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K-Bar List Jobs: 12 June 2013

K-Bar List Jobs: 12 June 2013 Reminder: The jobs listed below are located on the blog:, but there are over 1 million more jobs on the website: so use them both!!! • Please go to and register and upload your resume. Good Hunting! • I wrote a book aimed at helping veterans find jobs. The book, "Skinning Penguins: The Veterans' Guide to Post Service Employment," is now available as an ebook using the following link: If you prefer a paperback copy you can order it off the website: or simply email me at (cost is $12.00 including shipping) Also join the LinkedIn Group at: PLEASE: Like us on Facebook: Today’s Posting: 1. Custodial / Janitorial Manager - Ventura County, California 2. Mechanic - Long Beach, CA 3. Job Coach - Monterey, CA 4. Custodial Manager - Travis AFB, California 5. Process Engineering Technician - Roseville, CA 6. Quality Manager – Roseville, CA 7. Business Account Manager (BAM) - Denver, CO 8. Legal Counsel – Denver, CO 9. Network Engineer- Hosted Network Solutions (Denver, CO) 10. Senior Applications Developer- Colorado Springs, Colorado 11. Sales Representative - Health Information Services in Southern CA 12. SECURITY PROGRAM MANAGER II, Trustworthy Computing Job - Redmond, WA 13. Recruiting & Training Manager - Corona, CA 14. Rapid Prototyping RF Technician III - Westminster, CO 15. Sr. Information Security Engineer (AZ) 16. Insurance Agent - Anaheim Hills, CA 17. Staff Accountant - Englewood CO 18. Vice President Information Technology Infrastructure - Wayne, NJ 19. System Administrator- La Jolla, CA 20. Financial Advisor - Financial Sales Representative - Salinas, California 21. Regional Sales Manager – Merchant Processing Experience – Miami, FL & Seattle, WA 22. Merchant Services Tele-Sales Senior Sales Manager – Denver, CO 23. Digital Media- Interactive Sales - Outside Sales – Seattle, WA & Portland, OR 24. C-130 Sr. Maintenance Trainer / Field Engineer (Cannon AFB NM)(S) 25. DefenseReady Unit Specialist (Ft. Carson, CO) 26. Industrial Plumber Newport Beach, California 27. Field Service Managers (CA) 28. Program Specialist (San Diego, CA) 29. Program Specialist (San Diego, CA) 30. Quality Assurance IT Manager (San Diego, CA) 31. Inside Sales Account Manager (San Diego, CA) 32. Classification Specialist - Carlsbad, CA 33. Customer Account Manager – San Diego, CA 34. New Home Sales Consultant- Fort Collins, CO 35. Diverse Military Resource Job and Career Fair - San Francisco, CA 36. Service Sales Representative - Tustin CA 37. Project Scheduler – Salem/OR 38. Field Marketing Manager I - Tustin, California 39. Accounting/Financial Specialist – San Francisco, CA 40. JIRA Administrator (San Francisco, CA) 41. Director Of Packaging Services - Wayne, NJ 42. Regional Sales Manager - Solar Power - Irvine, CA 43. Security Analyst - Glendale, AZ 44. Attack the Network Liaison Officer - Camp Lejeune, NC 45. Network Systems Administrator - San Diego, CA 46. San Diego, CA, Tactical Data Link Verification & Validation Project Lead 47. San Diego, CA, Aegis Combat System Network System Engineer 48. San Diego, CA, Translator, English to Japanese (Konji) - Part-time 49. Database Architect/Software Analyst - Dahlgren, VA 50. Hollywood, CA, Assistant to the Producer Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 1. Custodial / Janitorial Manager - Ventura County, California Requisition ID: 3 Location: County of Ventura Custodial, Ventura - Naval Base Pay: $44k+ Qualifications: • Five (5) or more years of experience in custodial services, including three (3) years in a supervisory position • Expert knowledge of stripping and waxing floors • Knowledge of OSHA procedures • Knowledge of grounds and building maintenance • MS Office (Word, Excel, etc.) Job Description: PRIDE Industries is a fast paced company with a mission: To Create Jobs for People with Disabilities while providing high quality, value-added solutions to our nationwide customers. This position oversees and manages custodial services for multiple buildings and will include significant customer interface, organizing work schedules, establishing processes and procedures and ensuring PRIDE safety and quality programs are followed. Knowledge and experience of custodial practices, contract review and compliance, experience in a fast paced public service environment, and staff supervision is required. Responsibilities for this position include but may not be limited to the following: • Supervise and instruct new and existing custodial staff • Coordinate schedules and plan jobs • Maintain effective quality assurance program • Create and maintain effective customer relationships • Administer and implement safety program and practices • Manage budgets and P&L for the site • Perform purchasing and inventory duties • Maintain reports and database on computer software • Perform hands on custodial and maintenance as needed The qualified candidate will have excellent communication and interpersonal skills necessary to build and maintain an effective team-oriented work environment and provide effective customer service. Past experience or a desire to work with people with disabilities is highly desirable. Previous management or extensive supervision of staff in a similar capacity is a MUST. PRIDE Industries is a unique organization blending business with a social mission. We offer an outstanding benefits package including medical, dental and vision insurance, 401K, vacation, holiday and sick pay as well as a competitive salary. If you are interested in working for this unique organization that blends business with a social mission, please apply here and INCLUDE YOUR COVER LETTER, RESUME, AND GENERAL SALARY REQUIREMENTS (all three required). PRIDE Industries is an equal opportunity employer dedicated to affirmative action, work-force diversity and a drug-free working environment. If you would like to apply to this position, please complete online application, resume and instructions at and send a copy of your resume to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 2. Mechanic - Long Beach, CA Requisition ID: 557 Location: CTSA LA Harbor Reg Ctr, Pay: TBD Qualifications: • High School Diploma or G.E.D • Must be at least 21 years of age • Satisfactory driving record • Knowledge of and training in the use of diagnostic, preventative and repair operations, techniques, procedures, tools and equipment used in trade • Customer service skills to act responsively to driver inquiries and requests; and escalate the more difficult matters appropriately • Flexibility to adapt to changing work priorities Job Description: PRIDE Industries is a fast paced company with a mission: To Create Jobs for People with Disabilities while providing high quality, value-added solutions to our nationwide customers. We are currently seeking a Mechanic to join our outstanding Transportation Team. This position safely and efficiently provides repair and maintenance duties for commercial vehicles including diesel and gasoline powered engines. This includes preventative maintenance, vehicle inspection and minor and major repairs. Knowledge and the ability to use and operate computer programs to diagnose, report and maintain commercial vehicles and maintain related records are required. Duties and requirements include but may not be limited to the following: • Diagnose and repair various vehicles including gasoline and diesel powered engines and their associated components • Perform regularly scheduled maintenance on commercial vehicles including wheelchair lifts, engines, brakes, suspensions, steering and other components • Perform on the road repair and towing disabled vehicles to shop • Maintain accurate records and logs of vehicle maintenance and repairs • Operate two-way radio/telephone to communicate with dispatch • Perform other tasks and special projects as assigned The qualified candidate will have strong communication and interpersonal