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The Resume

In my previous article I talked about networking; using your vast array of friends, family, colleagues, and those fortunate enough to back into you in the mall parking lot. But now that you have a network you really need something to give to them…something that sings your praises and extols your virtues. You need a resume.

There are some very well-meaning people out there who will give you lots of free advice on resume writing. I am one of them. Just remember that free advice is worth what you paid for it. On the other hand you could pay someone to professionally write your resume, but if you do that you are probably wasting your money. The professionals at your local Transition Office can help you write a resume that is, in most cases, every bit as good as what you paid several hundred, or even several thousand, dollars for. Is the difference worth it? That is up to you.

If you aren’t made of money, and therefore would prefer to have someone who has helped thousands of vets with their resumes (and been very successful at it…but I don’t like to brag) then listen up. Resume writing isn’t rocket surgery. It is very basic and easy.

First of all let’s start with the basic outline of what you need in the resume; then we will go into some do’s and don’ts of resume writing.

(1) Contact info: name, address, phone number, email address…simple as that. DO NOT USE YOUR MILITARY EMAIL ADDRESS…EVER!

Joe T. Plumber
1313 Mockingbird Lane
Beverly Hill, CA 90210

(2) Security clearance (in bold) with periodic review dates in parenthesis after it. If you don’t know when your last periodic review was completed, find out…it is important and can make all the difference. Remember to spell-out completely the clearance and put the acronym as well:

EXAMPLE: Top Secret Sensitive Compartmented Information (TS/SCI) – (PR: 6 Nov 2007).

(3) Career Summary: Now comes the fun part…what I call the ’30-second elevator speech.’ Can also be called a Career Summary, Summary of Qualifications, etc. Basically whatever you would tell the President of the company you want to work for if you happened to bump into him on the elevator. Most importantly stick to the facts; no Performance Report walking on water stuff, no ‘people person’, ‘can-do attitude,’ or any of that. Stick to the facts: What do you know how to do and how long have you been doing it. NOTE: most recruiters and hiring managers have about 30 seconds to decide if you are a player. This is as far as they will read in making that decision.
Career Summary: Information Technology professional with over 10 years of network administration, systems engineering, programming (C++, JAVA, COLD FUSION), and management experience. Seven years of ever-increasing management experience leading units of as many as 25 people. Certifications include: CISSP, CCNA.

(4) Chronological Review: Now that you have the hiring manager’s attention with your factual elevator speech he or she will scroll down to see where you have been and what you did. This portion needs to cover your entire career; if you said in your elevator speech that you have 23 years of Information Technology experience you had better cover 23 years in your resume. Otherwise they will figure that six year gap at the bottom was time served in the brig…or something. Only go in detail for the most recent ten years or so and list, but don’t put detail, the jobs and locations in the time longer than ten years prior. Most importantly, do NOT put what you were supposed to do, a.k.a. your job description, put what you DID and what was the impact. If you put that you were in charge of a $30 Billion project…so what? Did you bankrupt it? That is why you put the impact of what you did.
EXAMPLE: May 2007 – Present; Chief, Information Technology, 10th Mission Support Flight, US Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, CO.
- Led 25-man team of information technology professionals supporting over 400 staff and faculty members of the Air Force Academy. Networks maintained to 98.5% up time for two years straight. Average help ticket response 1.2 hours. Won “Best Small Communications Unit” in the Air Force for 2006.

(5) Education and Training: put all degrees you obtained (highest degree on top), where you obtained it, and when. Make sure you put Bachelor of Science Degree (BS) in Underwater Basket Weaving, and not just BS. Put all the training you ever had. This can be hugely important because when a company is looking to fill a position, especially in the defense contracting arena, there are often numerous requirements to be met and having training in one or more area can make the difference for both you and the company.
Formal Education:
- Bachelor of Science (BS) in Computer Science, Colorado Technical University, 2004.
- Associates Degree in Information Technology, Community College of the Air Force, 1999
Training and Certifications:
- Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP); 2004
- CISCO Certified Network Administrator (CCNA): 2003
- Air Force Non-commissioned Officer’s School 1999

That’s it. It is not difficult. Follow that format and you have what you need to get and keep the attention of someone who can get you that job you want.

Now, to do and not to do, that is the question.

• Spell-out the acronyms. Recruiters use key word searches and may use the acronym or the whole words…put them both in…just like the security clearance.
• Speaking of Key Words…use them!! If you are applying to a specific job then you need to ensure that the key words in that job requisition are in your resume. If they aren’t then you probably shouldn’t be applying for that position.
• Use a professional email address. Something like is perfect (providing your name is John D. Doe, of course, but you get the idea).
• Make sure that not only do YOU know your elevator speech, but so does your spouse, your older kids, your siblings, your friends, your dog, etc. I helped an Air Force Colonel get a job after meeting his teenage son on the golf course. By the third hole I knew what his dad did, when he was retiring, what he wanted to do, and how much time he wanted to take off to play golf before starting work.
• Have a list of references available. You also need to make sure that the person you use as a reference (1) remembers you, (2) liked your work and (3) knows that you are using him as a reference so he can be ready when called.

• Don’t lie on your resume. It will come out in the interview and you are toast with that company…and probably others as well…word gets around.
• Don’t use an Objective Statement on your resume…it only limits your possibilities. If the ONLY job you want is to be a Penguin Skinner in Omaha, then fine put that on your resume. But very often the company will see that you want to be a Penguin Skinner in Omaha and will not call you for that Modeling Judge job in the Virgin Islands even though you are qualified for it. Get the idea?
• Don’t remove your security clearance just because you are applying to a commercial company. A security clearance, especially a high-level one, tells the potential employer that you are honest, trustworthy, and can pass their drug test with flying colors.
• Don’t try too hard to ‘civilianize’ your resume. For example: if you were a squadron commander do not say that you were the CEO of a 200-person organization…you weren’t. Just say what you did and where you did it and if they have questions for clarification they will ask.
• Don’t use funny email addresses on your resume. might be funny to your friends, and might be accurately descriptive, but to an employer this might show immaturity and a lack of professionalism. You would be amazed at some of the ones I have seen.
• Don’t use your military .mil email address on your resume. There are several reasons for this.
o First of all the military network is the warfighter network and those of us employers who are vets do not want to clog it up with resumes and things that could delay vital information getting to the warfighter…period.
o Secondly, the firewalls in the .mil system often kick out the emails that they think are spam. Thus many smaller companies, independent recruiters, etc. can not email you there and won’t even try in many cases. Just put your personal email address and you are fine.
o Third: YOU ARE AT WORK…you shouldn’t be using government equipment to look for a job, you should be completing your mission assigned to you.
• Some people try to fool spammers by making their email address when their name is actually Mary Anne Dontwaddle. Do you really want to confuse the company interested in hiring you? Don’t do this…ever.
• Don’t use a funny welcome on your answering machine. That includes having your 3-year old singing a Christmas carol. Things like this can keep you from getting that interview.
• Don’t put your supervisor’s name, email, or phone number. If they want references they will ask for them.
• Don’t send a long, verbose resume to someone unless they ask. Have a 1-2 page, concise resume that you provide and have a 5-7 page detailed resume that you can provide upon request.
• Don’t use large print, extra spacing, or big tabs to make your resume longer. You do NOT get extra credit for having a multi-page resume…this is not a high school term paper.
• Don’t put your rank on the resume. The recruiter or hiring manager will know if you fit the job by what you did and how long you did it. Your rank no longer matters. What matters is what you can do.
• Don’t put a bunch of key words in your resume and then ‘white them out’ using white color text. This has become very popular lately and it really pisses people off. Don’t lie on your resume…ever.
• And DO NOT put your social security number on your resume. I have seen a lot of these lately and it is insane…there is no reason for anyone to need that on your resume….period. If they need it to verify your security clearance then they can call you. Don’t put it in an email…ever.

A couple of more things about resumes;
The Tailored Resume: Should you have a generic resume or target your resume to specific jobs? The answer is yes. If your resume is truthful and complete you don’t need to target it because it already says what you know how to do and how long you have been doing it. That is what a resume does. However, you can tailor your resume for a specific position that you are applying for by ensuring that the key words in the job notice are in your resume. Basically if the job notices is a question then your resume is the answer.
The problem with tailored resumes is that if a company has 4 jobs they are trying to fill, and you tailor your resume to one of them you might miss out on the other three that you were also qualified for. In most cases when you apply online for a company that is the only resume on file with that company. Therefore if the resume is tailored, and you took out other qualifications you had, then they might not even find your resume in the key word search.
My recommendation is to use the generic resume when you apply on-line. Then once you have a contact with that company (like after HR calls you) then you can send a tailored resume for that job. Very often the recruiter will actually help you tailor it…recruiters are actually very nice people.
The ‘Pretty’ Resume: some people want to make their resumes ‘pretty’ or ‘more professional’ or whatever…DON’T! Do not use tables, charts, embedded images, little ducks flying across, whatever…keep it plain Word document, 12 point, only bold what you have to. Although a resume on parchment or banana leaves might be pretty and make an impression when you hand it to the recruiter at the job fair, it will most likely never make it in the database. When you put things in tables or in the header and footer of the document that information will not be accepted in the databases when the resume is submitted. Just stick with basic factual info in a Word document in paragraph form and you are in good shape. If you want to make pretty ones to hand out at the job fair go ahead; they end up in the trash anyway as soon as they get an electronic copy.
The Electronic Copy: I will cover what to do for a job fair in another issue, but my recommendation for the resume is to bring dozens of copies of your basic, 2-page resume, and another couple of dozen copies of your long-version, detailed resume. If you had the recruiter your short version he or she can peruse it and determine their interest. If they are interested you can then provide the longer version. I suggest that you also bring your resume on a thumb drive so that if the recruiter is REALLY interested, and has his computer with him, you can download the electronic version immediately to him and he can send to his boss. Don’t laugh…I have seen it happen.
I will give the dead horse a break now. I think I have covered the main things that you need to do to make a resume that will tell what you know how to do and how long you have been doing it. That is what is going to get you in the door. Once you are in the door then it is your interviewing skills that will seal the deal.

