Tuesday, April 12, 2011


The NEW K-Bar List Veterans’ Network
To My Fellow Veterans
I know that you are familiar with the K-Bar List Veterans’ Network and how it has helped hundreds of vets around the world. I have exciting news about the K-Bar List:
The K-Bar List has been operating for five years in the most low-tech, and low-cost, way possible via Google groups and the blog. These methods have resulted in direct employment of over 550 vets (probably thousands indirectly), but it has been a lot of time, effort, and some personal expense … all worth it. However, as effective as these efforts have been, I feel that it is time to take this successful veterans’ employment network to the next level and professionalize it. The K-Bar List is about to be launched professional website.
The new website will allow vets around the world to set up their account and post their resumes directly so that the company representative members can view their resumes, contact them directly, and hire them without delays caused by the necessity of my personal involvement. The vets will also be able to search posted positions and apply directly to the company representatives, much like various civilian job boards (Monster, Careerbuilder, etc.). Membership will remain no cost to the vets, their direct family members, first responders (police, fire, EMT) and their direct family members.
The new website will allow those companies in the network to post their jobs to the vets directly, thereby saving them time in getting their urgent job notices to the vets. In addition, the company’s who join the site will be able to search the resumes and contact the vets themselves.
This letter is your personal invitation to join the new K-Bar List Veterans’ Network. All you need to do is go to the website: www.k-barlist.com and create your account. An email will then be sent to you with a link for you to go to and upload your resume. You will then be able to view the jobs, apply for jobs, and the companies will be able to search for your resume and contact you directly.
It may take a while for the companies to join and, therefore, for jobs to be posted. For the meanwhile I will continue to post jobs on the blog (www.kbarlist.blogspot.com). Please post your resume and be patient while we build the K-Bar List and make it easier and more efficient in helping your search for jobs.
I look forward to helping you and all of America’s heroes find post-service employment.

Very Sincerely,
Ken ‘K-Bar’ Barker
Founder, The K-Bar List Veterans’ Network