skills necessary to work well in a team-oriented environment, respond courteously and professionally to requests and inquires and to build strong working relationships. This position requires the ability to multi-task, adapt to changing work priorities and to be organized and resourceful. PRIDE Industries provides outstanding benefits and a competitive salary. If you are interested in working for this unique organization that blends business with a social mission, please apply on-line at PRIDE Industries is an equal opportunity employer dedicated to affirmative action, work-force diversity and a drug-free working environment. View our website to learn more! If you would like to apply to this position, please complete online application, resume and instructions at and send a copy of your resume to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 3. Job Coach - Monterey, CA Requisition ID: 352 Location: DLI Monterey Custodial, Pay: TBD Qualifications: • One (1) or more years of experience working with people with disabilities • Computer literacy (MS Office Suite) • Valid driver’s license • MUST be able to handle a flexible work schedule (this is NOT a Mon-Fri, 8-5 job) • MUST be a self-starter who needs minimal direction. Job Description: PRIDE Industries is a fast paced company with a mission: To Create Jobs for People with Disabilities while providing high quality, value-added solutions to our nationwide customers. We are currently seeking a Job Coach to support our outstanding team in the Monterey Bay, CA area. This position provides employment support to clients with moderate to severe physical and behavioral disabilities at their job sites. This includes assisting clients in maintaining attendance, communication, and performing their jobs to the best of their ability as well as providing overall training, support and guidance. Knowledge of working with people with special needs is a plus. Duties include but may not be limited to the following: • Monitor, teach and provide employment support to disabled clients • Provides job support and assessment to people with disabilities • Ensure transportation is accessible to meet work schedules • Coach and train in overall job requirements • Liaison between client and job supervisors • Ensure PRIDE policies and procedures are followed • Maintain case files, reports, evaluations and safety documentation This position requires excellent communication and interpersonal skills necessary to create strong client and business relationships. Frequent local travel to visit client work site is necessary. MUST be organized, have the ability to multi-task, and be able and eager to support people with disabilities in maintaining meaningful and successful employment. PRIDE Industries provides outstanding benefits including medical, dental and vision insurance, vacation and sick pay, 401K as well as a competitive salary. If you are interested in working for this unique organization that blends business with a social mission, please apply on-line at PRIDE Industries is an equal opportunity employer dedicated to affirmative action, work-force diversity and a drug-free working environment. View our website to learn more! If you would like to apply to this position, please complete online application, resume and instructions at and send a copy of your resume to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 4. Position: Custodial Manager - Travis AFB, California Requisition ID: 491 Location: Travis Custodial, Pay: TBD Qualifications: • High School Diploma or G.E.D • Five (5) years of experience in custodial services and/or building maintenance • Three (3) years of supervision of staff • Knowledge of OSHA procedures • Knowledge of custodial equipment and basic electrical, plumbing, carpentry and other mechanical tools and skills used in the trades • MS Office (Word, Excel, etc.) Job Description: PRIDE Industries is a fast paced company with a mission: To Create Jobs for People with Disabilities while providing high quality, value-added solutions to our nationwide customers. We are currently seeking a CUSTODIAL MANAGER to support our outstanding commercial custodial team. This position oversees and manages custodial services for multiple buildings/sites and will include significant customer interface, organizing work schedules, establishing processes and procedures and ensuring PRIDE safety and quality programs are followed. Knowledge and experience of custodial practices, contract review and compliance and staff supervision is required. Responsibilities for this position include but may not be limited to the following: • Direct and manage custodial supervisors and staff on all custodial functions • Coordinate schedules and plan jobs • Maintain effective quality assurance program • Create and maintain effective customer relationship • Administer and implement safety program and practices • Manage budgets and P&L for the site • Perform purchasing and inventory duties • Oversee rehabilitation counseling, training and assistance for client workers (adults with developmental disabilities and/or physical challenges) • Maintain time keeping, reports and database on computer software • Perform hands on custodial and maintenance as needed The qualified candidate will have excellent communication and interpersonal skills necessary to build and maintain an effective team-oriented work environment and provide effective customer service. Past experience or a desire to work with people with disabilities is highly desirable. PRIDE Industries is a unique organization blending business with a social mission. We offer an outstanding benefits package including medical, dental and vision insurance, 401K, vacation, holiday and sick pay as well as a competitive salary. Please apply on-line at PRIDE Industries is an equal opportunity employer dedicated to affirmative action, work-force diversity and a drug-free working environment. Please view our website to learn more! If you would like to apply to this position, please complete online application, resume and instructions at and send a copy of your resume to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 5. Position: Process Engineering Technician - Roseville, CA Requisition ID: 560 Location: Roseville MLS, Pay: TBD Qualifications: • High School Diploma or G.E.D.; Associates degree in Electronic Manufacturing or similar technical discipline preferred • Three (3) or more years of experience in electronic manufacturing • Knowledge of PCA and electromechanical manufacturing tools and equipment • Knowledge of departmental operations, organization policies, applicable laws, procedures, and processes • Knowledge of adult learning processes and techniques • Computer literacy and skill to use word processing, presentation, Internet, and spreadsheet software applications • Effective oral and written communication skills to provide procedural and factual information, both orally and in writing; and respond to questions from clients, customers, and managers • Knowledge of business English including vocabulary, spelling, and correct grammatical usage and punctuation • Mathematical skills to include the ability to apply concepts such as fractions, percentages, ratios, and proportions to practical situations • Customer service skills to act responsively to customer inquiries and requests; and escalate difficult matters appropriately • Demonstrated organizational, problem solving and common sense skills Job Description: PRIDE Industries is a fast paced company with a mission: To Create Jobs for People with Disabilities while providing high quality, value-added solutions to our nationwide customers. We are currently seeking a Process Engineering Technician to join our outstanding team at our headquarters in Roseville, CA. This position writes documentation of processes and tools used in PCA and electromechanical product manufacturing and testing This includes analyzing processes, writing documentation