Tuesday, January 2, 2018

ISYS Technologies Jobs - Nationwide

Good evening, As many of you know, I have transitioned over to ISYS Technologies as the Recruiting Manager. My goal is to get as many of your veterans and spouses hired as soon as possible. Right now, ISYS Technologies has over 160 jobs available nationwide in IT, Cybersecurity, Engineering, and more. Most of these jobs require security clearances, however, several do not. Please feel free to distribute the attached jobs list to your job board and/or to anyone who might be interested and have them apply on our website at www.isystechnologies.com. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me. Warm regards, Kimberly Archer Manager, U.S. Army Veteran 303-547-7002 Mobile 303-290-8922 Company karcher@isystechnologies.com Click below to view all of our current openings: https://careers-isystechnologies.icims.com Description: Description: cid:1dfc601cb29b4$cddab209$_CDOSYS2.0 “Sense of humor required” 801 W. Mineral Ave. Ste. 105, Littleton, CO 80120 7222 Commerce Center Drive, Ste. 108, Colorado Springs, CO 80919 Title Clearance Required ID Program : Name Customer & Job Location : Location ACAS / Red Hat Systems Engineer Senior Secret 2017-10045 CNOSS US-AZ-Ft Huachuca Active Directory Engineer - Subject Matter Expert (SME) Secret 2017-9462 CNOSS US-AZ-Ft Huachuca Active Directory Senior Systems Engineer Secret 2017-10041 CNOSS US-AZ-Ft Huachuca Active Directory Specialist Secret 2017-9823 USAID US-VA-Crystal City Active Directory/Windows Subject Matter Expert Secret 2017-9458 CNOSS US-AZ-Ft Huachuca AGM Release Management Systems Engineer Senior Secret 2017-10039 CNOSS US-AZ-Ft Huachuca ArcGIS Software Developer Secret 2015-8297 USAMS III US-NE-Offutt AFB Automation Engineer US Citizen 2017-10085 GPS-OCX US-CO-Aurora Automation Engineer Secret 2017-10033 GPS-OCX US-CO-Aurora Automation Engineer Secret 2017-10032 GPS-OCX US-CO-Aurora AWS Architect/Engineer/Migration SME Secret 2017-10106 USAID US-VA-Crystal City Back-End Drupal Developer US Citizen 2016-8767 Federal Programs US-MD-Rockville Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) Engineer Secret 2017-10028 GSMO US-IL-Scott AFB Cloud Security Architect Secret 2017-9983 DHS ESOC US-DC-Washington Cloud Security Consultant Secret 2017-10107 USAID US-VA-Crystal City Commercial SATCOM support Secret 2017-9888 USAMS III US-CO-Colorado Springs Computer Systems Architect TS/SCI 2017-9779 MSP US-CO-Littleton Cyber Info Assurance Analyst 2 TS/SCI 2017-10067 F3I US-NY-Rome Cyber Security Engineer Secret 2017-9907 GPS-OCX US-CO-Aurora Cyber Security Metrics Analyst. TS/SCI 2017-10081 DHS ESOC US-DC-Washington Database Engineer TS/SCI 2017-9770 MSA US-TX-Richardson Database Manager TS/SCI 2016-9054 SMAC US-LA-Barksdale AFB DevOps Engineer US Citizen 2017-9905 GPS-OCX US-CO-Aurora Drupal Back End / Module Developer US Citizen 2016-8805 Federal Programs US-MD-Rockville EDS&A Subject Matter Expert Secret 2017-9953 CNOSS US-AZ-Ft Huachuca EMS Systems