaling approximately 40 hours per week.

Personal vehicle required:

The Volunteer Manager position requires travel throughout El Paso County.

Please send cover letters and resumes to Executive Director Paul Johnson at paul@pikespeakhabitat.org or call (719)475-7800 with questions.