Ken ‘K-Bar’ Barker
Athena Technical Services

Friday, July 31, 2009

K-Bar List Jobs: 31 July 2009

K-Bar List Jobs: 31 July 2009
1. URGENT: Military Operations Research Analyst (Colorado Springs, CO)
2. Training Specialist (Atlanta, GA)
3. Emergency Management Program Specialist (Boston, MA)
4. Emergency Management Program Specialist (Denton, TX)
5. Intelligence professionals (Herndon, VA)
6. Patuxent River NAS Job Fair August 25 (Lexington, MD)
URGENT: Military Operations Research Analyst (Colorado Springs, CO)
A Military Operations Research Analyst requires a Masters degree from an accredited college or university in Operations Research plus 5 to 8 years of task related experience, or a Bachelors degree from an accredited college or university with at least 12 years of task related experience. If no Masters degree has been earned, the Bachelors degree must be in Engineering, Science, Economics, Mathematics, Statistics, Computational Social Sciences, or Management Science with at least 24 semester hours in a combination of operations research, mathematics, probability, statistics, mathematical logic, science, or subject-matter courses requiring substantial competence in college-level mathematics or statistics. At least 3 of the 24 semester hours must have been in calculus or statistics. Experience must include military planning (generally at least at the O-5 level) with at least three years of joint/combatant command planning or operations experience. The candidate should have at least military education level 4 (MEL 4), and preferably MEL 1 (War College). The candidate must show the ability to apply mastery level skill in advanced analytical, mathematical, or statistical techniques related to statistical analysis, parametric and nonparametric analysis, compute modeling, simulation, decision theory, mathematical programming, regression analysis, and economic analysis. The candidate must be able to serves as a senior military analyst in an analysis cell responsible for developing analytical models and methods. The candidate must also show the ability to advise other operations research analysts, scientists, or engineers on techniques best suited for analyzing their problems.
Top Secret required.
If in interested send your resume to and include the position title in the subject line of the email. Also include your availability date, security clearance level, and salary requirements in the text of the email, please.

OPENING DATE: 07/23/2009 CLOSING DATE: 08/06/2009


TYPE OF EMPLOYMENT: Full Time - Temporary
POSITION: Training Specialist
SERIES - PAY GRADE: GS-1712-11/12
SALARY RANGE: $58,734-$91,513
ORGANIZATION: These positions are located within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Region IV
DUTY LOCATION: Georgia (Atlanta)

WHO MAY APPLY: Applications will be accepted from United States Citizens and Nationals.
You may view this vacancy announcement in its entirety on the Office of Personnel Management's USAJobs website. Please click on the following URL and you will be directed to this vacancy announcement on their site.

View Full USAJobs Announcement

OPENING DATE: 07/22/2009 CLOSING DATE: 08/05/2009

Note regarding salary range: Appointees are only guaranteed the minimum salary of the grade for which they are selected. For current and former Federal civilian employees, highest previous rate (matching previous government salary) is at the discretion of management. The minimum rate on this vacancy announcement is the minimum for the lowest grade being announced. For additional information on the minimum rate for any additional grades, please see

TYPE OF EMPLOYMENT: Full Time - Permanent
POSITION: Emergency Management Program Specialist
SERIES - PAY GRADE: GS-0301-09/11/12/13
SALARY RANGE: $50,769.00 - $113,815.00 USD per year
ORGANIZATION: This position is in the Region One (I) Office, of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).
DUTY LOCATION: Massachusetts (Boston)

WHO MAY APPLY: All Sources

The following U. S. citizens may apply: qualified handicapped citizens eligible for appointment under 5 CFR 213.3102(u); citizens who are qualified 30% or more disabled veterans eligible for appointment under 5 CFR 316.402(b); citizens eligible under the Veteran's Recruitment Act; and those citizens eligible under the Veterans Employment Opportunities Act of 1998 (veterans who have preference eligibility or have been separated from the armed forces under honorable conditions after 3 or more years of continuous service. You must submit a form DD 214 with application or resume.).

You may view this vacancy announcement in its entirety on the Office of Personnel Management's USAJobs website. Please click on the following URL and you will be directed to this vacancy announcement on their site.

View Full Announcement on USAJobs

OPENING DATE: 07/27/2009 CLOSING DATE: 08/10/2009

Note regarding salary range: Appointees are only guaranteed the minimum salary of the grade for which they are selected. For current and former Federal civilian employees, highest previous rate (matching previous government salary) is at the discretion of management. The minimum rate on this vacancy announcement is the minimum for the lowest grade being announced. For additional information on the minimum rate for any additional grades, please see

TYPE OF EMPLOYMENT: Full Time - Permanent
POSITION: Emergency Management Program Specialist (IA)
SERIES - PAY GRADE: GS-301-11/12
SALARY RANGE: $59,428 - $92,594
ORGANIZATION: Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Disaster Assistance Programs Division, Individual Assistance Branch
DUTY LOCATION: Texas (Denton)

WHO MAY APPLY: Applications will be accepted from United States Citizens and Nationals.
You may view this vacancy announcement in its entirety on the Office of Personnel Management's USAJobs website. Please click on the following URL and you will be directed to the USAJOBS search engine.

View Full USAJobs Announcement
Ideal Innovations is seeking Intelligence Professionals. Please email resume to
Ideal Innovations Inc. is seeking Intelligence professionals to include:
Skills needed may include: IED and IED network analysis, threat analysis, indications and warning analysis, collection management, imagery analysis, terrorist & insurgent network analysis, moving target indications backtracking, counterintelligence analysis, and counter-terrorism analysis. Additionally, some candidates may be asked to have an advanced understanding of the Intelligence Community and the ability to maintain liaison within the intelligence community through team functions and analyst-to-analyst communications with operational and tactical consumers of intelligence. Candidates with 10+ years of experience and a minimum of a Bachelors Degree are encouraged to apply. Active DOD TS/SCI clearance required. Willing to deploy.
Thank you!
Lillian Hill

Subject: August 25 - Patuxent River NAS Job Fair - 3pm-7pm Contact JobZone to register.
Job Fair Invitation
3- 7 pm
Location: JT Daugherty Conference Center
22111 Three Notch Road
Lexington Park, MD

Please note that the next Patuxent River event is set for Tuesday, January 26, 2010. Mark your calendar!


• Alion Science and Technology
• Anointed Words
• Ausley Associates
• BAE Systems
• Booz Allen Hamilton
• Bowhead Support
• Camber Corporation
• Centerscope Technologies, Inc.
• DCS Corporation
• Dish Network
• EG&G Corporation
• Grand Canyon University
• Lockheed Martin Corporation
• Navair
• Navmar Applied Sciences
• Navy Engineering Logistics Office (NELO)
• Polaris Solutions
• Technical Systems Integration Inc.
• Technology Security Associates
• …. many others pending.

RESUME REVIEW / CRITIQUE WORKSHOP – FREE - Lobby Area. Available to all attendees.
OTHER WORKSHOPS to be confirmed.

All attendees are encouraged to pre-register before the day of the event. Visit www. to complete a profile and cut and paste resume. In this way your resume will be accessible to all participating companies.
Updates on confirmed companies will be periodically added to the website as well as emailed to everyone on our distribution list. Click on EVENTS at the top and then Patuxent River NAS Job Fair for the listing of companies and job descriptions.

For more information, contact JobZone – 540-775-4199 – Office 540-226-1473 – Cellular

2009 JobZone Job Fair Schedule

Sat, Aug 1 Harrisburg, PA, Hilton Harrisburg Hotel, One North Second Street 17101-1601 (Hotel 1-717-233-6000)
Yellow Ribbon Event for Returning Civilian Soldiers. Limited space is available for companies
recruiting to fill positions. SPACE IS BOOKED.
Tue, Aug 25 Patuxent River Naval Air Station, MD, sponsored by The Fleet and Family Support Ctr, 22111 Three
Notch Rd, Lexington Park, MD (3-7pm). Sign-up early since space is always maximized.
Sat’s in Aug Philadelphia, PA (all day Sat’s) coordinated with Reintegration Weekend Meetings for Returning
Sat's in Sep National Guard and family members. Focused on National Guard Only. Contact JobZone for details.
Wed, Sep 2 Fredericksburg, VA, location tbd (3-7pm)
Fri, Sep 25 King George, VA, KG County Parks & Recreation, Citizens Center Bldg, 8076 Kings Hwy (10am-2pm)
Thur, Oct 8 Northern Virginia Job Expo / Prince William County (10am-2pm) Held twice per year (May & Oct).
Sponsored by JobZone & Media General/NVA Media News.
Wed, Oct 21 Andrews AFB, MD, sponsored by Andrews Top 3 Association, Community Activities Ctr, Bldg 1442,
Concord Ave (10am-2pm)
Nov (date tbd) Reston, VA - details to be determined
Wed, Nov 4 Norfolk, VA, location tbd (3-7pm)
Nov (date tbd) Solomons Island, MD - Career Event - Community-focused-more details to follow
Wed, Dec 2 Fredericksburg, VA, location tbd (3-7pm)
Tue, Jan 26, 2010 Patuxent River Naval Air Station, MD, sponsored by The Fleet and Family Support Ctr, 22111 Three
Notch Rd, Lexington Park, MD (3-7pm). Sign-up early since space is always maximized.
Fri, Mar 26 King George, VA, KG County Parks & Recreation, Citizens Center Bldg, 8076 Kings Hwy (10am-2pm)
Tue, Apr 27 Patuxent River Naval Air Station, MD, sponsored by The Fleet and Family Support Ctr, 22111 Three
Notch Rd, Lexington Park, MD (3-7pm). Sign-up early since space is always maximized.
Thur, May 27 Northern Virginia Job Expo 2010, Prince William County Job Fair (10am-2pm)
Fri, June 25 King George, VA, KG County Parks & Recreation, Citizens Center Bldg, 8076 Kings Hwy (10am-2pm)
Tue, Aug 24 Patuxent River Naval Air Station, MD, sponsored by The Fleet and Family Support Ctr, 22111 Three
Notch Rd, Lexington Park, MD (3-7pm). Sign-up early since space is always maximized.
Fri, Sep 24 King George, VA, KG County Parks & Recreation, Citizens Center Bldg, 8076 Kings Hwy (10am-2pm)

Job Title Location Job Number Post Date
Advanced Management Partner TN - Chattanooga 10075113 7/28/2009
Advanced Management Partners Nationwide Opportunities various 7/30/2009
Fire Service Tech - Portable & Pre-Engineered MO - Columbia 10072805 6/30/2009
Fire Service Technicians Nationwide Opportunities various 7/30/2009
First Aid & Safety Service Sales Representatives Nationwide Opportunities various 7/30/2009
Maintenance Mechanics Nationwide Opportunities various 7/30/2009
Office Manager MD - Landover 10074301 7/8/2009
Production Supervisors Nationwide Opportunities various 7/30/2009
Service Sales Representatives Nationwide Opportunities various 7/30/2009
Service Managers Nationwide Opportunities various 7/30/2009
Service Representative II - CDL Nationwide Opportunities various 7/30/2009
Service Training Coordinator MO - Columbia 10076057 7/7/2009
Service Training Coordinator NY - Syracuse 10071894 6/30/2009

Nationwide Opportunities for Transitioning Military Personnel
CINTAS designs, manufactures, and implements corporate identity programs, and provides entrance mats, restroom supplies, document management services, promotional products, fire service, first aid and safety products for over 500,000 businesses. The company operates facilities in the U.S. and Canada, including manufacturing plants and distribution centers. In addition to having more than five million people wear CINTAS clothing each day, CINTAS has achieved 39 consecutive years of growth in sales and earnings to date.

