Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Bradley Morris Jobs - Numerous, Various Locations

Ty Terrazone | Candidate Recruiter | USAFA '04 (512) 652-4116 (Direct) | (770) 308-2467 (eFax) 8310 N. Capital of Texas Hwy Suite 475 | Austin, TX 78731 www.bradley-morris.com/tt tterrazone@bradley-morris.com www.linkedin.com/in/tyterrazone 21369 TargetHire Mechanic AK-Fairbanks $50k to $60k Requires a strong mechanical background. Heavy/Light wheeled vehicle mechanics work very well. Being stationed in Alaska once upon a time is a huge plus! 22538 TargetHire Mechanic - Technician AL-Mobile $40k to $50k Light/Heavy wheeled vehicle mechanics. ASE certification a PLUS! 22920 TargetHire Mechanical Engineer AL-Mobile $65k to $75k Sep 24 2014 6:09PM: BSME or Materials Engineering 19814 TargetHire Technical Sales Representative Anywhere $75k to $85k Sharp JMOs or E with Degree interested in Sales/Business Development 22711 TargetHire Sales Representative Anywhere $90k to $190k Sep 12 2014 10:29AM: Client needs someone with industrial sales experience. 22282 TargetHire Buyer AR-Little Rock $65k to $70k Aug 13 2014 3:54PM: JMO with some exp with procurement, supply chain and logistics 21954 TargetHire Warehouse Worker CA $40k to $45k Oct 9 2013 5:02PM: NCO in LA 22900 TargetHire Field Sales Engineer CA-Anaheim $35k to $65k Feb 21 2014 5:34PM: Any tech background with sales personality. 22516 TargetHire Electrical Test Engineer CA-Anaheim $65k to $75k Aug 27 2014 2:23PM: Army Prime Power or Nuke EM with 8+ yrs of exp 22874 TargetHire Lead Installer CA-Anaheim $35k to $45k Sep 24 2014 9:54AM: Mech skillset, a plus would be welding or sheet metal exp 22518 TargetHire Principle FSE CA-Anaheim $60k to $90k Aug 27 2014 2:22PM: Nuke EM or Nuke ET, prefers degree and E6/8 type 22178 TargetHire Shipping/Warehouse Department Supervisor CA-Central Valley $55k to $70k Aug 6 2014 11:56AM: BS/BA in Business OR 5+ years experience in warehousing 22734 TargetHire Maintenance Technician CA-Central Valley $40k to $55k Sep 15 2014 9:34AM: E4-E6 with hands on electrical exp, controls exp helps as well as some mech background 21891 TargetHire Maintenance Supervisor - Scales/Electrical CA-Central Valley $65k to $75k Jul 16 2014 2:27PM: Strong electrical maintenance background 22932 TargetHire Plant Safety/Training Coordinator CA-Los Angeles $60k to $70k Sep 25 2014 4:20PM: Safety and Training coordinator in LA 22933 TargetHire Maintenance Manager CA-Los Angeles $100k to $120k Sep 25 2014 4:18PM: Maintenance Manager in LA 22934 TargetHire Electrician CA-Los Angeles $60k to $80k Sep 25 2014 4:35PM: Electrician in LA 22935 TargetHire Mechanic CA-Los Angeles $60k to $70k Sep 25 2014 4:34PM: MM(N) or conv in LA 22353 TargetHire Plant Electrical Engineer CA-Los Angeles $100k to $110k Aug 15 2014 7:30PM: NUKE with electrical exp 22852 PowerHire Equipment Maintenance Technician CA-Oakland $45k to $70k Sep 18 2014 4:07PM: any strong electro-mechanical candidates who have worked on moving parts, torn them apart and put them back together. Any Nuke, Helo Mech, AT, AE, Radar Tech, FC, AGE, Jet Mech, etc. The more moving parts, the better. Will primarily be working on controls, hydraulics, pneumatics, robotics, servors, etc. all used in the assembly and manufacture of cars. 23017 PowerHire Production Supervisor CA-Oakland $75k to $80k Oct 1 2014 4:53PM: JMO Combat Arms Leader, looking O3/5-8 exp level 22388 TargetHire Service Technician CA-Oakland $50k to $75k Jun 3 2014 8:30AM: High Caliber technicians with low, medium and high voltage, EM, GSE, Pwr Pro 22032 TargetHire Field Service Technician CA-Orange County $40k to $50k Feb 21 2014 5:37PM: Electrical experience required - 3 phase, motors, controls. 18925 TargetHire Electrical/Electronic Maintenance Tech CA-Riverside $60k to $75k E-4 to E-7 Nuke EMs or Nuke ETs. Ideal candidate will have in depth knowledge of AC/DC motors, controllers, & circuits; analog electronics & Op Amps; digital electronics; PLCs; computer controllers; blueprint/schematics, electrical maint; power distro 22481 TargetHire Service/Customer Service/Delivery Managers CA-Sacramento $50k to $60k Aug 22 2014 8:55AM: Service Manager in Toledo 22859 TargetHire Electrician CA-San Bernardino $45k to $75k Jun 20 2014 7:27AM: EM/Nuke EM, GSE, or other strong electrical disciplines 22700 TargetHire O&M Technician CA-San Diego $50k to $65k Sep 4 2014 2:17PM: Nukes, SE/GSM/Power Production types that are hands on blue collar techs, not looking for leadership. 22659 TargetHire Chief Engineer CA-San Diego $60k to $70k Sep 9 2014 1:11PM: Stronger electrical background is priority #1 now Apr 9 2014 9:19AM: Nuke FC, ET, GM, MM E-6 and up- Need a strong leader who can also "turn a wrench" : knowldege of machinery, electricity, electronics, hydraulics, pneumatics, etc. 22867 TargetHire Service Technician CA-San Francisco $45k to $55k Sep 23 2014 3:04PM: E4-E6 ET's, AT's, FC's or any other candidate with strong Electronics experience 22738 TargetHire Warehouse Manager CA-San Francisco $60k to $70k Sep 15 2014 5:23PM: Warehouse manager 22646 TargetHire Instrumentation and Calibration Technician CA-San Francisco $50k to $55k Instrumentation or Calibration Technician is first choice and someone with 8-10 years of that experience will bring upper end of salary range. Will also consider Electronics Tech with 4-8 years of any intrumentation experience. 