and providing process training and work instruction to manufacturing staff. Knowledge of PCAs, electromechanical assemblies, adult learning processes and techniques and the ability to evaluate processes, write clearly and conduct process training are required. Duties and qualifications include but may not be limited to the following: • Analyze and document manufacturing processes required to assemble PCAs and electromechanical products • Test processes and recommend improvements • Program assembly equipment used in manufacturing • Train production staff in product assembly and on the proper and safe operation of tools and equipment used • Perform other tasks and special projects as assigned The qualified candidate will have good communication and interpersonal skills necessary to work well in a team-oriented production environment. The ability to work with precision, accuracy, multi-task and adapt to changing priorities are required. PRIDE Industries provides outstanding benefits including medical, dental and vision insurance, 401K, vacation and sick pay as well as a competitive salary. If you are interested in working for this unique organization that blends business with a social mission, please forward your resume and salary requirements. PRIDE Industries is an equal opportunity employer dedicated to affirmative action, work-force diversity and a drug-free working environment. View our website to learn more! If you would like to apply to this position, please complete online application, resume and instructions at and send a copy of your resume to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 6. Quality Manager – Roseville, CA Requisition ID: 556 Location: Roseville MLS, Roseville, CA Pay: TBD Qualifications: • Bachelor’s Degree in Quality, Engineering or other related field; or a comparable combination of formal education and work experience • Five (5) plus years of quality management experience, including interpreting and implementing quality assurance standards; and proven success in achieving ISO Certification and three (3) years or more experience in a supervisory role • Knowledge of ISO 9001:2000 standards and auditing processes • Computer literacy and skills in using business computing tools for calendaring, spreadsheets, presentations, and flowcharting • Oral communication skills to present plans and findings to various audiences including Company management, suppliers, vendors and customers; and to deliver formal training • Proven analytical skills in data collection, analysis and presentation • Ability to lead and facilitate projects and participate in a cross-functional team environment • Effective writing skills using business English including vocabulary, spelling, and correct grammatical usage and punctuation • Ability to be flexible in changing work priorities and handling multiple projects at the same time • Ability to act responsively to customer inquiries and requests, and use judgment to escalate appropriately • Human relations skills to maintain effective working relationships with other staff and clients • Availability to travel to other sites, customer and supplier locations • Demonstrated organizational, problem solving and common sense skills Job Description: PRIDE Industries is a fast paced company with a mission: To Create Jobs for People with Disabilities while providing high quality, value-added solutions to our nationwide customers. We are currently seeking a Quality Control (QC) Assistant Manager join our outstanding team in our Roseville, CA campus. This position coordinates and directs quality assurance activities to ensure the Company’s products are produced consistently with established standards and customer requirements. This includes supervision of staff assigned to the quality organization and overseeing workplace training programs. A wide range of knowledge of industry standards such as ISO 9001, ISO13485, Aerospace AS9100, IPC Standards; familiarity with manufacturing practices; and the ability to implement and oversee quality systems in a manufacturing environment are required. Duties include but may not be limited to the following: • Coordinate plans, organize and execute quality assurance activities for assigned sites; and serve as the functional expert on matters related to compliance with ISO and other quality standards • Establish site-level quality management processes and serve as the primary resource for problem identification and resolution. Develop and implement training programs for site management and staff regarding quality initiatives and standards • Develop and implement plans, programs and policies to ensure procedural compliance with industry standards and customer requirements. Integrate new standards and regulations as they arise and ensure that they are understood and auditable • Supervise the work of the quality staff and provides for selection, goal setting, performance management, professional development, work issue counseling and rewards and recognition in accordance with Company programs, policies and procedures • Facilitate Material Review Board Meetings (MRB) and Corrective Action Request Meeting (CAR) to ensure appropriate actions are resolved in compliance with Quality Management System directives • Answer internal and external customer inquiries regarding corrective actions and Material Review Board decisions • Analyze results of operational objectives and presents findings and recommendations to site management • Conduct management reviews and quality assessments. Collect data, compile statistics, analyze and report findings and coordinate problem resolution • Analyze quality control and safety findings, advise site management and staff on limitations identified through audits and implements corrective action plans • Responsibilities require frequent travel to sites, suppliers and customer locations • Formally appointed by Executive Management to perform the duties of Management Representative for the MLS Quality Management System to include: ensuring that quality system requirements are effectively established, implemented and maintained; report the performance of the quality system to management with executive responsibility for review and ensure the promotion of awareness of regulatory and customer requirements throughout the organization • Perform other tasks and special projects as assigned The ideal candidate will have excellent communication, presentation and interpersonal skills necessary to interface closely with customer and internal staff and work well in a team-oriented environment. The ability to meet deadlines, multi-task and adapt well to changing priorities are required. PRIDE Industries provides outstanding benefits including medical, dental and vision insurance, 401K, vacation and sick pay as well as a competitive salary. If you are interested in working for this unique organization that blends business with a social mission, apply on-line at PRIDE Industries is an equal opportunity employer dedicated to affirmative action, work-force diversity and a drug-free working environment. View our website to learn more! If you would like to apply to this position, please complete online application, resume and instructions at and send a copy of your resume to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 7. Business Account Manager (BAM) - Denver, CO EchoStar Corporation (Greater Denver Area) Job Description The Business Account Manager (BAM), as part of the Business Analysis team, acts as a bridge between EchoStar business partners and IT teams. A BAM conducts business process analysis, needs assessments, and cost/benefit analysis in an effort to guide information technology solutions into alignment with business initiatives. The BAM must understand the business partner’s business; know their pain points, their needs, and their strategic plans. Duties & Responsibilities: * Elicit requirements using interviews, document analysis, requirements workshops, surveys, site