Engineer TS/SSBI 2017-9833 ITS US-MD-Rockville Exercise Long Range Liaison TS/SCI 2017-9950 SMAC US-LA-Barksdale AFB Gigamon Taps Engineer (Subject Matter Expert) Secret 2017-10029 GSMO US-IL-Scott AFB Governance Integrator Secret 2017-10105 USAID US-VA-Crystal City Help Desk Specialist TS/SCI 2016-8911 USAMS III US-TX-San Antonio Huntsville Job Fair US Citizen 2017-9789 US-AL-Huntsville Information Assurance Engineer Top Secret SCI 2017-10047 F3I US-CO-Aurora Information Assurance Engineer TS/SCI 2017-10048 DCO US-CO-Colorado Springs Infrastructure Engineer Secret 2017-10088 GPS-OCX US-CO-Aurora Infrastructure Engineer Secret 2017-10052 USAID US-VA-Crystal City Infrastructure Engineer TS/SCI 2017-10096 MSA US-CO-Aurora Integration & Test Engineer Secret 2017-10012 GPS-OCX US-CO-Aurora Integration & Test Engineer Secret 2017-10011 GPS-OCX US-CO-Aurora Integration and Test Engineer Secret 2017-10019 GPS-OCX US-CO-Aurora IT Asset Specialist US Citizen 2017-10066 BITSS 2017 US-CO-Golden Java Developer US Citizen 2017-9904 APS V US-CA-San Diego Java Engineer Ability to Obtain 2017-9724 F3I US-NE-Bellevue Java Engineer TS/SSBI 2017-9844 MSA US-TX-Richardson Java Engineer 3 TS/SSBI 2017-9846 MSA US-TX-Richardson Java Engineer 3 TS/SSBI 2017-9845 MSA US-TX-Richardson Lead Software System Engineer US Citizen 2017-9881 F3I US-NY-Rome Lead Systems Engineer Secret 2017-9909 GPS-OCX US-CO-Aurora Mechanical Design Engineer US Citizen 2017-10025 Orion US-TX-Houston Mechanical Design Engineer US Citizen 2017-10024 Orion US-TX-Houston MicroStrategy Developer US Citizen 2017-10015 IT BOA US-DC- Mid Level Embedded Software Engineer Secret 2017-9853 ALCS-R US-UT-Salt Lake City Mid-Level Database Manager TS/SCI 2017-9930 SMAC US-LA-Barksdale AFB Mid-Level Database Manager TS/SCI 2017-9929 SMAC US-LA-Barksdale AFB Mid-Level Infrastructure Engineer Secret 2017-10083 GPS-OCX US-CO-Aurora Mid-Level Software Engineer US Citizen 2017-10055 AWIPS US-MD-Silver Spring Mid-level Software Integration Engineer TS/SCI 2017-10071 Canyon US-CO-Littleton Mid-Level SOW Planner TS/SCI 2017-9927 SMAC US-LA-Barksdale AFB Mid-Level System Analyst TS/SCI 2017-9938 SMAC US-LA-Barksdale AFB Mid-Level System Analyst TS/SCI 2017-9937 SMAC US-LA-Barksdale AFB Mid-Level Tomahawk Land Attack Missile (TLAM) Liaison TS/SCI 2016-9138 SMAC US-LA-Barksdale AFB Mid-Level Training Liaison TS/SCI 2017-9934 SMAC US-LA-Barksdale AFB Mid-Level Training Liaison TS/SCI 2017-9933 SMAC US-LA-Barksdale AFB Network Engineer Secret 2017-10050 USAID US-VA-Arlington Network Management (NETMAN) Subject Matter Expert Secret 2017-9954 CNOSS US-AZ-Ft Huachuca Network SME Secret 2017-10102 USAID US-VA-Crystal City Offensive Cyber Ops Liaison TS/SCI 2017-9952 SMAC US-LA-Barksdale AFB Oracle Subject Matter Expert Polygraph 2017-10068 MSA US-TX-Richardson Part-time Support Thermal Testing and Support US Citizen 2017-9914 LANDSAT-7 US-MD-Greenbelt Performance Management Engineer Secret 2017-10026 GSMO US-IL-Scott AFB Planner/Scheduler