For more information about careers at CINTAS and nationwide opportunities, please contact:
Sally Hart, National Military Recruiting Director at 800-594-4358 or e-mail:



Thursday, July 30, 2009

K-Bar List Jobs: 30 July 2009

K-Bar List Jobs: 30 July 2009

1. C-IED Analyst (Ft. Belvoir, Virginia); Sr. Operations Planner – MacDill AFB, Florida; Interagency plans and Operations Integrator – MacDill AFB, Florida; Sr. Doctrine and Training Developer – Ft. Belvoir, Virginia
2. Audiology Technician/Hearing Instrument Specialist (Colorado Springs, CO)
3. FSR, Logistics (military), Mechanical Engineers, and MRAP instructors (CONUS; OCONUS)
4. Military Recruiters (Northern VA)
5. SOF Intelligence Positions (Belgium and UK)
6. Assistant Section Chief (VA)
8. O&I Instructors (FT BRAGG, NC)
9. Observer Controller Instructors (Ft Hood, Camp Pendleton, Ft Irwin and Ft Drum)
10. Project Manager. NASA Edwards AFB, CA.
11. Lead Navy Logistics Analyst (San Diego, CA)
12. Navy Combat Systems Logistics Analyst (Oxnard, CA)
13. SSDS Test Engineer (Oxnard, CA)
14. Program Manager II (San Diego, CA)
15. Civil Affairs/Stability Operation INSTRUCTORS (CA; NC; HI)
16. Program Analyst (Ammunition)location: Fallbrook, CA
17. Colsa Positions:
a. ISR Combatant Commander's Support Teams-SOCOM (Tampa, FL)
b. ISR Combatant Commander's Support Teams - NORTHCOM (Colorado Springs,
c. Personnel Management Support (Liaison Officer Support to JFCC-ISR)
(Bellevue, NE)
d. Crisis/Contingency/Exercise Support (Washington D.C.)
e. Special Programs, Olympic Titan (OT) and Sensitive Reconnaissance Operations
(SRO) (Washington D.C.)
f. Task Orientation Support (Washington D.C.)
g. ISR Program Advocacy Support (Washington D.C.)
h. Support Global Force Management (GFM) (Washington D.C.)
i. ISR Systems Support (Washington D.C.)
j. ISR Subject Matter Expert (Bellevue, NE)
k. Support Global ISR Plans and Collections Operations (Washington D.C.)
18. Senior Software Engineer (Huntsville, AL)
19. TAMS 3 Acquisition Project Specialist (Shalimar, FL)
20. Upcoming Job Fairs (Various)
21. Career Planning Meetings – Weekly (Colorado Springs, CO)
22. Contract Specialist (Colorado Springs, CO)
23. Indirect Sales Rep (Colorado Springs, CO)
24. Bilingual 1st & 2nd Shift Manufacturing Supervisors (IL)
25. Maintenance Mechanic / Equipment Mechanic (IL)
26. Bilingual Administrative Assistant (IL)
27. Sr. Test and Evaluation Analyst (Arlington, VA)
28. Documentation Coordinator (Arlington, VA)
29. Technical Editor/Writer (Arlington, VA)
30. Software Developer (Annapolis Junction, MD)
31. Embedded Developer (Annapolis Junction, MD)
32. BEP Lead and 10.1 Architect (Colorado Springs, CO or Hampton, VA)
33. KONFIG Senior Engineer (Colorado Springs, CO or Hampton, VA)
34. Systems Integration Engineer (Hampton, VA)

C-IED Analyst

Counter Improvised Explosive Device (CIED) experience/background and/ or Information Operations background to provide IO support to the US Army 1st Information Operations Command Counter IED Team. Candidate must have a firm understanding of Information Operations (IO) and be able to advise the customer on how best to plan, design, implement and integrate IO into Military Operations worldwide. Specific skill sets that are being sought include: Electronic Warfare (EW), Operational Security (OPSEC), Military Deception (MILDEC), Computer Network Operations (CNO), and Psychological Operations (PSYOP).

Roles and Responsibilities
• On–site day to day analytical support to a (US Army) Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Team (IED-D)
• Support on-going IED-D operations with well crafted analytical products
• Liaise directly with operational and tactical customers currently executing IED-D operations which were planned, coordinated and funded through the 1st IO IED-D team.
• Provide input to operational briefs as necessary through direct coordination with supported units, and through pre-directed reporting requirements identified by the planning teams.
• Leverage the presence of embedded planners at other organizations in the completion of assigned analytical duties.
• Provide operational updates to the leadership as requested.
Work with the IO Planner’s to ensure customer requested deliverables are produced within the scope of the product, and in a timely manner.

Minimum Qualifications
9 years experience in IO or related field with a BA/BS degree, or
13 years of combined IO related Military Support in lieu of degree
Computer literacy in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint
Experience in writing high level analytical products with minimal supervision
Ability to operate with minimal guidance and supervision

Preferred Qualifications
Experience in Information Operations
High level Staff and Joint Military experience
Experience and knowledge of CNO Planning
Experience in IED Defeat / Counter IED Operations
Recent deployment in support of OIF/OEF in the theater of operations

Location: Ft. Belvoir, Virginia

Security: Current TS/SCI clearance required

Sr. Operations Planner (MacDill AFB, Florida)

Conduct in-depth mission analysis of all USSOCOM and Geographic Combatant Command (GCC) plans and develop Joint Military Information Support Command (JMISC) supporting plans. Must have extensive military experience in the Military Decision Making Process (MDMP), USMC Planning Process (MCPP), and/or Joint Planning Process and will possess the capability to identify operational gaps and develop realistic courses of action. Effectively communicate with the government and all other concerned parties in both verbal and written formats as part of a multi-disciplinary Operational Planning Team (OPT) environment to solve complex problem sets. Conduct planning for all phases of MDMP and the PSYOP planning process and will be conversant in the Joint Operations Planning and Execution System (JOPES) and development of detailed PSYOP operational plans under government supervision.

This is a full time, on-site position.

TS/SCI clearance required.

Interagency Plans and Operations Integrator (MacDill AFB, Florida)


Coordinate with Threat Networks Interagency Planners to assist in the development of action plans for transition to operational execution in the Operations Coordination Branch, Combating Terrorism Division of the USCENTCOM J3 Interagency Action Group (IAG)
Assist with refinement of plans during the development stage and the transition of approved plans into Operations Coordination Cell. Responsible for monitoring, executing, and refining operational plans
Develop and maintain an operations tracking database and synchronization matrices addressing all elements of DoD/Inter-Agency coordination and execution, DoD Rewards and DoS Rewards for Justice (RFJ), Financial Sanctions, Criminalization actions, Diplomatic Efforts, Strategic Effects/Information Operations and Locations to provide daily, detailed status to command-level leadership


Active TS/SCI security clearance
Minimum 15 years military ground operations experience
Occasional CONUS and/or OCONUS travel for coordination of tasks, participation in Joint Targeting Process and select USCENTCOM Crisis Action Teams (CATs) when assembled
Strong background in the Military Decision Making Process (MDMP), planning and operational execution, Joint Operations Planning, familiarity with JOPES, strong understanding of COCOM staff procedures, understanding of USG Agencies capabilities (to assist planning and integration), and strong oral and written communication skills

Senior Doctrine and Training Developer Ft. Belvoir, Virginia

Provide an on-site Information Operations training support to the 1st IO Command, to include comprehensive technical and administrative assistance, coordination, and support IAW TRADOC policies, guidance, and regulations to the 1st IO Command Training Branch in its mission of managing, developing, coordinating and administering a comprehensive IO training program. This includes:
Training and training support for on/off-site (CONUS, OCONUS) mission readiness exercises
Pre-deployment training activities
Developing and conducting IO training/classes to train 1st IO Command individuals, teams, and when required, the Army at-large
Support the coordinating and staffing of 1st IO Command TTPs, publications, and doctrine development through the organization and the IO community

May be called upon to represent the 1st IO Command at various IO-related meetings, conferences, and symposia. Provide organizational expertise on US Army IO, and subject matter expertise on current operational and tactical level IO TTP, and the integration of military capabilities into IO:
Electronic warfare (to include SPEA - Special Electronic Attack)
Operations security
Psychological operations
Military deception
Computer network operations
Civil affairs
Public affairs
Integrate specific technical system capabilities into FST activities as directed by the TTM. May be requested to review and comment on IO and related doctrine, policy, and training publications and material.