visits, business process descriptions, use cases, scenarios, business analysis, task and workflow analysis. * Critically evaluate information gathered from multiple sources, reconcile conflicts, decompose high-level information into details, abstract up from low-level information to a general understanding, and distinguish user requests from the underlying true needs. * Proactively communicate and collaborate with internal business partners to analyze information needs and deliver the following artifacts as needed: (Business Requirements Document, Use Cases, GUI, Screen and Interface mock-ups). * Assists the business partner with the drafting of Project Requests, creates Project Briefs, and presents and supports these briefs during the Project Priority Board meetings. * Utilize your experience in using enterprise-wide requirements definition and management systems and methodologies required. * Successfully engage in multiple initiatives simultaneously. * Strong analytical and product management skills required, including a thorough understanding of how to interpret customer business needs and translate them into application and operational requirements. * Excellent verbal and written communication skills and the ability to interact professionally with a diverse group, executives, managers, and subject matter experts. * Be the liaison between the business partners, technology teams and support teams. * Serve as the conduit between the business community and the software development team through which requirements flow. * Serves as the lead analyst for the technical staff with whom they are partnered on projects with and provides overall direction to less senior business analysts and project managers. * Creates ROI analysis for large and complex projects. * Develop requirements specifications according to standard templates, using natural language. * Performs ongoing auditing to validate process successes and define requirements for needed enhancements to applications for smaller, less complex, projects. * Update SOX process documentation quarterly as required. * Creates and manages vendor relationships. Desired Skills & Experience Basic Qualifications: * Bachelor's degree from a four-year college or university; 6+ years related IT and business/industry work experience, 6 years business analysis in IT organization and/or training. * Familiarity working with Engineering, Supply Chain Management and Global Manufacturing project management teams. * Experience with regional and global business needs in key process and systems initiatives including global reporting and global data field clean-up. Company Description EchoStar Corporation (NASDAQ: SATS) is a premier global provider of satellite operations and video delivery solutions. EchoStar’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Hughes, is the world's leading provider of satellite broadband services, delivering network technologies and managed services for enterprise and government customers in more than 100 countries. Headquartered in Englewood, CO, with additional business units world-wide, EchoStar is a multiple Emmy award-winning company that has pioneered advancements in the set-top box and satellite industries for over 30 years, consistently delivering value for customers, partners and investors through innovation and outstanding quality. For more than three decades, EchoStar’s contribution to video technology continues to have a major influence on the way consumers view, receive and manage TV programming. Among the many offerings of this combined powerhouse in broadband data and video are HughesNet®, the market's #1 high-speed satellite Internet service; Sling Media's award-winning SlingLoaded® technology; Move Networks' adaptive bit-rate streaming technology; and Troppus’ software suite that combines a Client Application, an Agent Application and a powerful Semantic Knowledge Management System. EchoStar Benefits! * Medical, Health Savings Account, dental and vision insurance * Flexible spending options and Employee Assistance Plan * 401(k) and Employee Stock Purchase Plan * Tuition reimbursement * Employee Referral Program * Training opportunities * FREE DISH Network Satellite TV System and Programming * FREE Hughes Network Service * 50% Discounts on Sling technology and service * Corporate discounts for retail and personal travel * Opportunity for a level of responsibility that could take years to reach in other companies EchoStar Corporation Additional Information Type: Full-time Employer Job ID: irc20277 Job ID: 5940681 Lauren Homuth Talent Acquisition Specialist Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 8. Legal Counsel – Denver, CO EchoStar Corporation - Greater Denver Area Job Description EchoStar is looking to add an experienced corporate attorney to its legal staff in the company’s offices located in Englewood, Colorado. Responsibilities: * Support domestic and international corporate transactions including debt/equity financings, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, and other special projects. * Review, draft and negotiate corporate transaction agreements and a wide-range of business agreements. * Provide advice and support regarding subsidiary legal management including corporate compliance and secretarial matters, corporate governance and other general legal matters. * Assist in preparation for board meetings and annual stockholder meetings. * Assist in preparing periodic and annual reports and other securities law filings. * Support the Stock Administration team on equity matters, including Section 16 filings. * Assist with the development, implementation and maintenance of various compliance initiatives and corporate governance policies and practices. Desired Skills & Experience Basic Requirements: * JD, excellent academic credentials. * Three to five years of specialized corporate law experience at a major law firm and/or in-house department. * Experience with general corporate transactions including all aspects of mergers and acquisitions. * Experience drafting Securities Act and Securities Exchange Act filings, including registration statements, periodic reports, proxy statements and Section 16 reports preferred. * Experience drafting and negotiating contracts. Preferred Qualifications: * Excellent business and legal judgment, strategic thinking, and problem solving. * Hard working, well organized and able to manage numerous projects simultaneously. * Excellent interpersonal skills, dynamic and highly team oriented. * Superior writing and oral communication skills. * Active membership and in good standing in at least one state bar. Company Description Headquartered in Englewood, CO, EchoStar is a billion dollar company with over 5,000 employees worldwide and more than 25 years of experience designing, developing and distributing award-winning television set-top boxes, services and related delivery products for television. EchoStar Corporation (NASDAQ: SATS) is a premier global provider of satellite operations and digital TV solutions that enhance today's home entertainment lifestyle. It’s wholly owned subsidiary, Hughes, is the world's leading provider of satellite broadband for home and office, delivering innovative network technologies and managed network services for enterprises and governments in more than 100 countries. Among the many offerings of this combined powerhouse in broadband data and video are HughesNet®, the market's #1 high-speed satellite Internet service; Sling Media's award-winning SlingLoaded® technology; Move Networks' adaptive bit-rate streaming technology; and Troppus’ software suite that combines a Client Application, an Agent Application and a powerful Semantic Knowledge Management System. EchoStar Benefits! • Medical, Health Savings Account, dental and vision insurance • Flexible spending options and Employee Assistance Plan • 401(k) and Employee Stock Purchase Plan • Tuition reimbursement • Employee