22490 TargetHire Test Technician CA-San Francisco $45k to $70k Aug 26 2014 5:27PM: NUKE ET, EM & top %5 rated ET, ET should be E6/8 type 21582 TargetHire Asset Engineer CA-San Francisco $100k to $120k Jun 23 2014 2:26PM: Blue Chip Nukes & SWO with hard engineering degree or Academy grad, pefers 5+ years of exp 22480 TargetHire Service/Customer Service/Delivery Managers CA-Silicon Valley $50k to $60k Aug 22 2014 8:55AM: Service Manager in Toledo 20853 TargetHire Field Service Technician CO-Denver $50k to $65k ET, NukeET or FC with with component level troubleshooting skills and experience with process control devices & pneumatics. Field service, so high travel, not afraid of heights, good credit, clean driving record, good personality. 21918 TargetHire Production Supervisor CT $75k to $85k Jul 18 2014 11:50AM: Nontech JMO leadership 22151 PowerHire Various Engineering Positions (Mid-Senior Level) CT-Hartford $85k to $130k Aug 5 2014 1:42PM: Engineering degree with project, controls or development engineering exp. Sr level will need industry exp. 20113 TargetHire Nuclear Applications Engineer CT-Hartford $75k to $90k Looking for a Nuke O or EE with experience in Nuclear Industry to work as technical rep for clients in Nuclear Industry 22148 PowerHire Various Engineering Positions (Entry-Mid Level) CT-Hartford $50k to $80k Aug 5 2014 12:53PM: Candidate with Hard Engineering degree and engineering exp, mil or civ works 22313 TargetHire Sr Technical Sales Specialist CT-Hartford $65k to $80k Aug 14 2014 4:59PM: 2 years+ B2B Sales Experience in something technical with degree 22149 PowerHire Various Supervisory/Leadership Positions CT-Hartford $65k to $100k Aug 5 2014 1:23PM: JMO with technical degree and strong leadership exp, can overlook technical degree if current position is technical in nature(SWO,NUKE,ENG,MNX type) 22705 TargetHire Reliability Manager CT-New London $90k to $100k Technical JMO's (ie, Nuke's) or industry experienced candidates with engineering experience. 22971 TargetHire Technical Sales Engineer DC $65k to $90k Sep 29 2014 4:31PM: Required: Experience with RF (Radio Frequency) 20123 TargetHire Electronic Technicians DC $45k to $50k E4/6+ electronics techs (ET, Avionics techs, FCs, Nuke ETs, etc). 21836 TargetHire Navy Combat Systems Program Analyst DC $85k to $90k Jul 15 2014 10:41AM: Navy JMO with at least 2 years experience as a SWO, P3 or Submariner. 17781 TargetHire Foreman Trainee FL $45k to $50k Aug 23 2013 8:42AM: Diesel Mechanic Supervisor 22515 TargetHire Maintenance Supervisor FL-Daytona $70k to $75k Aug 27 2014 3:18PM: Career MNX SNCO that was electrical or electronic and will need to be hands on, prefers a degree and need to be able to start in next 60 days 21586 TargetHire Fire Alarm Inspector FL-Ft. Myers $35k to $45k Jun 20 2014 6:06PM: ET, AT or FC, most likely very junior 22779 TargetHire Plant Electrician FL-Jacksonville $40k to $55k Sep 16 2014 11:06AM: Electrical background preferable out of the Navy 22524 TargetHire Electrician FL-Jacksonville $45k to $75k Jun 20 2014 7:27AM: EM/Nuke EM, GSE, or other strong electrical disciplines 22523 TargetHire Mechanical Maintenance FL-Jacksonville $45k to $75k Jun 23 2014 2:36PM: Strong mechanical background (95% mechanical / 5% electrical) 22863 TargetHire Financial Operations Cost Analyst FL-Pensacola $70k to $90k Sep 23 2014 11:04AM: JMO with Finance or Accounting degree 13273 TargetHire Service Engineer II GA-Atlanta $45k to $65k Depot/3rd shop/Direct Support/Back shop level technician with recent hands-on experience including diagnosis, teardown and repair of hydraulic systems and diesel powerplants on AGRICULTURAL AND CONSTRUCTION TYPE HEAVY EQUIPMENT. 22990 TargetHire Electronic Service Sales Rep (ESSR) GA-Atlanta $70k to $75k Oct 1 2014 10:15AM: Candidate with sales exp, preferably in technical setting 15662 TargetHire Maintenance Supervisor GA-Atlanta $55k to $70k SNCO / CWO with strong maintenance background, degree required. 22856 TargetHire Mechanical Maintenance Technician GA-Atlanta $40k to $45k Sep 22 2014 11:59AM: Mech background with experience working on rotating equipment or mechanical systems 22855 TargetHire Field Service Rep GA-Atlanta $45k to $55k Apr 21 2014 4:28PM: 70% Electronics & 30% Electrical Expereince required. 21462 TargetHire Maintenance Mechanic GA-Atlanta $40k to $50k mechanic 20849 TargetHire Project Engineer GA-Atlanta $70k to $85k Apr 22 2014 3:17PM: JMO with Hard Engineering degree or Nuke needs to be open to 50% travel 21215 TargetHire Maintenance Technician GA-Atlanta $40k to $55k Mar 27 2014 9:48AM: Electro-Mechanical background. 22113 TargetHire Process Engineer GA-Augusta $60k to $85k Aug 4 2014 8:35AM: Looking for an Hard Engineer or Nuke, any exp in their industry will get you to the front of the line 22546 TargetHire Account Engineer HI $65k to $75k Aug 28 2014 5:18PM: SNCO Nuke in Hawaii 21631 TargetHire Maintenance Technician IA-Cedar Rapids $45k to $55k Multi-craft maintenance techs, or electrical with strong mechanical aptitude. 22492 TargetHire Electrician IA-Davenport $45k to $75k Jun 20 2014 7:27AM: EM/Nuke EM, GSE, or other strong electrical disciplines 22491 TargetHire Industrial Maintenance Mechanic IA-Davenport $45k to $75k Jun 20 2014 7:23AM: Strong mechanical background, any welding is a plus 22086 TargetHire Manufacturing/Quality/Industrial Engineer IA-Davenport $65k to $75k May 24 2013 12:10PM: Bachelor's Degree in Engineering. 