Sunday, April 19, 2015

More Job Possibilities for Vets

Veteran employment advocates, I have attached this week’s list of openings. I am working on a program that will allow me to do a better job of providing feedback to those veterans that have applied for openings. I appreciate your patience in this as I work to develop programs that will truly make this a more streamlined program. In addition I have and will continue to have an ever growing need of F-16 Mechanics, C-130 Mechanics, and Blackhawk Mechanics- this is for an overseas assignment that is not contractual but is full time with many great benefits. Also seeking Veterans in the Tacoma, WA area that have a wide array of experience in a multitude of aircraft types to assist me in recruiting candidates with the above experience. Recruiting experience preferred but not required. Please send your resumes to me with your area of interest and I will pass it along to the POC. Also, you will find the URL Application links pasted below. Please utilize these to apply for those positions you feel that matches your skills and background. As always, do not hesitate to send me your questions. Thank you, Carl Vickers Military Relations Manager Air Force Veteran 765-334-8003 (o) 765-960-8580 (c)