Referral Program • Training opportunities • FREE DISH Network Satellite TV System and Programming • FREE Hughes Network Service • 50% Discounts on Sling technology and service • Corporate discounts for retail and personal travel • Opportunity for a level of responsibility that could take years to reach in other companies EchoStar Corporation Additional Information Type: Full-time Experience: Employer Job ID: IRC20317 Job ID: 5941239 Lauren Homuth Talent Acquisition Specialist Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 9. Network Engineer- Hosted Network Solutions (Denver, CO) All Copy Products- Greater Denver Area Job Description All Copy Products is an award winning company and currently one of the largest independently owned office equipment dealerships in the nation. We are a privately held, multi-million dollar, full service office machine and technology company with locations in Denver, Fort Collins, Boulder, Colorado Springs, CO, Cheyenne, WY and Tempe, AZ. We provide solutions for businesses of all sizes and industries. We offer a variety of solutions including; a full range of Document Imaging equipment, Production Print Equipment, Wide Format equipment, supplies and service plans, Managed Print Services, Scanning, Redaction, Document Management Solutions and Managed Network Solutions. Since 1999 we've grown from 1 million in revenue and 7 employees to over 35 million in revenues and over 220 employees and 6 office locations. We're continually expanding and currently looking for talented individuals to join our team; due to continued growth, we are currently seeking a Network Engineer for our Denver, CO location. The position pays a competitive base salary and bonus opportunities. We offer a company vehicle and a full range of benefits including medical, dental, vision, a tax free flexible savings program, paid vacation, paid holidays, personal days, and a matching 401k profit sharing plan as well as ongoing training opportunities. We've received numerous awards and have been recognized in our industry as a top company * Top 250 Private companies Award (Biz Magazine) * Received Inner-City 100 Award (ICIC and Bloomberg Business Week) * Rated one of Denver's Top 10 Best Places to Work (Denver Business Journal) * Ranked one of the top 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in the U.S. (Inc. Magazine) * Elite Dealer Award (Office Dealer Magazine, 1999-Present) * Konica Minolta A4 award * Pros Elite 100 Award Recipient The Network Engineer: Manage a team of Technicians and Engineers, meet with new and prospective clients for a needs analysis and perform network security audits. Support sales from initial meeting through closing the sale. This person will be responsible for installation, maintenance, engineering support, and sales support post sale. This person should have strong troubleshooting and problem resolution experience. This person must enjoy working in the field with customers and supporting and encouraging future sales opportunities with clients. Desired Skills & Experience Requirements * Supervisory and strong time Management experience required * MCSE certification preferred * A+ Net+ certification preferred * Cisco experience preferred * Experience working with Linux, Exchange, HP products. * Experience installing, supporting, and troubleshooting a variety of firewall products * 5-7 Years of experience working as a Network Engineer, managed or hosted solutions experience highly preferred * Experience working in multiple industries is highly preferred * Ability to communicate with all levels within the organization effectively * Ability to handle multiple projects and deadlines * Ability to work in a fast paced environment Company Description Our commitment to providing world class customer service to our clients and our relationships with dealer partners makes us the vendor of choice for growing businesses throughout the Rocky Mountain West and Arizona region. As an authorized dealer, we offer leading technology solutions that cater to businesses of all sizes and in all industries. We are authorized dealers for a full range of products from Canon, Konica-Minolta, Oki-Data, Sharp, Muratec, Hewlett Packard, Francotype-Postilia, and Captaris. We offer technology products for copying, scanning, faxing, postage metering, data archiving, electronic filing and storage solutions, as well as equipment, service, managed network solutions, scanning services, support and supplies. All Copy Products Additional Information Type: Full-time Job ID: 5942124 Meagan Mason Corporate Recruiter Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 10. Senior Applications Developer- Colorado Springs, Colorado Colorado Springs Utilities (Colorado Springs, Colorado Area) Job Description The Senior Applications Developer will be held accountable for supporting various utility operations solutions through analysis, architectural design, development, integration and implementation, daily operation, and complex troubleshooting. This position ensures Service Level Agreements with key operations customers are met, reviews impacts and consequences of all system changes, builds and installs for applications as required, and provides technical support for numerous applications supporting Water, Wastewater, Gas and Electric operations. Some projects you will be involved in include implementing enhanced operations reporting and business analytics, Water and Wastewater Laboratory instrument integration and QC Reporting and the development of custom applications for utility operations. Why should you apply? This position will reward you with intellectually challenging work, including complex professional-level analysis, design, development, modification and support of new or existing application programs, data, components and reports. You will work with a dynamic team of individuals dedicated to sharing information and knowledge, pursuing autonomy, mastery and purpose in providing applications development and support services to our internal corporate customers. This is a challenging and diverse technical environment offering the variety and the opportunity to continue your professional growth where you will interact with your end user customers and get to see the results of your efforts. Desired Skills & Experience What will it take to be successful in this position? Most people will come with at least four years of experience in application development, integration and implementation of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software, and supporting vendor applications as well as possess a bachelor's degree in computer technology or a closely related field. Additionally, specific technical skills include: * The ideal candidate must have experience with Oracle database development (Oracle, SQLServer, SQL) * Additional applicable skills include: * Visual Studio (C#.NET, VB.NET, ASP.NET, .NET Framework and current design patterns) * Web technologies (HTML5, JavaScript, JavaScript frameworks such as jQuery and dojo) * SOAP / Web services applications * SQR, reporting tools and Business Intellilgence application suites * Windows System Administration * Java, JDBC, and Eclipse * SharePoint and infoPath When applying please provide specific details of your relevant experience in the following areas to be considered: * Programming, database / system administration and harnessing data across a variety of real-time plant automation systems * Utility industry experience, if any, particularly with water and wastewater business processes * Implementing and integrating vendor applications to meet business needs * Developing and deploying mobile applications * Windows system administration and Microsoft technologies / design patterns * Reporting tools / Business Intelligence suites Company Description Colorado Springs Utilities provides a silent foundation for the community by supporting commerce and making the daily lives of our customers more comfortable. More