20052 TargetHire Field Service Engineer IL-Chicago $55k to $85k Feb 28 2014 2:13PM: Electro-Mechanical. Basic Electrical Theory - 220 is the highest level of power. 22842 TargetHire Inventory Control Specialist IL-Chicago $40k to $45k Sep 18 2014 6:01PM: Logistics, Supply-Chain, Warehouse, or Inventory experience. Must be good with math and Microsoft Excel/Access. 22798 TargetHire Lead Technical Specialist IL-Chicago $55k to $70k Sep 18 2014 12:22PM: E6+ with exp with supervisor exp and a background that includes one of the following: Boilers, chillers, engines, turbine or steam. 22876 TargetHire Installation Engineer IL-Chicago $55k to $65k Jul 8 2014 5:01PM: electro-mechanical background with a minimum of an associate's degree or equivalent from two-year college or technical school in a technical field 20578 TargetHire Maintenance Technician - Electrical IL-Chicago $40k to $55k Feb 19 2014 2:01PM: Minimum of 6 years experience as an industrial electrician/electronics technician in industry or the military. 20184 TargetHire Electronics Maintenance Technician IL-Chicago $40k to $50k Electro-mechanical background required, Experience troubleshooting electronics, Any experience w/ robotics a plus! 21864 PowerHire Custodial Manager IL-Chicago $60k to $65k Jul 15 2014 5:32PM: Enlisted Leaders in Chicago 22946 TargetHire Warehouse Manager IL-Chicago $60k to $70k Sep 26 2014 1:12PM: JMO or Degreed SNCO with strong leadership exp 22545 TargetHire Technical Marketing Engineer IL-Chicago $50k to $60k Aug 28 2014 4:44PM: BS Engineering (or academy grad), very strong communication/presentation skills 22653 TargetHire Shipping Receiving Manager IL-Chicago $55k to $65k Solid combat arms mentality leadership experience OR solid logistics / inventory experience. 22551 TargetHire Quality Engineer IL-Rockford $60k to $85k Aug 29 2014 11:39AM: BS and Quality experience 22552 TargetHire Quality Manager IL-Rockford $70k to $100k Aug 29 2014 11:38AM: BS and 4+ years of Quality Engineering experience 22553 TargetHire Quality Technician IL-Rockford $35k to $45k Aug 29 2014 11:39AM: Strong problem solving, math, and communications skills 20516 TargetHire Sales Engineer IL-Southern $60k to $75k Mar 10 2014 12:38PM: Engineering degree of technical exp. with sales intangibles. 22797 TargetHire Regional Technical Specialist IN $45k to $55k Mar 13 2014 3:00PM: Conventional EM, electricians, Power Pro, 20786 TargetHire Jr Service Tech IN $40k to $65k Hydraulics Exp. 20787 TargetHire Group Lead, Test and Inspection IN $35k to $50k Must have good mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic knowledge. 22709 TargetHire Industrial Engineer (Rotational) IN-Evansville $65k to $75k Sep 12 2014 10:23AM: Combat arms leader. Prefer USMA grads. 22120 TargetHire Production Supervisor IN-Evansville $55k to $60k Aug 15 2013 2:14PM: MEchanical Leadership 19607 TargetHire Support Technician IN-Fort Wayne $60k to $65k Jan 22 2014 11:36AM: ET, AT, FC Electronics Technicians or Electricians (someone who worked on controllers or weapons systems) 23034 TargetHire Mechanic IN-South Bend $40k to $45k Oct 2 2014 1:00PM: diesel mech 22910 TargetHire Mechanical Engineer IN-South Bend $70k to $80k Sep 24 2014 6:10PM: B.S Mechanical Engineering 22542 TargetHire Production Supervisor IN-South Bend $45k to $65k Aug 20 2014 2:47PM: Recent hands on leadership of 20 direct reports. 22383 TargetHire Maintenance Supervisor IN-South Bend $55k to $85k Aug 19 2014 11:24AM: Maintenance supervision of more than 15 direct reports. 22593 TargetHire Analysis Technician V IN-Terre Haute $50k to $60k Sep 3 2014 11:59AM: Component level Electronics experience 21142 TargetHire Process Engineer KS $70k to $90k Apr 16 2014 4:31PM: Bachelor's Degree in an engineering field (B. S.) 22285 TargetHire Process Engineer KS $70k to $85k Jul 18 2014 7:09PM: BS Engineering or General Engineering (from Academy); Lean/Six Sigma experience 22465 TargetHire Project Buyer KS-Wichita $45k to $65k 2+ years in aquisitions/procurement role. 21963 TargetHire Production Team Manager KY $60k to $70k Jun 20 2014 7:29AM: Nontech JMO with strong leadership 21964 TargetHire Maintenance Team Manager KY $70k to $80k Jun 20 2014 7:30AM: JMO with technical degree and mnx exp, will look at SNCO with 10-15 years of mnx 21572 TargetHire Maintenance Mechanic KY-Louisville $40k to $50k mechanic 21244 TargetHire Electrical and Instrumentation Technician LA $65k to $75k Nuke EM's and Nuke ET's. Conv EM other strong electrical candidates with troubleshooting and repair experience. 22094 TargetHire Project Manager LA-Baton Rouge $65k to $100k JMO or senior NCO with engineering degree. Must be a type A leader. Construction experience is preferred but not required. 21625 TargetHire Quality Assurance (QA) Technician LA-Lafayette $50k to $60k Jun 27 2013 3:57PM: QA/QC background 19215 TargetHire Environmental Operator LA-Northern $65k to $75k May 28 2013 1:46PM: First choice is a Nuke ELT (preferrable) or MM with Secondary Chemistry and/or RCSS (Radiological Control Shift Supervisor) 22968 TargetHire Logistics/Material Manager LA-Northern $65k to $80k Sep 26 2014 5:33PM: 5 or more years of experience in the Logistics/Shipping/Raw Material/Purchasing field 22199 TargetHire E & I Supervisor LA-Northern $80k to $85k Aug 6 2014 9:10PM: Nuke or Conv EM or Nuke ET E7+ or Nuke/SWO Officer with strong electrical mnx exp 20746 TargetHire Maintenance Mechanic LA-Northern $65k to $75k Nuke or Conv MM's, 21611 TargetHire Maintenance Supervisor LA-Northern $80k to $85k Jun 25 2014 4:44PM: Senior Enlisted Nuke MM or Nuke Officer with Mechanical Supervsiory is best fit. 22872 TargetHire Percision Assembler / Shop Pump Technician MA-Boston $50k to $65k MM's, Fuels Tech, direct hands on pump experience. 