• Perform research necessary to develop, implement, and maintain training curricula to include preparation of course catalogs
• Develop relationships and works with Government and academic learning institutions for the implementation of defined curriculum
• Develop and prepare courseware to meet requirements in formal classrooms and mobile training teams
• Prepare for and conduct IO workshops, seminars, and symposia
• Work with multi-media designers, graphic artists, videographers, and other multi-media specialists to design, develop, and test, distributive and advanced distance learning products

Coordinate efforts with and participate in discussions with IO developers, planners, and operations analysts in order to improve the support to the IO IPE TTP and technologies with emerging Information Operations doctrine, TTP, and execution in the field

Requirements: active TS/SCI clearance; minimum 15 years military experience

TRAVEL: occasional CONUS TDY
Position Vacancy Announcement
Posting Date: 29 Jul 09
Posting ID: WS PVA 06.09
Title: Audiology Technician/Hearing Instrument Specialist
Location: Air Force Academy, CO
Position Start Date: 15 September 2009
Close Date: When filled
Job Functions:
Wolverine Services is expecting a contract with the Air Force Academy to provide Audiology
Technician/Hearing Instrument Specialist services from 7:30 – 4:30 Monday through Friday.
The specific duties of this position are:
• Screens and checks in patients and escorts patients to treatment areas.
• Accurately prepares room & patient for examinations, therapeutic measures and
procedures assuring all needed equipment and supplies are available prior to the start of
the exam.
• Takes monitors and records physiological measurements and makes chart notes in
patient record system.
• Performs medical treatment, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures per extender
treatment protocols.
• Assists audiologist in procedures such as but not limited to VNG/OAE/ABR/VRA.
• Assembles, maintains, and operates medical, diagnostic and therapeutic equipment.
• Maintains or assists with appropriate and accurate health record storage and retrieval
• Prepares and submits administrative reports.
• Provides patient/parent education as requested.
• Coordinates and performs a variety of audiologic testing for patients with hearing deficits
and/or impairment. The work requires operating, calibrating, performing minor
maintenance, and monitoring of an otoacoustic emissions machine and/or automated
Auditory Brainstem Response machine.
• Ensures informed consent for procedure is obtained.
• Generates test results in support of the early identification of hearing impairment.
• Establishes hearing history. Logs results in appropriate medical records and documents
test data via electronic transfer into microcomputer based software storage systems or on
graphical/tabular paper forms.
• Perform newborn hearing screen.
• Performs mandated calibration checks on equipment and records results. Assists with
EFMP patient health care services and operations. Prepares requests for supplies,
maintenance work orders, and publications or forms. Will be main equipment custodian
for the flight, keep track of when equipment is due for calibration and coordinate with
MERC. Be able to submit work orders when equipment is down.
• Upon completion of procedures and examinations, properly cleans and organizes room
and performs any necessary cleaning of equipment as established by departmental
policies and procedures and standards.
• FedEx hearing aid and other orders as well as check them in when they arrive.
• Take earmold impressions for the purpose of HPD and hearing aids in adults.
Wolverine Services, LLC • 5475 Mark Dabling Boulevard, Suite 340 • Colorado Springs, CO 80918 • Phone: 719-264-9144 • Fax: 719-264-9133
• In charge of Audiologists schedule, booking/scheduling appointments and in charge of
clinic access. May be in charge of scheduling training/classes for CME.
• Maintains/updates as needed operating instructions and Audio/Hearing Conservation
• Help create and monitor the budget and order needed supplies.
The Audiology Technician must be productive and perform with minimal supervisory direction.
The Audiology Technician must have knowledge of medical terminology to interpret departmental
instructions/guidelines and to provide instruction to patients. The Audiology Technician must
maintain a professional manner and display a positive cooperative attitude. The Audiology
Technician must be familiar with hearing aid software for the purpose of programming hearing
aids, or be willing to learn, be able to do basic hearing aid fit and make minor repairs or
adjustments in the clinic.
Minimum of a high school diploma or GED equivalent. Current CPR certification required.
Candidates must have the following experience:
• Experience in pure tone (air and bone conduction) audiometry with experience in how
humans respond to different stimuli; the influence of other test variables such as patient's
age, medical conditions and mental competency; and the aptitude to determine a change
in the patient's hearing acuity based on a review of prior audiologic history and test
• Experience in using and operating various types of audiometric testing equipment (i.e.
OAE, ABR, VNG etc.) to perform the full range of routine and non-routine audiologic tests
and evaluations.
• Familiarity with medical terminology, values, common disorders and their effects as they
relate to audiology, sufficient to perform tests, verify tests performed by others and make
proper referrals for professional services as well as performing audiometry procedures
such as otoscopy, hearing screenings and calibration checks of computerized and
manual audiology equipment.
The Audiology Technician shall read, understand, speak, and write English fluently and shall be a
United States citizen. The candidate must also be able to achieve a satisfactory result of a
National Check with Inquiries (NACI) prior to performing work on this contract.
To Apply: Wolverine Services, LLC
Send resumes: Attn: HR Manager
5475 Mark Dabling Blvd., Suite 340
Colorado Springs, CO 80918
Fax: 719-260-1352
Wolverine Services, LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer
The positions are for FSR, Logistics (military), Mechanical Engineers, and MRAP instructors. All positions require prior military experience. The Instructor positions also require that they have prior mechanical and instructing background. All positions can be stateside as well as OCONUS. The candidates have to be willing to accept an assignment anywhere in the world basically. Thank you!

Kelly Carpo, PHR, CSP
Employment and Recruiting Specialist
T.J. Fig Inc.
855 Performance Drive
Stockton, CA 95206
(P) 209.955.5622
(F) 209.955.5623
We are looking for numerous personnel to work as recruiters. The job requires a current secret clearance. Only applicants who have graduated from a military recruiting school and worked in the field in the past 5 years. At this time branch of service does not matter and I prefer a strong mix from all services. TDY trips average 1-5 days at a time. This is a long term contract based in Northern Virginia supporting an effort to assist in recruiting qualified personnel for further assignment within the Special Operations community.

OCONUS TDY trips are to DoD and military installations. Great benefit package, blue cross blue shield, delta dental. Strong 401 K. Many extras. I expect the start date to be soon, possibly late August.

Please send resumes to
Steve Houde

Just wanted to apprise you of some government intelligence positions coming
open via the NATO SOF Coordination Center at their locations in Belgium and
the UK. Would be grateful if you could forward to your job notice distro
list. Hiring agency and trusted agents within that organization are looking
for a select few to be plank holders in this start up Center and its new
intelligence unit.

WHO: Experienced Intelligence Analysts (Retired E8-9, CW3/5 and/or
O4/5-roughly, just to give an idea of experience and work level they are
looking for). Looking for those with find, fix, finish, exploit and analyze
backgrounds-you know the type-the intellectually curious with a strong work

WHAT: The NATO SOF Coordination Center (NSCC) is forming the Special Ops
Intel Branch (SOIB) that will consist of 33 analysts. Of the 33 personnel 15
will be DIA hires (DIA DCIPS employees get all overseas entitlements plus
D.C. locality pay)

WHEN: NSCC is cleared to hire NOW, jobs will appear on shortly, if not already there.


- Three (3) positions in NSCC HQ, Mons, Belgium (collocated with
- Thirty (30) positions in JAC Molesworth, UK
- Mons positions will be responsible for liaising with Molesworth
- There will be some deployments outside Europe, most notably to


Remarks: See following links for additional SA/Intent (as I understand

NATO Special Operations Forces Transformation Initiative (NSTI): 8880/Iniquez.pdf

Rapid Strategic Assessment for NATO Special Operations Coordination Centre:
ntertainment-ppt-powerpoint/ (See slides 11-13)
Fusion to Support COIN March 2009:
Serious about shaping the team:
The Infrastructure Support Section, IT Operations Division will soon
>be posting job announcement for an Assistant Section Chief position.
>This is a GS-15 position with step commensurate with current salary
>up to Step 10. The Section consists of 135 Government employees and
>an equal number of Contractors. Must have TS clearance and be able
>to pass a Polygraph. The duties will be to supervise the day-to-day
>activities of the Section, direct supervision of five GS-15 Unit
>Chiefs, develop and execute $110M dollar budget, and assist the
>Section Chief. The Units in the Section consist of Communications
>Support (class and unclas networks, SATCOM, VTC, etc), Data Center,
>Enterprise Operations Center, Operating Systems Support, and
>Platform Support.
>Please pass this around to anyone you think might be interested. I
>will provide the posting information when it becomes available.
>John P. Everett, PMP
>Section Chief, Infrastructure Support
>IT Operations Division
>202-324-2271 Office
>202-731-4155 Cell
> Blackberry
>Who Dares, Wins
Compensation: $225,000 - $250,000 (Base/Quarterly MBOs/Commission on Sales/No Commission Cap)
We need an Account Manager to drive the growth of high-volume image analysis products in the DoD market. The success and quality of our Client's products has driven the demand for their tools to the point they must expand their sales force. Our Client develops and produces sophisticated image-centric geospatial analysis software and intelligence products that combine image enhancement, 3-D, geodetic analysis, GIS, multispectral and precision positioning tools.

Sales of geospatial tools and analysis products directly to the military and intelligence communities. Responsibilities may include: managing existing clients, developing and targeting new clients, leading presentation teams, working with the engineering staff to identify client requirements, negotiating contracts and maintaining client relationships.
Basic Requirements
An active DoD Top Secret Security Clearance
Experience selling software or services
A BS/BA , advanced degree a major plus or a GIS related degree
The ability to travel up to 50%
A documented track record of exceeding year-over-year sales targets
Desired Skills
One or more of the following experiences is highly desirable:
* Selling or using imagery analysis or Geographic Information / GIS tools
* Experience at or working knowledge of : Joint Operations, intelligence
collection, imagery, analysis, dissemination either at the tactical, operational or
strategic level. Military experience is a major plus.
* Experience with one or more of the following military organizations: USSOCOM, USCENTCOM, Combatant Commands, Unified Commands, Service Components, Army, Navy, Air Force, DIA, CIA, NSA, NGA, NRO, INSCOM, Intel Community
* Formal Sales Training a major plus

Send resumes to
Subject: (GD)(JOB)(O&I Instructors)(FT BRAGG)
I need 1 Senior Instructor and 5-6 O&I instructors qualifications stated below

Required - Minimum of one (1) year experience as a Program/Project/Contract Manager for a level of effort regarding a contract of similar size and scope or have served in a similar leadership position within the military.

Required-Graduate of the Special Forces Qualification Course or a Military Intelligence School and meet the qualifications in one of the following MOS: 18F; 180A; 350F; 35F; or 35D.

