Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The US Fish & Wildlife Service Mountain Prairie Region Jobs

All resumes must be in the USAJOBS.gov format & we highly recommend you tailor your resume to the position so call me for a copy of the job description. If interested in applying for any of our vacancies, please contact me directly for information about the qualification and education requirements. These positions may not yet be posted on USAJOBS.GOV Resumes and supporting documentation will be reviewed for qualifications and forwarded to the selecting official for consideration only if qualified for the position. New Vacancies: Term/Full time General Biologist GS-0401-07/09 Bozeman, MT (FR-14-014) Term/Full time Engineering Tech (Civil) GS-0802-5/6/7 Bozeman, MT (FR-14-013) Term/Full time Bio Science Tech (Fish) GS-0404-5/6/7 Jackson, WY (FR-14-015) Perm/Seasonal (NTE 50 weeks) Supervisory Range Tech GS-0455-6/7 Funk, NE (RF-14-045) Perm/Full time Legal Instruments Examiner GS-0963-07/08/09 Bismarck, ND (RF-14-044) Perm/Full time Administrative Officer GS-0341-09 Lakewood, CO (ES-14-017) Perm/Full time Administrative Support Assistant GS-0303-07 Lakewood, CO (ES-14-018) Current Vacancies: Perm/Full time Administrative Assistant GS-0303-07 RO/R6 Lakewood, CO (BA-14-004) Term/Full time Admin Support Asst GS-0303-06 RO/R6 Lakewood, CO (MBSP-14-006) Perm/Full time Architect GS-0808-12 Lakewood, CO (BA-14-003) Term/Full time Biological Science Tech GS-0404-05 Carr, CO (ES-14-016) Term/Full time Biological Science Tech (Wildlife) GS-0404-05 Maybell, CO (RF-14-026) Perm/Full time Education Specialist GS-1701-09/11 Commerce City, CO (RF-14-025) Perm/Full time Land Management LE Officer GS-1801-07/09 Fort Niobrara NWR (RF-14-043) Perm/Full time Maintenance Worker Medicine Lake NWR, MT (RF-14-036) Term/Full time Office Support Asst GS-0303-04 Long Lake NWR, ND (RF-14-041) Term/Full time Office Support Asst GS-0303-04 Hartford, KS (RF-14-031) Perm/Seasonal Range Tech (Fire) GS-0455-05/06 Ft Peck, MT (RF-14-034) Term/Full time Range Tech (Invasive Species) GS-0455-05 Stafford, KS (RF-14-039) Term/Full time Range Tech (Invasive Species) GS-0455-05 Cayuga, ND (RF-14-030) Perm/Full time Regional Fisheries Program Manager GS-0340-15 Lakewood, CO (FR-14-012) Temp/Full time Student Trainee Biological Science Support GS-0499-04/05 Bismarck, ND (RF-14-028) Perm/Full time Supv, Fire Mgmnt Specialist GS-0401-13/14 RO Lakewood, CO (RF-14-038) Perm/Full time Supervisor Park Ranger GS-0025-12/13 RO Lakewood, CO (RF-14-037) Perm/Seasonal Supervisor Range Tech (Fire) GS-0455-06/07 Jordan, MT (RF-14-035) Perm/Full time Supervisory Wildlife Repository Specialist GS-1802-12/13 Commerce City, CO (R9-LE-14-002) Perm/Full time Wildlife Biologist GS-0486-12/13 Lakewood, CO (MBSP-14-004) Perm/Full time Wildlife Refuge Manager GS-0485-13/14 Audubon NWR, ND (RF-14-040) Very Respectfully, Vince Vincent Meyer Recruiter U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Mountain-Prairie Region 134 Union Blvd Ste 120 Lakewood, CO 80228 Off 303 236 4589 Cell 303-242-4125 Fax 303 236 3816 Vincent_meyer@fws.gov