Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Info for JSA Veterans

Greetings Ken: I respectfully ask for your assistance in forwarding the attached flyer to members of the K-Bar List and any other contacts that you may have that could forward this information to veterans. The purpose of my search is to find JSA veterans and ask them to register with the group at Upon registering with the group, JSA veterans will receive infrequent updates. Examples of updates are: •· Award Eligibility •· DMZ Agent Orange •· Reunions •· JSA History •· The JSA Veterans Group Forming a Non-Profit Organization The Joint Security Area is located within the Korean Demilitarized Zone and is the only portion of the DMZ where north Korean and American forces stood face-to-face. It is often called the "Truce Village" in some media and military accounts. While assigned to the JSA from the 1950s until present, veterans may have been stationed at Advanced Camp, Camp Kitty Hawk, or Camp Bonifas. JSA Veterans may contact me by email at: Thank you for your assistance. Regards, John Bednar SFC, USA, Retired JSA 1981