Required-Experience within the field of Unconventional Warfare, Special Forces operation, or Military Intelligence in relation to SOF missions.

Required-Experience as an instructor or teacher, minimum of one year experience. A former noncommissioned officer (NCO) or officer of the military and graduate of a leadership course will satisfy this requirement.

Qualifications may include but are not limited to the following:
• Utilize ESRI's GIS products
• Utilize i2's Analyst's Notebook software
• Knowledge of all the Intelligence disciplines
• Trained in and understand data management
• Understand the use of Boolean Logic
• Trained in the use of the Orion Magic Search tool or another data mining system
• Understand the Intelligence Preparation of the Environment (IPE or IPB) process and have created IPE products in support of military operations
• Familiar with the digital media exploitation software Encase (Special Forces specific)(SF)
• Understand the use of technical biometrics equipment and software for the collection of fingerprints, photographs, and iris scans (SF)
• Trained in the use of a digital SLR or 35mm camera and digital development of photographs (SF)
• Understand the use of cryptology in military operations (SF)
• Trained in the production of Threat Vulnerability Assessments (TVA) (SF)
• Trained in the planning and production of Evasion plans for use in Overseas Contingency Operations during combat and peacetime operations (SF)
• Trained in the production of the Targeting Intelligence Packet (TIP) and has produced TIP's in an operational environment (SF)
• Familiar with Special Forces Sensitive Site Exploitation (SSE) (SF)
• Special Forces OCONUS Operational Experience
Understand and be able to brief the following:
o Conventional Targeting
o Joint Targeting
o Special Operations (SF) Targeting
o Asymmetrical Targeting
o The Intelligence Cycle
o The Intelligence Collection Plan
o Critical Thinking and Analytics
o Military Decision Making Process (MDMP)

Desired-Graduate of SFISC (2003-present).
Desired-Graduate of the ASOTC (Level III), SFWOTTC, SFWOAC, or have "real World" ASO or SOF experience in relation to the Overseas Contingency Operations.
Desired-Instructor Training Course (ITC).
Desired - Bachelor degree with coursework in adult education, curriculum development, curriculum evaluation or related fields of study.

Email resumes to

Mark D. Crawmer
General Dynamics
Program Manager
5135 Morganton Road, Suite 3
Fayetteville, NC 28314
Mobile: 910-224-8554
Tactical Linguist Concepts, is looking to hire several OC/ Instructor types for a CONUS project. Current positions will include, but are not limited to Ft Hood, Camp Pendleton, Ft Irwin and Ft Drum

Seeking individuals with strong background in Observer Controller duties, Combat Arms Instructors, Evaluations and those who are highly experienced in Simulation Training and Evaluation. These positions are not based on a contract pending, but are for current position requirements.

Interested personnel are requested to submit resume, bio, DD214 (upon hire) location preferences and salary requirements. Phase One phone interviews will be conducted immediately and Phase Two Interviews will be scheduled the second and third week of August.

Thank You,


Kip Keune, CEO
Tactical Linguist Concepts, LLC
(951) 698-6901 Office
(951) 698-8762 Cell

Project Manager. NASA Edwards AFB, CA. Client seeks project manager with at least five years experience in facility maintenance management. Site has over half million SF in multiple buildings. Successful candidate knows HVAC, electrical, mechanical and fire safety. Salary is $80K. Job starts October 1, 2009. Know anyone? Send resume to . Telephone: 253-566-5870.

CACI Opportunities:

A. San Diego, CA, Lead Navy Logistics Analyst, JR 39701

CACI has an immediate opening for a Logistics Analyst Supervisor to
support the Navy's Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR)
PMW160 Program Office located in San Diego, CA. Responsible for the
successful execution and supervision of Integrated Logistics Support
(ILS) to PMW160's Networks, IA, ADNS, and Enterprise Services

Specific responsibilities include:
Supervise a small team of logisticians as well as provide direct ILS
support to the PMW160 Program Office ILS representative(s).
Determine and/or verify ILS requirements across all U. S. Navy life
cycle logistics elements including supply support, configuration
management, facilities, personnel, safety, modernization, maintenance
and computer resources.
Develop/review/update ILS documentation as required by the program.
Direct and coordinate program activities designed to ensure effective
and economic support.
Anticipate logistics problems related to operational area and
environmental and human factors; determine contingency requirements
and solutions.
May participate in, design and/or conduct research or technical
studies to support logistic functions.
Effectively represent customer at meetings and program reviews.
Additional responsibilities include: administrative tasks associated
with a supervisory position; provide ILS experience and expertise,
when necessary, to ensure the highest level of support for team
members and customers alike.

Required Qualifications:
Must have a current favorable adjudication of DoD investigation for
public trust positions (SF85P) to qualify. DoD clearance of SECRET
or higher fulfills this requirement.

Position requires bachelor's degree (in Logistics Management,
Mathematics, or related field) or equivalent, (six additional years
of experience can be substituted in lieu of degree requirement) and
seven to nine years of related logistics experience.
Must have experience with Navy logistics programs (C4I programs a
Must have experience with Navy Shipboard supply and parts systems.
Must command a mastery of all MS Office applications and Microsoft
Must have ability to: speak with senior government officials and
military Senior Officers in formal and informal settings.
Must have ability to work with multi-discipline organizations.
Must have ability to write and deliver oral presentations on a
variety of concepts to all levels of personnel.
Must have ability to establish and maintain effective working
relationships across all levels of a geographically dispersed
Must be willing to travel up to 10% of time

Please e-mail detailed (no page limit) chronological resume, clearly
showing required qualifications in MS Word format to:,
reference Position # JR 39701

B. Oxnard, CA, Navy Combat Systems Logistics Analyst, JR 39751

This on-site position supports the Aegis Modernization In-Service
Engineering program at the Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC), Port
Hueneme Division (PHD), California.

Assist in establishing and maintaining a Diminishing Manufacturing
Source (DMS) supply and obsolescence program.
Provide DMS solutions and recommendations.
Participate in the DMS Integrated Product Teams (IPTs) and working
groups within the Naval community to investigate and provide
recommended solutions to DMS issues.
Provide logistics life cycle support for FMS ships.
Develop, update and maintain logistic databases in support of
Availability requirements.
Ensure logistics documentation reflects current hardware/software
configuration management.
Support ship-checks to identify and resolve maintenance, supply
support, technical documentation deficiencies, and allotted onboard
replacement parts.
Provide assistance in the formulation and updating of modernization
plans, business rules, and policies.
Assist in answering program office and NSWC data calls, assimilating
planning data and responding to queries for modernization
installation data like support service needs, man-day estimates,
conjunctive alteration requirements, installation cost queries and
alteration instructions.
Determine combat system modernization requirements (Ship Change
Document (SCD), ORDALT, Field Change, Engineering Change, Engineering
Change Proposal, Software Delivery, Computer Program, etc.) for CNO
availability periods through analysis of scheduling, financial,
system integration, program office, safety, computer program and
other determining criteria. Typical sources of information to develop
work packages include review and query of databases, e-mails,
meetings, phone calls, formal instructions, files and presentations.
Document work packages in the correct format for inclusion in CNO
Track program office and fleet approval status to install
modernization items.

Required Qualifications:
Must be eligible to obtain a DoD SECRET Security Clearance.

Requires Bachelor's degree requires (in Logistics Management or
related field) or equivalent, and two to four years of related Navy
logistics experience.
Experience with Navy Combat Systems Integrated Logistics Support.
Thorough understanding of support concepts such as; Total Life Cycle
System Management (TLCSM), Performance Based Logistics (PBL) and
Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages (DMSMS).
Requires strong written and verbal communication skills. Proficient
in Microsoft Office programs, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint,
Access, and Project.
Ability to interact and communicate with naval officers and
technicians and civilian staff members.

Desired Qualifications:
Previous experience implementing logistics processes and procedures
at NSWC PHD, other ISEA/ Activity, or Command Headquarters.
An emphasis on supply support and configuration management is a plus.

Previous work experience related to the Aegis Weapon Systems (AWS) is
a definite plus.
Four years of related work experience.
Please e-mail detailed (no page limit) chronological resume, clearly
showing required qualifications in MS Word format to:,
reference Position # JR 39751
C. Oxnard, CA, SSDS Test Engineer, JR 39960

CACI has an opening for a Ship Self Defense Systems (SSDS) Test
Engineer to support the development of the Self Defense System
Simulator (SDSSIM) in Oxnard, CA. The SSDS Test Engineer will be
required to provide support in a Subject Matter Expert (SME) role.

The candidate will be responsible for maintaining and defining test
requirements, executing manual and automated test procedures, test
software releases during product development, and provide subject
matter expertise on specific products: SSDS MK 2 MOD 1B Combat
System hardware (GPC, IOC, SSC, Q70, Command Table, Peripheral
Control Station (PCS), Automated Status Boards (ASTABS)).

The candidate will be responsible for maintaining the SDSSIM Lab

Required Qualifications:
Must have an active DoD SECRET Security Clearance to qualify.

Position requires bachelor's degree or equivalent, and two to four
years of related test engineering experience.
Must have extensive knowledge of all elements of Ship Self Defense
Systems (SSDS), including the Phalanx Close-In Weapons System (CIWS),
the Rolling Airframe Missile (RAM) system, and Battle Force Tactical
Trainer (BFTT).
Candidate must be proficient with all Microsoft Office 2003/2007

Please e-mail detailed (no page limit) chronological resume, clearly
showing required qualifications in MS Word format to:,
reference Position # JR 39960


General Atomics Opportunity, San Diego, CA, Program Manager II

Provide management and leadership direction for the development,
production, and logistics support of unmanned aerial systems (UAS).
Desired candidate will perform the following duties: Interface
directly with customer on all aspects of the development, production,
testing, and logistics support of company products for the customer.
Develop appropriate program management plans, integrated master
schedules, and control mechanisms to meet contract delivery
requirements and effectively measure schedule and cost results.
Coordinate program activities with engineering, manufacturing,
subcontractors, suppliers, flight operations, quality, logistics, and
administration. Ensures the program objectives and the contract
commitments are met and maintains the technical and business
integrity of the product/program. Acts as primary customer contact
throughout the program to ensure satisfaction and develops follow-on
and new business. Plan, organize and manage the preparation of
proposals in response to both commercial and government RFPs to
include cost, schedule, technical approach and presentation to
customer. Present briefings to company and customer management and
other customer representatives on significant program issues.
Requires a BS degree in a related technical field (Engineering
discipline preferred) plus a minimum of six years experience in a
comparable program management position. Proven ability to plan,
organize and develop schedules and milestones for project/program
goals and monitor progress in sufficient time for corrective action
to be taken. Computer literate with the knowledge of applications and
operations pertinent to the position. Must have excellent verbal and
written communication skills in addition to the ability to
effectively present complex technological research and information to
organizational and group management, government officials, customers,
and scientific or public groups. Demonstrated ability to influence
and obtain results a must. Must be a multi-tasking team-player with a
hands-on approach. Selected applicant will be subject to a government
security investigation and must meet eligibility requirements for
access to classified information.