than a basic service provider of electricity, natural gas, water, and wastewater, Colorado Springs Utilities has been a community partner for more than 100 years. We add to the quality of life in the Pikes Peak Region by building value for our more than 600,000 customers with a reputation for operational effectiveness, customer loyalty, and competitive services. We are continually recognized for service to our customers, community and employees. Among our recognitions: * In 2012, Esource/Nielsen Company ranked Colorado Springs Utilities second in nation among U.S. investor-owned and public utilities on brand strength: price-to-value, communications effectiveness, program offerings, environmental friendliness and customer service. * 2012 National Freedom Award Finalist (support of Guard and Reserve employees) * Platinum Achievement Award * Fit Friendly Company: American Heart Association * “Governor’s Excellence in Renewable Energy” Award * PR News Corporate Social Responsibility Award * Pikes Peak Coalition of Chambers Government Diversity Award * Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Civil Rights Award * American Society of Training and Development BEST Award * Tree Line USA Utility Award (17 consecutive years) Colorado Springs Utilities Additional Information Type: Full-time Compensation: $65,166 to $99,372 Employer Job ID: 7957 Job ID: 5821695 Jonathan Liepe Talent Acquisition & Selection/HR Veteran Commitment Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 11. Sales Representative - Health Information Services in Southern CA 2 RARE opportunities with only 2 years sales experience required - See details below: Excellent Sales opportunity with a Top Industry Leader selling Document Information/Management Services into Healthcare and Legal!!! Rare Career Opportunity to break into the growing and demanding market of Health Information Sales and the Healthcare Vertical!! 2 Openings: 1 territory covers San Bernardino County, CA and the 2nd covers Riverdside County, CA. Only a minimum 1 year new business sales experience needed!!! $45-50K Base with commissions to $65-75K first year, $90-100K by second. These territories are open because the rep that was covering them for the past 4 years just got promoted into management. These positions will report to him. He has earned $130-145K the past couple of years. 70% of call points are existing customers using other services, and this newly promoted manager knows all the decision makers!! EXCELLENT BENEFITS, TRAINING, CAR PACKAGE, GAS CARD, PHONE EXPENSES + $450 MONTHLY FOR EXPENSES. • 401(k)/Profit sharing/ESOPMedical, Dental & Vision Insurance Package • Disability & Life Insurance Package • Paid Vacation & Holidays • Career Advancement Opportunities CONTACT Robin Burke, President/All Access Consulting, Inc.@ 239-849-2993 and Email resumes to: Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 12. SECURITY PROGRAM MANAGER II, Trustworthy Computing Job - Redmond, WA, US Job Category: Software Engineering: Program Management Location: Redmond, WA, US Job ID: 815072-96104 Division: Corporate Research & Development Do you enjoy probing and analyzing product security, being intimately involved in the latest developments in the security industry, communicating with security industry leaders, and having a direct impact on the security of all Microsoft customers? Do you want to make the world a safer place? Are you interested in a fast-paced job full of new opportunities? If so, you might be a candidate for the Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC)! Use your knowledge and passion to strengthen Microsoft's product defenses and keep customers informed and protected from emerging security threats. This Security Program Manager’s responsibilities are split between communications triage and the management & delivery of security response projects. The security response projects require balancing scope, schedule, competing priorities, project risks and communications; and accounting for project completeness and quality. This Security Program Manager works closely with the Core and Sustained Engineering teams throughout Microsoft, TechNet,, and marketing and PR teams. Each project includes triaging and managing the investigation of security vulnerabilities that requires communication with security researchers, customers and product teams. This Security Program Manager role also requires being involved in the authoring of MSRC communications such as security bulletins and security advisories. Candidates must have proven Program Management experience and in-depth knowledge of security concepts. Candidates should be action-oriented, be able to work independently with minimal guidance from their manager; be able to anticipate difficult situations and to proactively plan appropriate actions; have strong interpersonal, and oral and written communication skills; have the ability to work effectively in situations involving uncertainty or lack of information and respond favorably to change; be able to achieve objectives working with others across teams and organizations; and drive processes and systems to support the success of Microsoft Security Response Center. Knowledge of the Security Development Lifecycle is a plus. Qualified candidates should have a minimum of 2 years’ experience in successfully performing complex program management of content development/product development involving diverse groups. A B.A or B.S. degree in Computer Science or similar field is highly preferred as is industry security certifications such as CISSP or Security+. Prior experience investigating security vulnerabilities and exploits as well as authoring or managing content for security professionals or technology professionals is desired. Come and help make Microsoft’s products more secure! Joe Wallis Recruiter Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 13. Recruiting & Training Manager - - Corona, CA Multi-Concept Casual Dining Group TalentServed, LLC (Greater Los Angeles Area) Job Description This Recruiting and Training Manager role partners with Multi-Unit leadership to identify and ensure the development of high potential front line employees, restaurant managers and general managers. He/she works with high potential employees and their leaders to identify developmental activities and goals to strengthen the talent pipeline. The Recruiting & Training Manager works across brands to identify high potential talent and promote and initiate talent sharing. Additionally, he/she identifies training needs/skill gaps within your 200-restaurant division and establishes plans to close such skill gaps. Finally, the Recruiting and Training Manager supports New Restaurant Openings by performing the NRO Manager role as needed. Desired Skills & Experience REQUIREMENTS: The ideal candidate brings 5+ years of Human Resources, Training and Recruiting experience including knowledge of HR best practices related to training and development. Must have working knowledge of restaurant operations and proven experience with talent management and succession planning. This position is located in Corona, CA region and candidates must live in the area or be willing to relocate! Please review the above job description and qualifications carefully before applying. Our client is not able to consider candidates outside of the continental US. We will contact back qualified candidates as quickly as possible. Thanks for considering TalentServed, LLC for your career search needs! Are you a restaurant group looking to add the recruiting muscle of the TalentServed team? Please email me at and let's discuss your particular needs! Meet the TalentServed Team and connect with us here on LinkedIn: Company Description About TalentServed Founded in 2000,TalentServed, LLC is a specialized, boutique recruiting firm that serves top organizations within the hospitality industry including independent and multi unit restaurant groups, cruise