TS/SCI 2017-10092 MSP US-CO-Littleton Production Developer US Citizen 2017-9903 Orion US-TX-Houston Program Manager Top Secret 2017-10076 US-NE-Omaha Program Planner Ability to Obtain 2017-9906 GPS-OCX US-CO-Aurora Proposal Manager TS/SCI 2017-10089 MSP US-CO-Littleton Proposal Support TS/SCI 2017-9794 MSA US-VA-Dulles Reconfiguration Analyst US Citizen 2017-9842 Orion US-CO-Littleton Red Hat Systems Administrator Secret 2017-9766 GCS US-CO-Colorado Springs Remedy ESMS - Functional Area Expert Secret 2017-10044 CNOSS US-AZ-Ft Huachuca Remedy Functional Area Expert (FAE) Secret 2017-9454 CNOSS US-AZ-Ft Huachuca Remedy ITSM Senior Systems Engineer Secret 2017-10043 CNOSS US-AZ-Ft Huachuca Remedy ITSM Senior Systems Engineer Secret 2017-9955 CNOSS US-AZ-Ft Huachuca RSA Archer Developer Secret 2017-9981 DHS ESOC US-DC-Washington Security Engineer TS/SCI 2017-10093 MSA US-MT-Great Falls Senior Automation Engineer US Citizen 2017-10086 GPS-OCX US-CO-Aurora Senior Automation Engineer Secret 2017-10084 GPS-OCX US-CO-Aurora Senior Database Manager TS/SCI 2017-9931 SMAC US-LA-Barksdale AFB Senior Drupal Dev US Citizen 2017-10006 Federal Programs US-MD-Rockville Senior IBM Tivoli Netcool Administrator Secret 2017-10031 GSMO US-IL-Scott AFB Senior InfoVista Network Performance Management Administrator Secret 2017-10030 GSMO US-IL-Scott AFB Senior Infrastructure Engineer Secret 2017-10087 GPS-OCX US-CO-Aurora Senior Program Planner TS/SCI 2017-9783 MSP US-CO-Littleton Senior SCCM Packaging Engineer Secret 2017-10038 CNOSS US-AZ-Ft Huachuca Senior Security Engineer Secret 2016-9082 DHS ESOC US-DC-Washington Senior Software Engineer - Ground Software TS/SCI 2017-9897 MSP US-CO-Littleton Senior SOW Planner TS/SCI 2017-9928 SMAC US-LA-Barksdale AFB Senior Systems Engineer C.I. Polygraph 2017-10077 MSA US-VA-Dulles Senior Systems Engineer TS/SCI 2017-10034 GPS-OCX US-CO-Aurora Senior Test & Integration Engineer Secret 2017-10046 CNOSS US-AZ-Ft Huachuca Senior Test & Integration Engineer Secret 2017-9455 CNOSS US-AZ-Ft Huachuca Senior-Level System Analyst TS/SCI 2017-9939 SMAC US-LA-Barksdale AFB Senior-Level Training Liaison TS/SCI 2017-9935 SMAC US-LA-Barksdale AFB Server SME Secret 2017-10104 USAID US-VA-Crystal City Sharepoint Developer Secret 2017-9982 DHS ESOC US-DC-Washington Six Sigma Administrator US Citizen 2017-9908 GPS-OCX US-CO-Aurora SOC Metrics Sr. Analyst Secret 2017-9989 DHS ESOC US-DC-Washington SOC Metrics Team Lead Secret 2017-9976 DHS ESOC US-DC-Washington Software Configuration Engineer C.I. Polygraph 2017-10074 MSA US-TX-Richardson Software Developer Secret 2017-9969 L-245/Signals US-CO-Littleton Software Engineer Secret 2016-9201 EADGE-T US-MD-Gaithersburg Software Engineer Secret 2016-8589 GSPS US-NE-Omaha Software Engineer TS/SCI 2017-10020 GPS-OCX US-CO-Aurora Software Engineer TS/SCI 2017-10072 Canyon US-CO-Littleton Software Engineer TS/SCI 2017-9784 MSP US-CO-Littleton Software Engineer TS/SCI 2017-9898 MSP US-CO-Littleton Software Engineer TS/SSBI 