Aviation industry background, experience with government acquisition
programs, demonstrated experience using Earned Value Management
Minimum Experience (yrs): 6
Required Education: Bachelor
POC: Ray Woolery, (256) 217-0804, or Christopher
Dusseault,, (858) 312-4581


Civil Affairs/Stability Operation INSTRUCTOR Resumes
CJF Security is seeking Reserve/Former Civil Affairs (All Branches)
Team/Group members (Secret Clearance Level) who have supported
aid, conventional military and special operations forces.

The positions are for a current but expanding Multi-Year Domestic
Training Contract. Need additional INSTRUCTOR Resumes ASAP, all
accepted Instructor candidate resumes will be contacted and given
further employment details (Locations, Pay, etc.)

Current work is CONUS (California/North Carolina/ Hawaii may be on the
list soon)
One team is on the ground in Afghanistan, but this is an
anomaly for this program. (Volunteer duty team as I understand it)

Clearance level is Secret

Still need another 8 instructor resumes, put the word out. No Pay
has been given yet, but it should be equal to or exceed industry norms
do to skill set requirements

Please e-mail resumes to:


organization_name: EDSI
contact_name: Dan Allegro
phone_1: 760-728-8455
title: Program Analyst (Ammunition)
location: Fallbrook, CA
salary_range: DOE
apply_by: Submit Resume to
job_description: Analyst to provide technical assistance and
recommendations, prepare program documentation related to the
technical engineering support of ground ammunition. This support
covers the followings areas testing of ammunition in support of
acquisition programs, adherence to technical requirements,
interfacing with operational units, operational support units,
Integrated Program Team (IPT) support, and provide recommendations on
mission effectiveness and integration of program, documentation, and
training requirements with other program development efforts.
required_experience: Required Capabilities: - Direct knowledge and
experience working with Marine Corps Ammunition - Ability to use
Microsoft Word to write Technical Plans, Reports and other
documentation as required - Ability to use Microsoft Excel to assist
in the development of Technical Plans, Reports and other
documentation as required - Experience in Technical documentation
development - Ability to work in a teaming environment Desired
Capabilities (In rank order, from most to least important): * Live
Fire experience in the following areas --- Field Artillery and/or
Mortar, indirect fire "Ballistic Gunnery" knowledge and expertise ---
Field Artillery and/or Mortar, gun line and call for fire experience
--- Other systems (Rockets, Tanks, Grenades, Small Arms, Demo) *
General Knowledge of indirect fire operations in the following areas:
--- Fire Direction Operations --- Survey Operations --- Radar
Operations * Knowledge and expertise of Marine Corps Ammunition
handling, management, inspection and transportation (A perfect fit
would be a retired Ammunition Ordnance officer or retired Senior
Ammunition Ordnance NCO) --- Knowledge and experience of handling
AINs --- Knowledge and experience of conducting Malfunction
investigations --- Knowledge and experience in handling NARs * Ground
Ammunition Testing experience * Demonstrated experience in technical
writing technical documents such as the following: Engineering Change
Proposals, Malfunction Reports, Reclassification Reports, Test plans
and/or Test Reports
required_education: High School
Subject: ***Job Opportunities*** USAMS-Colorado Springs, Nebraska,
Washington D.C., Florida

The USAMS Department is seeking applicants to nominate against a
requirement for multiple positions. Interested, internal applicants
may submit an Internal Job Opportunity Application (located on the COLSA
employee website) to HR, with required signatures, no later than Wednesday,
July 29th. External applicants must apply online at

Position Announcement #: 2009233-2009243

Bellevue, Nebraska; Tampa, Florida; Washington D.C.

The JFCC-ISR monitors Combatant Command intelligence, surveillance and
reconnaissance (ISR) informational needs and serves as the intelligence
community's entry point into the DoD ISR system.

The following positions are available:

ISR Combatant Commander's Support Teams-SOCOM (Tampa, FL)

ISR Combatant Commander's Support Teams - NORTHCOM (Colorado Springs,

Personnel Management Support (Liaison Officer Support to JFCC-ISR)
(Bellevue, NE)

Crisis/Contingency/Exercise Support (Washington D.C.)

Special Programs, Olympic Titan (OT) and Sensitive Reconnaissance Operations
(SRO) (Washington D.C.)

Task Orientation Support (Washington D.C.)

ISR Program Advocacy Support (Washington D.C.)

Support Global Force Management (GFM) (Washington D.C.)

ISR Systems Support (Washington D.C.)

ISR Subject Matter Expert (Bellevue, NE)

Support Global ISR Plans and Collections Operations (Washington D.C.)
Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE
Subject: CRITICAL ***Job Opportunity*** Senior Software Engineer with TS/SCI

The following position has been listed as CRITICAL: The MSIC Department
has an opening for a Senior Software Engineer. Interested, internal
applicants may submit an Internal Job Opportunity Application (located on
the COLSA employee website) to HR, with required signatures, no later than
Monday, August 3rd. External applicants must apply online at
(Careers) .

Referrals made to this position will be considered under the Employee
Referral Program (Employment Practices CC-QPL.0002 Section 3.7) and may be
eligible for a $1000.00 Referral Bonus. Please be sure that any applicants
that you refer list your name under the "Referral Source"
on their online application.

Senior Software Engineer

Position Announcement #: 2009214

Huntsville, AL

Job Description
Senior Software engineer with expert level knowledge of developing, applying
advanced methods, theories and research techniques in the investigation and
solution of complex and advanced software applications and problems.
Experience developing in a web-based, n-tier application development
environment. Successful use of object oriented technologies.
Experience defining system and software requirements for complicated data
collection, data storage, and data access applications.
Familiar with architecting hardware/software configurations for distributed
server environment.
Experience using Microsoft operating systems and standard office tools.

Will provide senior level software support including leadership for junior
level staff. Will plan, conduct and technically direct projects or major
phases of significant projects.

Top Secret Clearance is required.

Bachelor's degree in computer science, information systems, engineering,
business, or other related field or equivalent experience.

.Minimum of eight years of applicable progressively complex software design
engineering experience .Knowledge of desktop applications such as word
processing, spreadsheet, and database programs .Working knowledge of current
operating systems and programming languages

Preferred Qualifications
Experience in LAN/WAN environments, Sun Microsystems HW, Solairs operating
systems, cluster & networked environments, Veritas, Unix OS, Linus OS,
NetApp on Tap, Disaster Recovery procedures, and Hierarchical Sotrage
Management (HSM).

Certifications and License Requirements Must have TS/SCI Clearance.

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE
Subject: ***JOB OPPORTUNITY*** - Shalimar, FL

The North Florida Operations has an opening for a TAMS 3 Acquisition Project
Specialist Level 4 (Program Analyst II). Interested, internal applicants
may submit an Internal Job Opportunity Application (located on the COLSA
employee website) to HR, with required signatures, no later than Monday,
August 3rd. External applicants must apply online at

TAMS 3 Acquisition Project Specialist Level 4 (Program Analyst II)

Position Announcement #: 2009245

Shalimar, FL

This position provides the following support to the Air Armament Center
Capabilities Integration Directorate located at Eglin AFB. Provide support
for financial development analysis and control; perform a variety of
budgetary and financial activities involving budget formulation, budget
execution, Program Objective Memorandum development, conducting manpower
reviews, including validating manpower requirements and tracking manpower
actions, and conducting general financial analyses; track and document the
status of approved, deferred, and released funds. Prepare and execute
purchase requests (PRs), military interdepartmental purchase requests
(MIPRs), project orders, and other financial documents. Assist the
government in preparing Defense Acquisition Executive Summaries (DAES),
Descriptive Summaries, and other budget reports and requests as needed, and
submit for government staffing and approval; enter, retrieve and reconcile
Accounting and Finance data systems such as ABSS, SPOMIS, CPAS, MOCAS, CMCS,
CCaRs, DTS etc.; and enter, retrieve and reconcile internal software
databases in formats such as Microsoft ACCESS and spreadsheets in Microsoft
EXCEL format.

Bachelor's degree in business or related field or equivalent experience.

Minimum of 4 years work related experience specifically in systems
acquisition process.
Accounting and Budget Analysis experience desired.

Experience in Air Force weapon system acquisition accounting, financial, and
budget analysis processes highly desired.
Experience in financial and procurement processes preferred.

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE
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Contracting Management Support Job Description:
The candidate will serve as a Contract Specialist/buyer supporting the Global Positioning System within the Space and Missile Systems Center (SMC), Space Logistics Group (SLG). The individual will be required to perform a full range of pre- and post-award contract activities in support of SMC space and satellite programs. Pre-award contract duties include: advertising and soliciting to responsible resources in a competitive environment; conduct market research; prepare request for proposals/quotations; prepare documentation and publication notices; and issue solicitations; prepare source selection plans; review proposals/offers for responsiveness; determine contractor responsibility; evaluate past performance and bidder capability; evaluate cost/price proposals; negotiate prices; write statements of work and source selection/evaluation plans. Post-award duties include: perform contract administration to ensure contractor compliance with terms and conditions of the contract; monitor contractor performance and resolve nonconformance issues; negotiate contract modifications.
The candidate must have significant experience in procuring goods and services through Department of Defense (DoD) procurement vehicles and must also have experience in negotiating and awarding Firm Fixed Price and Time & Materials Fixed Price contracts and associated contract modifications. The preferred candidate must have experience in negotiating, awarding and modifying contracts related to Air Force Space related weapons systems or Air Force Systems Contracting Experience. The candidate should have experience with all source selection activities for major procurements.
Requires 8+ years federal contracts experience along with a BS/BA degree…OR…12 years of experience without a degree. All candidates must have obtained a “Contracting Level II” certification in at least one of the following programs: Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act (DAWIA), or the Federal Acquisition Institute (FAI), or the Acquisition Professional Development Program. Exceptional communication skills, oral and written, are an absolute must as well as strong analytical skills.
Other: Secret Clearance Required
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Contract Specialist 29132 in the subject line.