lines, cutting-edge hotels, casinos and fine wineries. With locations in Atlanta, Denver, San Francisco, Las Vegas and New York City, this agile recruiting company specializes in sourcing exceptional operations managers, executive chefs, corporate and executive level staff. For more information, visit TalentServed, LLC Additional Information Type: Full-time Compensation: $80 - $100K base + bonus + bnft + stock Job ID: 5946473 Robert Simmons Director of Research Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 14. Rapid Prototyping RF Technician III - Westminster, CO (654527) Ball Aerospace and Technologies Corporation (Greater Denver Area) Job Description Rapid Prototyping RF Technician III What you’ll do: * In this position you will work as a specialist on the following equipment: o Driller/Router o Laser Cutter o Real Time X-Ray o Photoplotter o PCB etching and processing techniques * Will operate rapid Photoplotter to create artwork films. * Will use AutoCAD or other CAD/CAM software to manipulate Customer drawings and derive a variety of outputs DXF, Gerber, ETC. * Will process rapid prototype PCB hardware and write development processes as required. * You will also be required to interface with sub-contracted board manufactures, specifically in the areas of plated through hole manufacturing. * Must be excited to work in a development lab setting with quick pace expectations. Relocation for this position is available. Desired Skills & Experience What you’ll need: * High School diploma or equivalent plus 6 or more years of related experience, or a two-year technical degree and 2 or more years of related experience. * Candidate must have strong computer skills, including AutoCAD, and should be familiar with GerbTool Software. * Knowledge of PCB design/layout for digital, analog, and RF PCB’s and other PCB manufacturing processes desired. Other PCB processes include, drill and routing, photo-plotting (creation of reproduction film from DXF artwork). * Experience in Laser cutting or real time x-ray also considered a plus. * Ability to develop a wide range of R&D support capabilities, so that he or she can get involved in either multiple programs or multiple aspects of the same program is desirable. * General knowledge of hand tools. * Machining capabilities, AutoCAD, and a working knowledge of a network analyzer are desirable. * A general appreciation of RF theory and knowledge of S-parameters is desired. * Trained in soldering and machining. * Must be able to relate well with other people both from the engineering and production ranks in both verbal and written form. * Must be a motivated, service oriented individual. * In addition to the typical educational and experience requirements, a demonstrated capability to adequately perform the essential functions and responsibilities of the position and exhibit the skills and competencies of the grade level should be considered. Each higher level degree, i.e., Associate’s, may substitute for two years of experience. * Two years of related experience may be substituted for each year of education. Successful applicant for this position must be eligible to obtain a DoD clearance. A current DoD clearance is not required to be eligible for this position, however the successful applicant will be required to obtain a DoD clearance within a reasonable time after the offer is extended and must be able to maintain the applicable clearance. US CITIZENSHIP REQUIRED Company Description Ball Aerospace leads the way in designing, developing and manufacturing innovative aerospace systems. We take on some of the most complex and exciting challenges in the universe--from space and Earth science to national security and intelligence programs. We produce spacecraft, instruments and sensors, RF and microwave technologies, data exploitation solutions, and a variety of advanced aerospace technologies and products. In addition, we pioneered the development of the commercial remote sensing market, producing spacecraft and imaging systems that helped spawn a market-driven demand for imagery. Our success is built on more than products or systems. Our team of more than 3,000 engineers, scientists, technicians and support staff drives all the achievements at Ball Aerospace. Whether contributing to a better understanding of the universe or helping keep our nation safe, our people bring their diverse backgrounds, perspectives and skills together to achieve a common mission. Equal Opportunity Employer: Minority, Female, Disabled, Veteran, Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender Ball Aerospace and Technologies Corporation Additional Information Type: Full-time Compensation: Competitive Comp. and Benefits Package Employer Job ID: 654527 Job ID: 5959799 Suzanne Delchamps Sr. Talent Acquisition Specialist Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 15. Sr. Information Security Engineer (AZ) US Airways- Phoenix, Arizona Area Job Description Primary responsibilities are architecture, developing design standards, and promoting strategies to ensure the maintenance and operation stability of corporate information security. PRINCIPAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: - Security hardware and software design and implementation. - Project and operational technical leadership - Escalation point for other engineers - Architecture oversight, standardization, technology roadmap - Input and direction for compliance, best practice, and policy QUALIFICATIONS: - At least (8) years overall IT experience, and at least (6) years experience in Network Security with the following skills: - Experience designing and implementing a medium to large-sized network - Design experience with Cisco Switching, Routing, and Security products. - Advanced Switching, Routing, Firewall, WAF, VPN, IDS/IPS, Content Filtering concepts and configuration - TCP/IP protocol suite; advanced subnetting and network address translation - Extensive experience with routing protocols and concepts - Solid troubleshooting technique using CLI, GUI tools, and packet analysis - Experience evaluating and making decisions on Security management software and tools - Design and Implementation experience involving Internet traffic, protocols, and related services. - Development and Implementation of security policy enforcement tools. - Experience in some area of systems security controls. - Proficiency with vulnerability assessment tools - Experience and leadership with specific industry compliance and associated activities. - Experience with Wireless technologies and related security concepts. - Working knowledge of common application, web application, and protocol vulnerabilities. - Experience with Content Switching - Understanding of Cloud and Data Center Virtualization concepts - Ability to provide overall technical leadership and mentoring - Proficient in MS Office applications including Visio - Excellent written and verbal communication skills Company Description US Airways, along with US Airways Shuttle and US Airways Express, operates more than 3,000 flights per day and serves nearly 200 communities in the U.S., Canada, Europe, the Middle East, the Caribbean, South America and Latin America. The airline employs more than 32,000 aviation professionals worldwide and is a member of the Star Alliance network, which offers its customers more than 19,000 daily flights to 1,071 airports in 171 countries. Together with its US Airways Express partners, the airline serves approximately 80 million passengers each year and operates hubs in Charlotte, N.C., Philadelphia and Phoenix, and a focus city at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. And for the eleventh consecutive year, the airline received a Diamond Award for maintenance training excellence from the Federal Aviation Administration for its Charlotte hub line maintenance facility. For more company information, visit US Airways Additional Information Type: Full-time Employer Job ID: 175806 