23003 TargetHire Business Development Representative MA-Boston $60k to $80k Oct 1 2014 12:18PM: Excellent interpersonal and communication skills (verbal and written) 20906 TargetHire Field Service Technician MA-Boston $65k to $85k May 5 2014 1:31PM: Nuke EM (ET ok if strong electrical skills and experience with high voltage power) - E5/E6 or Electrician w/ industry experience in power electrical systems 21167 TargetHire Senior Maintenance Mechanic MA-Boston $60k to $70k Oct 31 2013 10:19AM: ET(N)/EM(N) for Boston 22580 TargetHire Area Supervisor MD $55k to $65k Jul 10 2014 10:47AM: JMO or SNCO with solid leadership. 22498 TargetHire Shift Foreman MD-Baltimore $45k to $50k Feb 21 2014 11:54AM: LEADERSHIP is key. They are looking for a hands-on blue collar leader who can work outside, motivate, effective train and discipline. 22405 TargetHire Customer Support Engineer MD-Baltimore $45k to $60k ET/AT/FC/GSE/EM/Nuke EM, Nuke ET 22543 TargetHire Maintenance Technician MI $40k to $60k Aug 21 2014 4:35PM: Recent hands on technical experience. 22998 TargetHire Electrical Engineer MI $70k to $80k Oct 1 2014 12:03PM: -BSEE 23033 TargetHire Reliabilty Specialist II MI $80k to $100k Oct 2 2014 12:37PM: JMO or SNCO with technical degree, strongly prefers engineering degree 17246 TargetHire Laser Field Service Engineer MI-Ann Arbor $55k to $65k Strong System Electronics a must! Experience with hydraulics/pneumatics; Radar/RF experience strongly desired. Flexible for an average of 60% or more overnight travel depending on OPTEMPO. 22911 TargetHire Mechanical Engineer MI-Detroit $65k to $75k Sep 24 2014 6:09PM: BSME or Materials Engineering 15099 TargetHire Plant Operator Tech (Detroit) MI-Detroit $65k to $75k Plant operators in Detroit 22376 TargetHire Controls Technician MI-Detroit $50k to $90k Aug 19 2014 1:57PM: Nuke ET or ET open to rotating shifts, any PLC exp is huge 22406 TargetHire Customer Support Engineer MI-Detroit $45k to $60k ET/AT/FC/GSE/EM/Nuke EM, Nuke ET 22381 TargetHire Hydraulic Technician MI-Detroit $50k to $75k Aug 19 2014 2:48PM: 5+ years of hydraulics troubleshooting exp 22349 TargetHire Electrical Maintenance Supervisor MI-Detroit $70k to $100k Jul 14 2014 6:00PM: JMO with engineering background or E-6+ Nuke EM or possibly Nuke ET with degree 22046 TargetHire Site Supervisor MI-Detroit $60k to $75k Jul 29 2014 9:36AM: JMO or NCO with technical degree and leadership exp, prefers engineering degrees or environmental heavy degrees 22380 TargetHire Maintainance Mechanic MI-Detroit $50k to $75k Aug 19 2014 2:48PM: 5+ years of mechanical troubleshooting exp. Welding exp a plus. 22037 TargetHire Engineer (ME/EE) MI-Detroit $60k to $85k Jun 10 2014 1:13PM: BSME or BSEE 22348 TargetHire Electrician MI-Detroit $45k to $75k Jun 20 2014 7:27AM: EM/Nuke EM, GSE, or other strong electrical disciplines 21308 TargetHire Maintenance Electrician MI-Kalamazoo $45k to $50k Jun 4 2014 9:52AM: Electricians 21310 TargetHire Maintenance Mechanic MI-Kalamazoo $40k to $45k Jun 4 2014 9:50AM: MM, Nuke MM or other strong Mechanical Candidate 21233 TargetHire Operations Manager & O&M Technician MN-Duluth $70k to $90k May 29 2014 11:24AM: JMO with strong project management exp, aggressive style less analytic is best 22972 TargetHire Technical Sales Engineer MN-Minneapolis $65k to $90k Sep 29 2014 4:31PM: Required: Experience with RF (Radio Frequency) 22742 TargetHire Production Team Leader MN-Minneapolis $45k to $55k Sep 16 2014 12:06PM: Basic mechanical maintenance background with leadership exp. 22717 TargetHire Road Mechanic MN-Minneapolis $40k to $50k Aug 28 2014 4:50PM: Strong Mechanical Maintenance experience and willing to travel up to 50% 22435 TargetHire Business Manager MN-Minneapolis $55k to $65k Jun 25 2014 6:02PM: Top tier JMO with strong operations/project management exp, Academy grads & collegiate athletic exp are a plus 22434 TargetHire Sales Consultant MN-Minneapolis $50k to $70k Jul 7 2014 9:28PM: Focusing on JMOs for this one May 6 2014 1:40PM: JMO/NCO that wants sales 21198 TargetHire Operations Training Instructor MN-Minneapolis $80k to $90k May 27 2014 10:43AM: Nuke instructor that has MTS 22980 TargetHire Electrician MN-St. Paul $45k to $75k Jun 20 2014 7:27AM: EM/Nuke EM, GSE, or other strong electrical disciplines 22161 TargetHire Electrical Maintenance Supervisor MN-St. Paul $70k to $100k Jul 14 2014 6:00PM: JMO with engineering background or E-6+ Nuke EM or possibly Nuke ET with degree 22651 TargetHire Territory Sales Rep - Bulk Sales MO-Kansas City $50k to $65k Jul 29 2014 9:34AM: SNCO/JMO with supervisory exp in a logitics setting, any indy exp in distribution, compressed gas or customer service is a plus 22511 TargetHire Field Service Engineer MO-Kansas City $55k to $85k Feb 28 2014 2:13PM: Electro-Mechanical. Basic Electrical Theory - 220 is the highest level of power. 