Holly B. White
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Subject: Reaching out to see if you know anyone with these qualifications / Part time interest / Bilingual Preferred - Send them my way Please - Verizon Wireless - Sales Position

We have a fantastic client that I have this position through – Verizon Wireless Retail. (Indirect Sales Rep.) Colorado Springs.

I just had one of our best candidates fall out for not meeting their screening criteria – They are strict – No Felony or Misdemeanor Convictions. Drug & Background Screen Required.
Prefer an AAS Degree, but must have HS Diploma or GED
18+ Years (Age)
Pay Rate $12-$15 P/H (This is a huge selling point) 
Part-Time – Friday – Sunday (11AM – 8 PM)
Bilingual Strongly Preferred (English/Spanish)

Job Description :
Standing inside Best Buy Stores (various locations including Pueblo) at wireless section to give product information, promote, and sell Verizon Services / Products. Must be outgoing and professional.
1-2 Years of prior Sales / Customer Service (Retail) experience.
Must have own transportation (they will be going between the various locations of Best Buy), but are eligible for mileage reimbursement.
Must be able to physically stand entire time.

If you have anyone or know anyone who is interested, send my way. Thanks for your eyes.
Happy Thursday

Dawn Moews
Staffing Consultant
Adecco Staffing
5526 N. Academy Blvd., Suite 110
Colorado Springs, CO. 80918
Phone: 719-528-5353
Fax: 719-528-5358
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Attached is my most updated openings - two are higher level positions in the manufacturing industry and one is administrative. Any help with referring qualified candidates over would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time,


Andrew Kobeski
Senior Agent, CPC

Randstad US
Gurnee IL 60031

5465 W. Grand Ave / Suite 105
Gurnee, IL 60031
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We are recruiting for the following positions:

1st & 2nd Shift Manufacturing Supervisors
• Supervisory experience in a manufacturing setting required.
• Must be mechanically inclined .
• Knowledge of MS Office & Bi-lingual (Spanish) required.
• $15 -$18 per hour

Maintenance Mechanic / Equipment Mechanic
• Great Pay – Based on Experience
• Must have working experience as a Maintenance Mechanic with blend and filling machines.
• Technical Degree or equivalent/military experience.
• Five or more years experience in equipment repair.
• Must be able to work nights and weekends.
• Knowledge of Pneumatics, Hydraulics, Pumps, Bearings, Chains and Belts, Conveyor Systems, Basic Electricity, Volt Meters And Amp Probes, Schematics and Welding / Fabrication.

Administrative Assistant
Pay $12.00 - $14.00 hour
• Intermediate working knowledge of MS Excel & Word
• Must be Bi-lingual (Spanish)
• Filing, Faxing, Answering Phones & Working as the Front End Receptionist.
• Daily Data Entry of Reports
• Liaison to the Human Resource Department
Give Andy a call today and learn more about these and other exciting job opportunities! 847-336-3700
Sharon Woodward
Whitney, Bradley and Brown Inc (WBB)
Work: 703-448-6081, ext 165
Cell: 603-809-0637

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Sr. Test and Evaluation Analyst
JOB CODE: S09-082
Location: Arlington, VA
Start Date: Immediate

Position Description:
Support the customer by providing oversight responsibility for the overall DT&E activities within OSD for the nation's high priority T&E, joint testing, program assessments, policy and guidance, and education and training. Monitor the progress of programs with services and OSD staffs, program offices, and contractors to ensure adequacy and thoroughness of T&E. Review and evaluate Test and Evaluation Strategies, Test and Evaluation Master Plans, system-level and/or detailed test plans. Evaluate test results, schedules, resources, and technological risks for program reviews to include Defense Acquisition Boards. Recommends T&E policy change proposals for DoD acquisition policy efforts.

Experience Required: 10 years relevant test and evaluation experience. Experience in the DoD acquisition process, systems analysis, related discipline, and/or military/DoD civilian experience.

Security Clearance Requirements: Secret.

Education & Training: Master’s degree in engineering, systems analysis, management, or related discipline and 10 years relevant test and evaluation experience. Candidates with a BS in engineering or related discipline and 14 years of relevant test and evaluation experience also will be considered.

Special Skills/Knowledge: DAWIA Level 3 Certification in Test and Evaluation. Some travel required.

Please send resume to Use subject line S09-082 Sr. Test & Evaluation Analyst.


Documentation Coordinator
JOB CODE: S09-081
Location: Arlington, VA
Start Date: Immediate

Position Description:
Support the customer by serving as coordinator of the entire documentation preparation process for various congressional reports, including annual report to Congress. Prepare user guides and standard operating procedures. Assist with publishing process to include service reviews, security review and coordination with printer. Perform moderately complex research and analysis for the Director, including obtaining material for and preparing speeches and presentations. Interact with high-level internal and external contacts with considerable autonomy.

Experience Required: Experience in the DoD acquisition process, developmental testing, systems analysis, related discipline, and/or military/DoD civilian experience. Strong understanding and knowledge of the DoD and OSD organization and leadership structure. Exceptional organizational and time management skills; ability to multitask in a fast-paced environment. Strong problem-solving skills. Self-starter with initiative and ability to learn on the go. Excellent communication skills and command of grammar. Substantive knowledge of DoD Manual for Written Material and approved DoD correspondence formats. Ability to integrate information from a variety of sources into the desired product. Experience working with general office equipment. Excellent PC skills and experience with MS Office applications (Word, Excel, Access, and Outlook) to include calendar management. Working knowledge of government policies and procedures pertaining to forms completion, record retention and destruction, and safeguarding of classified and other sensitive data. Ability to interact well with others, including executive-level officials, colleagues, and visitors to the office.

Security Clearance Requirements: Secret.

Education & Training: Bachelor’s degree in related field plus 5 years of related experience. Work experience may be substituted for degree as follows: 8 years’ experience in lieu of bachelor’s degree.

Please send resume to Use subject line S09-081 Documentation Coordinator.

Technical Editor/Writer
JOB CODE: S09-080
Location: Arlington, VA
Start Date: Immediate

Position Description:
Support the customer by managing all aspects of technical review process by supporting documentation, plans and reports. Responsibilities include technical editing of highly complex program documents such as aircraft, ships, weapons, warfare tactics and command and control systems. Will proofread, edit, organize and rewrite documents for clarity. Document responsibility also includes general correspondence, developmental test and evaluation technical reviews and meeting minutes. Will assist as needed with task tracking and delivery of technical and proprietary documents for the customer, ensuring that all copies are delivered as required. Draft articles, testimony, speeches and briefings.

Experience Required: Two years of technical editing experience preferred. Strong organizational skills, attention to detail, excellent verbal and written communications skills, and the ability to work with others are vital.

Security Clearance Requirements: Secret.

Education & Training: Proficiency in editing and technical writing with a background in English or related field Bachelors degree in English or a related field preferred.

Please send resume to Use subject line S09-080 Technical Editor/Writer.
Position: Software Developer Date 30 July 2009
Requisition #: ATS018-09-001
Location: Annapolis Junction, MD
Duration: Contract Length
Start Date: Immediate
Number of Positions: 1

Position Description Key Role:
Help to transform legacy systems that are based in C and Shell programming from stovepipe processing to more service-based architectures. Perform requirements analyses, process execution and evaluations, and system integration activities with new and legacy systems. Provide support for a transformation effort by creating services for an Enterprise Service bus. Develop system enhancements and perform testing, version control, and release installations. Develop system documentation and project Web pages. Perform maintenance activities against legacy systems to ensure that there is no break in the mission while simultaneously acquiring and documenting knowledge of these systems to guide transformation with optimal results, including daily system monitoring, troubleshooting, and problem resolution. Provide 24/7 on-call customer support.
General Requirements Basic Qualifications:
-4 years of experience as a software engineer performing architecture development, requirements analyses, and process execution and evaluations, selecting and evaluating COTS/GOTS tools, and performing system integration activities with new and legacy systems
-3 years of experience with JAVA, C++, C, Perl, J2EE, or ESB
-Experience with performing scripting
-Experience with CM tools
-Experience with Web page development, including HTTP, HTML, and CGI
-Experience with UNIX and Linux, including with shared memory, system logs, sockets, core files, cron, NFS (mounted file systems), ftp, sft, ssh, scp, and basic command line text processing
-Experience with Python
-Experience with writing support documentation
-Knowledge of Web services implementation
-Knowledge of Shell programming, including Korn and C

Specific Requirements Additional Qualifications:
-1 year of experience with intelligence community or signals intelligence activities
-Experience with SQL, relational databases, and interacting with database engineers
-Experience with Eclipse
-Experience with JMS
-Experience with Globus GRID/GRAM
-Experience with commercial schedulers, including LSF
-Experience with editing simple XML files
-Knowledge of security issues, including PKI
Clearance Requirements
TS/SCI clearance with a polygraph
Educational Requirements -BA or BS degree in Computer Engineering, CS, EE, Information Systems, Mathematics, or a related field or 2 years of related experience and 2 years of related training and experience
If you are interested and qualified, please send your resume to and include the position title and number in the subject line of the email. Include in the text of the email your availability date, salary requirements, and security clearance, please.
Position: Embedded Developer Date 30 July 2009
Requisition #: ATS018-09-002
Location: Annapolis Junction, MD
Duration: Contract Length
Start Date: Immediate
Number of Positions: 1

Position Description Key Role:
Provide software development expertise with Assembly language programming. Develop and support design and test documentation. Apply experience with Windows and UNIX. Use configuration management tools and provide formalized software testing.