2017-9917 MSA US-CO-Aurora Software Engineer TS/SSBI 2017-9859 MSA US-CO-Aurora Software Engineer TS/SSBI 2017-9858 MSA US-CO-Aurora Software Engineer TS/SSBI 2017-9857 MSA US-CO-Aurora Software Engineer Senior (LG3) TS/SCI 2017-9781 MSP US-CO-Littleton Solaris 10 System Administrator Secret 2017-9855 GCS US-CO-Colorado Springs SOW Planner TS/SCI 2016-9053 SMAC US-LA-Barksdale AFB Sr Splunk Engineer Secret 2017-9977 DHS ESOC US-DC-Washington Sr VoIP Network Engineer Secret 2017-10049 USAID US-VA-Arlington Sr. AIX/Linux System Administrator US Citizen 2017-9911 ITS US-DC-Washington Sr. Network Engineer Secret 2017-10013 GSMO US-IL-Scott AFB Staff Software Engineer Polygraph 2017-9785 MSP US-CO-Littleton Storage SME Secret 2017-10103 USAID US-VA-Crystal City Strategic Capital Planner Secret 2017-9973 DHS ESOC US-DC-Washington Suppression of Enemy Air Defense (SEAD) Liaison TS/SCI 2017-9949 SMAC US-LA-Barksdale AFB System Administrator Secret 2017-9912 COPS US-CO-Colorado Springs System Analyst TS/SCI 2017-9936 SMAC US-LA-Barksdale AFB System Transition Coordinator Secret 2017-10101 USAID US-VA-Crystal City Systems Administrator Secret 2017-10097 SBIRS US-CO-Peterson AFB Systems Administrator TS/SCI 2017-9876 MSA US-MD-Ft Meade Systems Engineer Top Secret 2017-10078 MSA US-CO-Aurora Systems Engineer TS/SCI 2017-10080 MSA US-CO-Aurora Systems Engineer TS/SCI 2017-10079 MSA US-CO-Aurora Systems Engineer TS/SCI 2017-10070 Canyon US-CO-Littleton Systems Engineer TS/SCI 2017-10091 MSP US-CO-Littleton Systems Engineer TS/SCI 2017-9922 MSA US-TX-Richardson Systems Engineer TS/SCI 2017-9920 MSA US-TX-Richardson Systems Engineer TS/SSBI 2017-9921 MSA US-CO-Aurora Systems Engineer TS/SSBI 2017-9919 MSA US-CO-Aurora Systems Engineer Intermediate Public Trust 2017-9762 ITS US-MD-Rockville Systems Engineer with hardware experience Secret 2017-9968 EADGE-T US-CO-Colorado Springs Systems Engineer with Integration Skills US Citizen 2016-8699 EADGE-T US-CO-Colorado Springs Technical Manual Writer Secret 2017-9892 LMCO SBIRS US-CO-Boulder Technical Writer Secret 2017-9975 DHS ESOC US-DC-Washington Technical Writer/Editor TS/SCI 2017-10090 MSP US-CO-Littleton Tier 3 SOC Analyst Secret 2017-10082 DHS ESOC US-DC-Washington Tier 3 SOC Analyst Secret 2017-9987 DHS ESOC US-DC-Washington Tier 3 Vulnerability Assessment Analyst Top Secret 2017-9381 DHS ESOC US-DC-Washington Tipping Point Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) Engineer SME Secret 2017-10027 GSMO US-IL-Scott AFB Top Level Architecture (TLA) Senior Network Engineer Secret 2017-10040 CNOSS US-AZ-Ft Huachuca Training Liaison TS/SCI 2017-9932 SMAC US-LA-Barksdale AFB Transition Manager Secret 2017-10100 USAID US-VA-Crystal City Unix/Linux/Solaris Senior Systems Engineer Secret 2017-10042 CNOSS US-AZ-Ft Huachuca Web Developer Secret 2015-8299 USAMS III US-NE-Offutt AFB Web Development Systems Engineer - Senior Secret 2017-9774 CNOSS US-AZ-Ft Huachuca Windows 10 Migration Specialist Secret 2017-10098 USAID US-VA-Arlington