21654 TargetHire Asset Reliability Manager MO-Kansas City $90k to $120k Jun 29 2014 1:47AM: JMO with BSGE+ and 5-8 years of Mnx leadership exp, team building leadership style is key. 22618 TargetHire Line Manager MO-Springfield/Joplin $65k to $75k Green belt or black belt required. Industry experience preferred. 21650 TargetHire Electrical Technician MO-St. Louis $35k to $55k Jun 27 2014 4:14PM: Strong electrical technician with strong troubleshooting 21648 TargetHire Maintenance Planner MO-St. Louis $60k to $65k Jun 27 2014 4:13PM: Strong Maintenance and Scheduling experience. Must have experience with maintenance scheduling software 22735 TargetHire Electrical Engineer MO-St. Louis $75k to $85k JMO with EE degree or stellar Nuke officer with a hard eng degree. 22622 TargetHire Scheduler / Maintenance Planner MO-St. Louis $65k to $75k Mar 28 2014 9:10AM: SNCO Maintenance Planner 22944 TargetHire Field Service Engineer MO-St. Louis $55k to $75k Sep 25 2014 11:57AM: BS EE with hands on electrical exp. 21651 TargetHire Maintenance Mechanic MO-St. Louis $35k to $55k Jun 27 2014 4:12PM: Strong Mechanical skills 22549 TargetHire Project Manager MO-St. Louis $70k to $80k Jun 16 2014 3:19PM: JMO with exceptional leadership exp and some sort of construction experience. 22053 TargetHire Engineering Manager MS $95k to $120k Jul 30 2014 3:04PM: JMO with engineering degree and solid leadership, prefers CivE and ME degrees and likes any construction exp 21451 TargetHire Foreman Trainee MS $45k to $50k Aug 23 2013 8:42AM: Diesel Mechanic Supervisor 22147 TargetHire Terminal Leader Multiple $75k to $95k Jul 16 2014 11:40AM: Leadership in a maintenance / operations capacity 22660 TargetHire Field Service Multiple $50k to $65k Sep 9 2014 11:51AM: Electronics tech's that are road warriors 22987 TargetHire Assistant General Manager/Distribution Center Multiple $85k to $100k Sep 30 2014 7:18PM: O4 or O5 with strong leadership exp, very specific leadership type 21593 TargetHire Field Service Technician - Laser Multiple $35k to $65k Jun 10 2014 1:54PM: EM, GSE, Electrician w/ mechanical aptitude 22133 TargetHire Operations Technician Multiple $50k to $70k Jun 13 2013 3:05PM: Electrical or electronic controls background, including operating, troubleshooting and maintenance. Prefer PLC experience but not required. 22139 TargetHire Field Service Engineer Multiple $50k to $70k Avionics, FC's, Radar ET's, Nuke ET's, or any exposure to electronics with mechanical skill sets. The need here is for electronic, not electrical skills. 22153 TargetHire Service Technicians Multiple $30k to $50k Aug 5 2014 4:39PM: Mech in WI Aug 4 2014 1:13PM: Any mech in WI 22521 TargetHire LST Coordinator National $75k to $80k Aug 14 2014 4:37PM: Combat Arms leadership mentality 22875 TargetHire Shift Electrician NC $65k to $75k Nuke or Conv EM or Nuke ET--- who has the ability to learn or has Industrial Electrical exp. 21720 TargetHire Manufacturing Process Engineer NC $65k to $75k Fresh out JMO with an engineering degree. No more than 8 years exp. 22652 TargetHire Maintenance Technician/Mechanic NC-Asheville $35k to $55k Jul 18 2014 9:11AM: Electrical/Electronic for Swisslog 22562 TargetHire Facility Technician NC-Asheville $40k to $55k Electro-Mechanical, must have electrical knowledge of wiring but also able to repair mechanical systems like pumps, valves, etc. 22763 TargetHire Mechanic - Technician NC-Charlotte $40k to $50k Light/Heavy wheeled vehicle mechanics. ASE certification a PLUS! 22631 TargetHire Quality Assurance Lead NC-Charlotte $70k to $85k Sep 16 2014 4:23PM: Now open to JMO with tehcnical background preferably in eng or mnx. Sep 2 2014 11:24AM: Nuke with some quality exp is best, otherwise strong mnx and 3 yrs of quality exp 22506 TargetHire Maintainance Tech NC-Charlotte $40k to $55k May 5 2014 10:39AM: Miant tech in TN 22503 PowerHire Safety Manager NC-Charlotte $70k to $80k Aug 27 2014 11:38AM: JMO or SNCO with safety exp and OSHA cert. 22904 TargetHire Operations Supervisor NC-Greensboro $70k to $75k Sep 24 2014 5:43PM: Client prefers USMA grads. 21448 TargetHire Procurement Manager NC-Greensboro $70k to $80k Jun 13 2014 9:53AM: JMO with actual procurement experience. 22726 TargetHire Branch Manager NC-Raleigh/Durham $60k to $70k Leadership experience managing P & L and demonstrated track record of profitability and continuous improvement 22504 PowerHire Logistics Analyst NC-Winston Salem $55k to $60k Aug 27 2014 11:37AM: JMO with acquisitions or logistics exp, exp handling contracts is a plus 22487 PowerHire Distribution Manager-2nd shift NC-Winston Salem $65k to $70k Jun 17 2014 4:46PM: JMO with solid logistics and leadership exp 22838 TargetHire Safety Specialist NE-Omaha $50k to $60k Sep 17 2014 10:17AM: Strong leader with safety experience. 22858 TargetHire Electro/Mechanical Technician III NH $45k to $55k Sep 4 2014 4:47PM: E4-E6 FC, FT, AGE or indy exp mnx background. 22455 TargetHire Refrigeration Mechanic NH $40k to $55k Aug 25 2014 11:19AM: Refrig mech 22510 TargetHire Field Service Engineer NJ-Northern $55k to $85k Feb 28 2014 2:13PM: Electro-Mechanical. Basic Electrical Theory - 220 is the highest level of power. 22725 TargetHire Branch Manager NV-Las Vegas $65k to $75k "Sep 12 2014 4:11PM: 3+ years of leadership experience; P & L experience " 22886 TargetHire In-Plant Technician NV-Reno $40k to $45k Apr 21 2014 9:36AM: In-plant maint tech 22862 TargetHire Field Superintendant NY-Albany $75k to $85k Jul 9 2014 9:38AM: TIER 1, Type A leaders. Technical Degree Required. 