General Requirements Basic Qualifications:
-Experience with software development and Assembly language programming
-Experience with developing and supporting design and test documentation
-Experience with Windows and UNIX
-Experience with Microsoft Office
-Experience with configuration management (CM) tools
-Experience with formalized software testing
-Knowledge of CM practices

Specific Requirements Additional Qualifications:
-Experience with DOORS
-Experience with Razor
-Experience with requirements analysis
-Experience with reverse engineering
-Experience with telecommunications and wireless functions, including telecommunications test equipment and hardware
-Experience with UNIX Shell Scripting
-Experience with the software development life-cycle and process
-Experience with embedded software development
-Experience with systems and network security
-Experience with developing software for Linux platforms
-Possession of excellent technical writing skills
Clearance Requirements TS/SCI clearance with a polygraph
Educational Requirements

If you are interested and qualified, please send your resume to and include the position title and number in the subject line of the email. Include in the text of the email your availability date, salary requirements, and security clearance, please.
Position: BEP Lead and 10.1 Architect Date 29 July 2009
Requisition #: ATS002-09-029
Location: Colorado Springs, CO or Hampton, VA
Duration: Contract Length
Start Date: Immediate
Number of Positions: 1

Position Description Member of the SE staff providing architecture and engineering support to the AOC WSI program. Specifically, to lead the Baseline Engineering Plan development and coordinate the architecture development and disposition of architecture changes for the 10.1 AOC WS baseline. Assists in planning, managing and evaluating the development, analysis, modeling and maintenance of the AOC WSI architecture and in employing architecture products and processes in a wide variety of Systems Engineering activities. Performs product/system integration analysis, product trade studies, technology/risk assessments, Enterprise Change Request (ECR) engineering analysis, system-of-systems design, and technical documentation. Supports and participates in technical execution of AOC Increment development, architecture analysis and modeling, integration and test planning and execution, requirements analysis, and system problem analysis and solution definition.
The BEP Lead will support the full spectrum of AOC WS activities specifically focused on supporting the systems engineering, fielding, weapon system support and infrastructure activities as required. The BEP Lead will support teams to accomplish assigned tasks and will be responsible for leadership activities as required. The BEP Lead will have responsibility to follow the AOC WSI Product Integration Review (PIR) processes and technology are consistent with architecture principles and evolutionary planning. The BEP Lead will ensure technical quality and standards are followed. The BEP Lead employs standard methods, processes and tools to accomplish analysis, problem diagnosis and solution design, integration and test preparation, risk assessment and mitigation planning, and related activities. Provides support to functional areas including requirements analysis, Enterprise Change Request analysis and implementation planning, Capability Provider coordination, integration and test, fielding, sustainment, training, documentation, and system assessment. Support evolutionary planning to migrate the AOC WS to an open, service-oriented, and net-centric architecture. Interfaces with Government personnel to identify required WSI activities, perform collaborative planning, review deliverables, and resolve SE issues.
General Requirements The individual will have a strong background in technology management to include software development, systems architecture and architecture policy. The ideal candidate will have a background in software development and management, software architecture and related technologies to support a software environment. The ideal candidate will also have a background in COTS products and information technology products to include networks, routers, servers and operating systems on various platforms.

Desired Skills:
• Knowledge of Air and Space Operations Center (AOC) functions and technologies.
• Experience with Service Oriented Architectures (SOAs), net-centric enterprises, and associated infrastructure development.
• General knowledge of Command and Control (C2) and Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) systems, with either Air or Space experience.
• Experience in architecture modeling and analysis using both Structured Analysis and Object Oriented paradigms.
• Experience in integration, test and assessment of large, heterogeneous, information-intensive systems and enterprises.
• 10 or more years of military or civilian experience in one or more applicable areas.
• Working knowledge of communications and computer networks.
• Experience with Service Oriented Architectures (SOAs), net-centric enterprises, and infrastructure development.
• Experience with DoD policies, reference models and architectures applicable to command and control systems.

Specific Requirements The individual will have a strong background in strategy, planning and technology management including the ability to conduct formal reviews with the customer, engage industry and AOC WS providers in defining future requirements and future releases.
Required Skills:
• Broad experience in system and system-of-systems architectures in information-intensive domains, especially command and control (C2) and intelligence/surveillance/reconnaissance (ISR).
• Broad experience in IT and systems, including such areas as software engineering, system requirements analysis, computing infrastructure and networking, product and technology assessment, and integration and test.
• Demonstrated ability to diagnose complex system problems and develop innovative solutions.
• Familiarity with state-of-the-practice architecture and systems engineering disciplines, including architecture-centric systems engineering.
• Demonstrated interpersonal skills to work equally effectively as a team member with contractor and Government staffs from different locations and organizations.
• Demonstrated ability to participate in cross-functional planning, coordination, and task execution situations involving the full spectrum of system integration activities.
• Demonstrated ability to manage an engineering team.
• Demonstrated ability to diagnose complex system problems and develop innovative solutions
• Demonstrated ability to perform technology planning.
• Demonstrated ability to author technical documents.
• Demonstrated ability to communicate and conduct formal reviews
• Demonstrated ability to generate and manage program deliverables.
• Lead trade studies to include defining stakeholder acceptance criteria and final assessment in accordance with WSI process.
• Work with internal/external customers to perform requirements decomposition to the level required for product selection.
• Experience with DoDAF
• Experience with Rational Systems Architect product
• Experience with UML and SYSML
• Experience with Document Management Tools
• Experience with Configuration Management Principles
Clearance Requirements Eligible for SECRET
Educational Requirements Education Requirement: Bachelors Degree in Engineering; Graduate degree desired.

If you are interested and qualified, please send your resume to and include the position title and number in the subject line of the email. Include in the text of the email your availability date, salary requirements, and security clearance, please.
Position: KONFIG Senior Engineer Date 29 July 2009
Requisition #: ATS002-09-030
Location: Colorado Springs, CO or Hampton, VA
Duration: Contract Length
Start Date: Immediate
Number of Positions: 1

Position Description Perform development and system administration of the KONFIG product and associated database serving the AOC WSI program. Insure high quality of service and system availability through system administration and database administration. Accomplish repairs through closure of Deficiency Reports (DRs) either by direct modification of the installed KONFIG system or through collaboration with the KONFIG vendor. Implement KONFIG functional improvements through implementation of KONFIG Enterprise Change Requests (ECRs) either by direct modification of the instlaled KONFIG system or leading and participating with teams of additional AOC WSI engineers and/or the KONFIG vendor. Attend and support the KONFIG Configuration Review Board - Defect Review Board (CRB-DRB) with analysis and advise on technical issues and efforts required to address KONFIG ECRs or DRs under consideration. Perform future KONFIG work planning as part of proposal basis-of-estimate (BOE) preparation.

General Requirements Desired Skills: KONFIG CM-II product administration, software and hardware configuration management background, Oracle 10g administration, Oracle database administration sufficient to tune the KONFIG database performance, SQL Plus, Java Script (JSP), Java Groovy Script (to implement KONFIG Business Processes). Good verbal and written communications skills; and ability to work as part of a team, with interfaces to external organizations; ability to work independently, with only general supervision, to meet program task schedules and technical goals; familiarity with and understanding of AOC legacy software; experience with the AOC system environment; and experience with the AOC WSI program and procedures.

Desired Experience: any integration, CM build maintenance, etc. activities in the AOC environment; knowledge of or working knowledge of Data Administration; and systems analysis and troubleshooting.

Specific Requirements Required Skills: Java, Oracle 9i administration.
Clearance Requirements Secret

Educational Requirements Bachelors Degree in Computer Science and / or IT, MIS, etc. (Related experience is acceptable).

If you are interested and qualified, please send your resume to and include the position title and number in the subject line of the email. Include in the text of the email your availability date, salary requirements, and security clearance, please.
Position: Systems Integration Engineer Date 29 July 2009
Requisition #: AST002-09-031
Location: Hampton, VA
Duration: Contract Length
Start Date: Immediate
Number of Positions: 1

Position Description Description: This position will require extensive product and system integration activities including (but not limited to):
1. Identifying hardware and software dependencies for an operational environment as well as an integration and test environment.
2. Identification, analysis, and resolution of software/hardware issues to include problem report generation.
3. Support integration of products produced or identified as part of Rapid Application Development (RAD) techniques.
4. Provide inputs and support to the Infrastructure and Mission App teams during initial product integration and development efforts.
5. Perform system administration functions in support of engineering change requests and other initiatives
6. Perform network administration, analysis and troubleshooting in support of engineering change requests and other initiatives.
7. Create and/or modify scripts to facilitate integration of one or more systems.
8. Evaluate products/systems for architectural compliance.
9. Evaluate, and in some cases develop, installation and configuration instructions.
10. Support development of test and operational employment scenarios.
11. Provide support during test events to include problem analysis and resolution, including generation of supplemental instructions.
12. Support creation and validation of Bill Of Materials (BOM) submissions.
13. Lead the Hampton II&T team towards SOA I&T competence via mentoring, training, and hands-on exercise.

May require 25% travel.

General Requirements DESIRED SKILLS:
• Ability to troubleshoot windows / UNIX based applications to determine why they are not working correctly and isolate the cause
to installation, app/network configuration, external interface, or internal application failure.
• Experience in DoD C4ISR systems
• Familiarity with basic configuration management principles, and an ability to operate in a CM controlled environment.

Specific Requirements REQUIRED SKILLS:
• Hands on experience developing J2EE applications, including knowledge of the core J2EE components (Java, EJB, JMS, Applets and Web Services), access protocols such as HTTP and SOAP, and service discovery and registration using UDDI/JNDI concepts.
• Familiarity with the .NET environment, including knowledge of systems tools available to support the installation and debugging of .NET applications.
• Knowledgeable in current commercial standards and best practices for web services based operating environments.
• Knowledgeable in the implementation of security controls available for J2EE and .NET environments.
• Ability to create scripts on Windows or UNIX based platforms (or both).
• Familiarity with internet protocols, to include FTP, TCP and UDP.
• Detail oriented, especially with regards to documenting procedures
• Ability to work in a process oriented environment, and a RAD environment
• Ability to communicate effectively to management, peers, and customers in both written
Clearance Requirements Secret
Educational Requirements None specified.

If you are interested and qualified, please send your resume to and include the position title and number in the subject line of the email. Include in the text of the email your availability date, salary requirements, and security clearance, please.