Saturday, January 28, 2017

JRDC Openings - CO; AL> Subject: Fwd: JRDC Job Openings See below. If you have anyone let me know. My work #is (719) 721-0462. Feel free to share outside your organization. Mac Current openings at Schriever/Huntsville. Those that list both locations can be located at either location. Must have at least a Secret security clearance. If anyone is interested have them call me. 15873 Huntsville/Schriever IT Planning & Solutions Manager 16058 Huntsville/Schriever Clud Automation Eng 16017 Schriever Linux System Admin 15612 Huntsville/Schriever Virtual Engineer 15277 Huntsville/Schriever Data Scientist 16230 Schriever Jr. Software Test Engineer 16168 Huntsville Network Security Eng 16166 Schriever Network Defense Eng 15720 Huntsville PKI Engineer 15990 Huntsville Windows CSA 16306 Schriever Software Engineer 16290 Schriever IT-NSC Shift Lead 16295 Huntsville Network Security Eng 16296 Huntsville Network Defense Eng 16188 Schriever Data Center Manager 14383 Schriever SW Developer 16147 Schriever System Engineer 15944 Schriever System Engineer 15553 Schriever Linux Admin 15882 Schriever Systems Architect 16132 Schriever Scheduler/Planning Analyst 16134 Huntsville Scheduler/Planning Analyst 16113 Schriever Cost Schedule/Control Analyst 15663 Huntsville Linux Technician 15095 Schriever Software Test Engineer 13886 Schriever PNT Network Eng 15311 Schriever Cybersecurity Eng 15353 Schriever Sr. Systems Eng 14993 Schriever Network Engineer 14926 Schriever Systems Architect 14981 Huntsville/Schriever Network Solutions Architect 14938 Huntsville/Schriever Citrix Engineer 14229 Schriever Systems Architect 15444 Schriever Jr. SW Developer 15133 Huntsville/Schriever Vmware Engineer 13910 Schriever SW Developer 15274 Huntsville Vmware Engineer 15312 Schriever RedHat SA 14977 Schriever RedHat SA 13920 Huntsville/Schriever Data Analyst