22770 TargetHire Project Manager NY-Albany $80k to $90k Navy Nuclear Officer or Senior NCO with ENG degree. 21861 TargetHire Production Supervisor NY-New York City $80k to $85k Sep 11 2014 11:30AM: Will look at NT with strong leadership background Jul 15 2014 9:40PM: JMO with BSGE+ and solid leadership in a technical/mechnical environment 19788 TargetHire Electrical Tech NY-New York City $50k to $75k Feb 11 2014 10:36AM: Nuke EM's, Nuke ET's, conventional ET's, Avionics, conventional EM's, GSE's 23004 TargetHire Operations Manager NY-New York City $100k to $130k Oct 1 2014 10:32AM: Combat arms leadership mentality. 19958 TargetHire Operating Mechanic-B NY-New York City $50k to $80k Feb 21 2014 10:49AM: - GSM, GSE, Engineman 19329 TargetHire Production Technician NY-New York City $60k to $110k Jan 9 2014 11:01AM: Nuke MM's (including ELT's) or possibly even conventional MM's 22351 TargetHire Sales Consultant NY-Rochester $70k to $80k Aug 15 2014 7:35PM: JMO with sales acumen 22482 TargetHire Maintenance Technician OH $40k to $55k Aug 26 2014 11:54AM: Heavy mechanical knowledge (hydraulics/pneumatics) with some electrical exp. 22012 TargetHire Regional Customer Manager (RCM) OH $75k to $130k Must be Air Force Aircraft Maintenance Officer. Sales / outgoing personality. Must have military ID card (reserves or retired). 22143 TargetHire Field Engineer OH-Akron $60k to $65k Jul 3 2014 8:57AM: JMO's with Engineering degree and exceptional leadership. 19630 TargetHire Field Service Engineer OH-Cincinnati $65k to $95k Jan 20 2014 11:46AM: Electrical/Mechanical background with leadership experience. 21703 TargetHire Mechanical Assembly Technician OH-Cincinnati $45k to $60k Jun 9 2014 4:40PM: MM, GSM, GSE, AGE, EN, Pwr Pro 21705 TargetHire Electrical Technician OH-Cincinnati $45k to $60k Jun 9 2014 4:41PM: Electricians 18575 TargetHire NON-DESTRUCTIVE TEST TECHNICIAN OH-Cleveland $45k to $55k Oct 24 2013 9:35AM: NDT/NDI tech with radiography skills and experience. 21957 TargetHire Quality Engineer OH-Cleveland $65k to $75k Aviation Maint Officer with a technical or engineering degree. MUST BE A HANDS ON TROUBLESHOOTER. NOT JUST QE AT A COMPUTER/DESK. 20661 TargetHire Electrician OH-Cleveland $45k to $65k Apr 9 2014 3:54PM: EM, Nuke EM, GSE 22127 TargetHire Shift Manager - Maintenance - cleveland OH-Cleveland $60k to $70k Aug 4 2014 12:20PM: 3-5 years hands on Maintenance experience on mechanical drives, hydraulics 22908 TargetHire HR Manager OH-Columbus $55k to $70k Sep 24 2014 6:10PM: Any HR Experience 22197 TargetHire Process Analyst OH-Columbus $65k to $80k Aug 6 2014 4:59PM: JMO with engineering degree or Nuke, preferably with some leadership exp 22909 TargetHire System Analyst OH-Columbus $60k to $80k Sep 24 2014 6:09PM: BS in Computer Science or Computer Engineering 22699 TargetHire Regulatory Engineer OH-Columbus $90k to $100k Client wants Nuke Officer or NCO with EOOW or EWS qual and an engineering degree. 22097 TargetHire Field Service Technician OH-Columbus $45k to $65k Dec 3 2013 11:45AM: Electro Mechanical. Basic Electrical Theory - 220 is the highest level of power. Any software/IT experience is a plus. 22428 TargetHire Service/Customer Service/Delivery Managers OH-Toledo $50k to $60k Aug 22 2014 8:55AM: Service Manager in Toledo 22837 TargetHire Plant Manager OH-Toledo $55k to $60k Sep 18 2014 5:39PM: Strong leadership candidates only 22949 TargetHire Shipping Superintendent OK $70k to $80k Oct 2 2014 10:47AM: Leadership is a key element as well Sep 26 2014 1:11PM: JMO with supply or logistics exp 21837 TargetHire Project Engineer OK $60k to $80k Jul 3 2014 1:22PM: JMO with engineering degree and project management exp in a mnx environment 22994 TargetHire Shop Mechanic OK-Oklahoma City $40k to $55k Oct 1 2014 12:07PM: mech bkgrd for OK City Aug 28 2014 10:57AM: 3 years of mechanical experience 22144 TargetHire Field Engineer OK-Oklahoma City $60k to $65k Jul 3 2014 8:57AM: JMO's with Engineering degree and exceptional leadership. 21813 TargetHire Warehouse Operations Leader OR-Portland $75k to $110k Jul 11 2014 4:14PM: Sr O3 or Jr O4 logistics officer with warehouse mgt or equivalent exp, Academy grad a plus 18958 TargetHire Emergency Response Field Service Technician PA $35k to $50k Nov 13 2013 3:20PM: Generator Technician, Electrician, General Contractor, Seabee or Combat Engineer would be great for this position. 22579 TargetHire Operations Manager PA $55k to $70k Oct 9 2013 2:11PM: NT JMO leader for conf Aug 8 2013 2:23PM: Really likes Navy Auxo or SWO with an engineering tour, next is any branch with leaderhsip and some mnx exp Aug 8 2013 2:00PM: JMO with leadership and mnx exp, if no mnx exp needs engineering degree 22382 TargetHire Cyber Security Manager PA $80k to $100k Apr 25 2014 10:53AM: ET(N) for NJ 21263 TargetHire Advanced Management Trainee (for Profit Center Manager) PA $60k to $65k May 28 2014 6:41PM: Leader with 4 year degree 21418 TargetHire Maintenance Technician - Mechanical PA-Allentown $45k to $55k Jun 11 2014 4:11PM: MM(N)/MM for Allentown 22992 TargetHire Chemical Production Technician PA-Allentown $50k to $55k Sep 9 2014 1:56PM: Voltaix....mechanical 22344 TargetHire Shift Manager - Caster Maintenance PA-Harrisburg $65k to $75k Aug 14 2014 5:00PM: BS/Assoc Electrical Engineering; Hands on electrical experience 22849 PowerHire Instrumentation Technician PA-Philadelphia $80k to $100k Sep 19 2014 3:42PM: Instrumentation tech 22877 TargetHire Installation Engineer PA-Philadelphia $55k to $65k Jul 8 2014 5:01PM: electro-mechanical background with a minimum of an associate's degree or equivalent from two-year college or technical school in a technical field 22848 PowerHire Electrician PA-Philadelphia $80k to $100k Sep 19 2014 3:25PM: Electrician in Philly for Energy company 22416 TargetHire Buyer / Planner II PA-Philadelphia $55k to $65k Jun 2 2014 10:09AM: JMO with 2-3 years of logistics exp 21585 TargetHire Supply Chain Manager PA-Philadelphia $75k to $90k May 30 2014 11:35AM: JMO with 4+ yrs of logistics exp 21175 TargetHire Production Manager PA-Philadelphia $55k to $65k Apr 22 2014 9:11AM: Logistics Sr. NCO / Chief / Officer 22891 TargetHire Maintenance Technician PA-Pittsburgh $45k to $60k strong electrical experience 22463 TargetHire Director of Ops PA-Pittsburgh $100k to $120k Former Officer or NCO with at least 5 years of manufacturing experience. Needs to be in a higher level manufacturing position (not just a production supervisor) and an engineering degree is highly preferred. 22878 TargetHire Territory Manager PA-Pittsburgh $55k to $75k Sep 17 2014 6:36PM: - Strong Leader 19926 TargetHire Process Control Engineer PA-Pittsburgh $55k to $60k Feb 19 2014 4:31PM: Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, or equivalent experience witha strong IT background 22903 TargetHire Environmental Utilities Engineer PA-Pittsburgh $60k to $70k Sep 24 2014 5:28PM: Engineering degree and maintenance experience. 22493 TargetHire Maintenance Manager-trainee PA-Pittsburgh $55k to $65k Jul 16 2014 10:41AM: Experience managing large maint teams. 18466 TargetHire Area Supervisor - Maintenance PA-Pittsburgh $70k to $80k Oct 16 2013 11:17AM: Supervisor experience with a solid maintenance background. 22219 TargetHire Technical Sales Leader PA-Pittsburgh $65k to $75k Aug 8 2014 12:36PM: NUKE ET, EM, MM with degree will be strong as well Aug 7 2014 6:22PM: JMO with BSGE+ with strong sales profile 20642 TargetHire Shift Manager Melt Shop Maintenance PA-Pittsburgh $55k to $70k Apr 8 2014 3:53PM: - Supervisor with experience in hydraulics and pneumatics. 21993 TargetHire Information Engineer PA-Pittsburgh $55k to $75k May 28 2014 6:29PM: B.S. degree in Computer Science or Information Systems 22393 TargetHire Technical Trainer PA-Pittsburgh $60k to $80k Aug 22 2014 9:12AM: Tech Trainer Aug 19 2014 5:28PM: Tech trainer 21208 TargetHire Electrical Project Engineer PA-Pittsburgh $55k to $75k Oct 1 2013 3:08PM: BS EE with experience using degree 22914 TargetHire Electronic Analyst RI-Providence $65k to $75k Jun 25 2014 3:06PM: Electronics in RI 21592 TargetHire District Sales Manager RI-Providence $45k to $65k Apr 16 2014 2:27PM: Sharp Sales candidates with tech degree. 22861 TargetHire Branch Operations Specialist SC-Myrtle Beach $50k to $55k Aug 12 2014 2:19PM: JMO/SNCO with technical background or degree(must have a degree) and leadership of platoon size element or greater. 22274 TargetHire Profit Center Manager SD-Rapid City $60k to $65k Jul 9 2014 11:43AM: -Officer (or SNCO) with 4 year degree 9515 TargetHire Engineering (Maintenance) Tech TN-Nashville $60k to $65k Top priority is EM(n) and ET(n). MM(n) (with crosstraining at some point in to either electronic or electrical). Possibly helo mechs, radar and AGE’s. 19993 TargetHire Electronic Test Technician TN-Nashville $50k to $65k Backshop ET's that can troubleshoot to the circuit board level. Micro electronics and RF Circuits. 22912 TargetHire Mechanical Engineer TN-Nashville $65k to $75k Sep 24 2014 6:09PM: BSME or Materials Engineering 22240 TargetHire Global Quality Manager TN-Nashville $60k to $85k Aug 8 2014 1:11PM: JMO with a BSGE+ degree, quality improvement exp and consultanting make-up. needs to be ok with international travel, top tier MBA a plus 22246 TargetHire Construction Manager TX $65k to $75k Aug 12 2014 9:52AM: Solid management and PM skills. Construction experience will be a big plus. 22901 TargetHire Plant Manager TX-Abilene/Odessa $90k to $130k Sep 24 2014 5:29PM: Senior Leader with at least 5 years of operational leadership in steel industry 22675 TargetHire Estimator TX-Austin $60k to $75k Aug 19 2014 5:34PM: O3+ with construction background. 22834 TargetHire Maintenance Technician TX-Austin $45k to $55k Aug 14 2014 11:44AM: Associates degree with an emphasis on electronics, mechanical engineering, physics, or equivalent technical training 23025 TargetHire Mechanical Engineer TX-Beaumont $70k to $80k Oct 2 2014 10:16AM: BSME with some exposure to CAD 21264 TargetHire Operator Tech Hydrogen Plant TX-Beaumont $60k to $70k Enlisted Nuke (any flavor will do) E5 or E6. Need to start by 15 November. 22407 TargetHire Craft Coordinator / Safety Systems Trainer TX-Corpus Christi $60k to $75k Jan 9 2014 2:23PM: Leadership 18543 TargetHire Cryogenic Service Technician TX-Corpus Christi $40k to $50k MUST have cryogenic experience.... 22537 TargetHire Mechanic - Technician TX-Dallas $40k to $50k Light/Heavy wheeled vehicle mechanics. ASE certification a PLUS! 22993 TargetHire Project Supervisor TX-Dallas $65k to $70k Oct 1 2014 11:02AM: NCO with solid leadership and electrical experience. 21387 TargetHire Commodity Manager TX-Dallas $75k to $85k Jun 9 2014 12:20PM: Procurement or Supply Chain experience 13715 TargetHire Product Line Representative (Sales Representative) TX-Dallas $45k to $50k Aviation backgrounds. Associates or working on bachelors. Sharp, motivated technician also open to sales aspect of position. 22976 PowerHire Production Technician TX-Dallas $45k to $60k Sep 30 2014 2:33PM: A maintenance background or just a candidate with a good mechanical aptitude 20487 TargetHire Regional Project Manager TX-Houston $70k to $85k JMO with BSME, BSChemEng, or a Nuke ideal. Will consider industrial engineering. 22974 TargetHire Mechanical Engineer TX-Houston $70k to $90k Sep 5 2014 2:19PM: BSME 15865 TargetHire Electrical Test/Field Engineer TX-Houston $55k to $65k Nuke EMs and Prime Power are ideal, but also open to strong conv EMs, Aviation Electricians, Construction Electricians, GSEs, etc. with high-level electrical skills and knowledge and a great PERSONALITY & LEADERSHIP traits. 22921 TargetHire Plant Operator Tech TX-Houston $60k to $75k plant opr tech....MM/GSM/EN E4-E6...Houston 22674 TargetHire Sales Engineer TX-Houston $75k to $80k Jul 31 2014 1:39PM: Top Tier JMO who wants to do sales. 22922 TargetHire Materials Manager TX-Houston $60k to $80k Aug 21 2014 12:47PM: 5 years experience in Logistics, Material Management, Inventory Management, Supply-Chain, or Quality 22673 TargetHire Construction Project Manager TX-Houston $60k to $70k Aug 29 2014 2:59PM: O3+ or Senior NCO with construction or related background. 22672 TargetHire Construction Foreman TX-Houston $40k to $50k Sep 3 2014 11:46AM: E5-7 Leadership candidate with construction background 22567 TargetHire Field Engineering Specialist TX-Houston $60k to $75k Jul 8 2014 6:44PM: Mech FSE heavy travel.... 22154 TargetHire Maintenance Tech TX-Houston $40k to $60k Jul 1 2014 2:02PM: Hydrualics, & mechanical expereince. 22915 TargetHire Cyber Security Manager TX-Houston $80k to $100k Apr 25 2014 10:53AM: ET(N) for NJ 22301 TargetHire Mechanical Maintenance Supervisor TX-Houston $70k to $80k Jul 10 2014 12:04PM: JMO with at least 4 yrs. of MNX exp, will give preference to those with eng/technical degrees 23036 TargetHire service equipment operator TX-Houston $40k to $45k Oct 1 2014 5:12PM: Class A CDL and Hazmat certs. 22145 TargetHire Field Engineer TX-San Antonio $60k to $65k Jul 3 2014 8:57AM: JMO's with Engineering degree and exceptional leadership. 20525 TargetHire Electrical Technician TX-Waco $65k to $75k Nuke EM or ET is first choice, strong Electrical or Electronics from other disciplines next, Industry Electrical, Electronic or PLC experience but no candidates with only "clean room" experience. 22373 TargetHire Lab Supervisor unknown $80k to $95k Aug 13 2014 4:11PM: Nuke JMO or EDO. 22035 TargetHire Lead Electrical Engineer unknown $85k to $95k - BS EE; Licensed Electrical Engineer registered as a professional engineer (PE) in the state of Virginia 22970 TargetHire Maintenance Tech UT-St. George $40k to $60k Jul 1 2014 2:02PM: Hydrualics, & mechanical expereince. 22682 TargetHire Electrical Engineering Manager VA-Norfolk $75k to $90k Sep 9 2014 5:42PM: Must have an Electrical Engineering background with Project management experience. 20287 TargetHire Consultant - Strategic Human Capital VA-Northern $70k to $75k Mar 19 2014 3:22PM: TS/SCI required 9481 TargetHire Defense Analysis - Nuclear Submarines VA-Northern $85k to $90k Submarine Nuke LT or LCDR - SSBN or SSGN. SSN Nuke also work. 22663 TargetHire Quality Engineer VA-Richmond $55k to $70k JMO with engineering degree or very technical background (ie, maintenance, engineering room, etc). 22926 TargetHire Field Superintendant VA-Richmond $75k to $85k Jul 9 2014 9:38AM: TIER 1, Type A leaders. Technical Degree Required. 21955 TargetHire Op Tech VA-Richmond $65k to $70k Jul 11 2014 6:24PM: Nuke EM/ET 22461 TargetHire Field Service Technician WA $60k to $70k Aug 25 2014 3:30PM: Electronics, no more than 1 speeding ticket and no DUI's. 22889 TargetHire Mechanical Engineer WA-Spokane $75k to $80k Sep 24 2014 2:17PM: JMO or SNCO with a BSME. EIT or PE preferred. 22906 TargetHire Electronics Tech WA-Spokane $55k to $60k Sep 25 2014 9:54AM: Electronics in Pac NW 22739 TargetHire Shop Mechanic WI-Madison $40k to $55k Oct 1 2014 12:07PM: mech bkgrd for OK City Aug 28 2014 10:57AM: 3 years of mechanical experience 22723 TargetHire Branch Manager WI-Milwaukee $60k to $70k "Sep 12 2014 4:12PM: 3+ years of leadership experience; Experience managing P & L and demonstrated track record of profitability and continuous improvement " 22893 TargetHire Maintenance Technician WI-Milwaukee $45k to $60k strong electrical experience 21827 TargetHire Maintenance Technician WI-Milwaukee $40k to $55k May 30 2014 3:28PM: mnx tech 22328 TargetHire Mechanical Reliability Engineer WV $80k to $100k Aug 14 2014 10:03AM: BSME is ideal, but any ENG that can be trained is acceptable. 22740 TargetHire Team Coach WV-Northern $70k to $80k Sep 16 2014 10:42AM: Blue Chip Engineer JMOs interested in a great manufacturing company with lots of upward mobility 22741 TargetHire Engineer - Maintenance Supervisor WV-Northern $80k to $95k Sep 16 2014 10:44AM: BSME, BSEE, BSNE or BS Industrial Engineering AND Must have supervised at least 15 22174 TargetHire Group Leader - Production and Maintenance WV-Northern $60k to $75k Oct 25 2013 9:48AM: Leadership in W VA