Job ID: 5960529 Katie Nelson Recruiter Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 16. Insurance Agent - Anaheim Hills, CA Full-time $35k - $50k Job ID: SAK-BenesAgentAH Job Details If you are an Insurance Agent with experience, please read on! We are a growing firm in North Orange County. We pay a small base + commissions. The pays is $3-$4k per month.. A book of business is a huge plus. What you need for this position: -Valid insurance license -Book of business is a huge plus -Ability to cross sell What you'll be doing: -Selling insurance -Cold calling and business development -Maintaining the book of business What's in it for you: -Growing company -Fun place to work -Small base salary So, if you are an Insurance Agent with experience, please apply today! Preferred Skills • Insurance Producer • benefits • Healthcare • Life • Insurance • Book of Business • Non Compete • Insurance License Susan Karr Executive Recruiter Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 17. Staff Accountant - Englewood CO Denver, CO competitive compensation Full Time Employment Start the conversation: This is the recruiter hiring for this position. Start networking here: Job Description My client is a leading international supplier of equipment to the cable industry (based in Englewood CO). The Staff Accountant will be responsible foraccounts payable , month end closing, analysis of P&L and variances. The team uses MAS200/90, Excel & Access. The Staff Accountant will provide reports to the VP Finance and work closely with the Sales and Operations departments. The company offers a comprehensive benefits package that includes: employee medical coverage premiums paid in full by the company, dental and vision plans, a 401(k) plan with a guaranteed employer match that is fully vested upon enrollment, PTO, Flexible Spending Account (FSA), voluntary life insurance, short and long term disability. Interested? Send me your resume: Joanne Bennett Recruitment Services Manager Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 18. VICE PRESIDENT INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY INFRASTRUCTURE - Wayne, NJ Full Time Employment Recruiter Comment: We're serious about FUN! #vp #infrastructure #jobs Job Description Job Description Vice President of Information Technology Infrastructure will report directly to the Chief Information Officer, and will be personally engaged in and responsible for the creation, development, execution, and supervision of all aspects of infrastructure services across the entire global Toys ‘R’ Us enterprise. The Infrastructure Executive will be responsible for personal computers, servers, mainframes, computing infrastructure, telephone equipment, and the voice/data networks. Functional responsibilities include field support, service center, data center operations, mainframe, and distributed technical services. The Infrastructure Executive is accountable for the planning, development, and execution of a multi-year information technology strategy, and the implementation of a corporate-wide disaster-recovery strategy and program. The Vice President of Infrastructure will lead a team of approximately 220 professionals consisting of 140 internal FTEs and additional 80 consultants and contractors. Under his/her direction, the infrastructure team has responsibility for the 24/7 delivery of all end-user services to all retail stores and business locations worldwide. There are currently approximately 1600 Toys ‘R’ Us locations. Toys ‘R’ Us operates 3 major data centers located in the U.S. and the UK. Services include Hosting (mainframe and client-server), Networks, Telecommunications, Desktop Support, Helpdesk, Intranet and Information Security. There is clearly a heavy emphasis on retail and POS systems. The successful candidate will be charged with the continued advancement of these systems across the global Toys ‘R’ Us platform. Specific duties and responsibilities: • Data Center Operations – Managing the company’s core data center services including mid-range, mainframe, and other infrastructure computing components. • Problem Management – Ensure the enterprise production organization provides effective technology support and problem management services. This function includes development of proactive processes for problem detection, reporting, tracking, and measurement • Performance Management & Monitoring – Implement and manage processes and systems to proactively monitor the health and welfare of the company’s systems to address concerns and issues before they happen; • Systems Availability Management – Develop and manage processes designed to meet or exceed services levels for application availability; • Capacity Management – Create and manage forecasting processes designed to ensure computing, network, support, and other infrastructure capabilities are adequate for business environment needs; • Maintenance & Configuration Management – Ensure effective processes are in place to continuously refresh infrastructure, maintain proper release levels, and proactively apply security patches; • Build/Test – Proactive a cost effective capability to provision, build, and configure servers and network equipment; • Disaster Recovery – responsible for the development and execution of an improved strategy for disaster recovery; • Vendor Management – Act as primary management for critical IT Infrastructure vendor relationships. Candidate Qualifications The ideal candidate will champion change throughout the technology organization as well as the corporation as a whole, providing visible improvements and tangible returns on investments. This position requires a smart, assertive, charismatic, energetic and results-driven leader who has the ability to succeed in a results-focused organization. The successful candidate possesses strong management and leadership skills combined with the ability to work effectively across all organizations within the company. The ideal candidate will have a full understanding of how a world-class technology infrastructure organization leverages products, services, and strategies to assist the overall technology organization in optimizing service delivery, increasing efficiencies, and eliminating emergency and/or critical situations. They will possess an innovative and change-oriented personality that is tempered with just enough political savvy to achieve immediate business improvements in areas that were before deemed difficult, off-limits, or unchangeable Desired Skills & Experience • Depth of infrastructure operations experience supporting large, complex, high transaction rate and geographically diverse locations • Experience in all traditional infrastructure areas, including: data centers (MF and Server), network, telecom, helpdesk, planning and engineering, desktop, and disaster recovery planning and storage capacity. • Data center build out experience • Has led teams of 150 or more technologists • Exceptional depth of process, methodology and procedure experience. Understanding of ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library Model) extremely attractive. • 15+ years experience managing within complex and globally distributed computing environments • Demonstrated expertise managing LAN, WAN, and SAN technologies, including network-based high availability componentsProficient in a diverse technology environment • Documented ability to effectively manage and impact large budget that will enable the executive to direct a budget in excess of $50M • Proven track record directing projects with enterprise-wide impact on revenue and expenses. Demonstrated ability to manage, track, and staff key projects. • Excellent communication skills with customers, management, and matrix team members • Superior team building and leadership skills, with ability to multitask in an entrepreneurial environment • Vendor and consulting management experience. Experience in evaluating and selecting sourcing alternatives Debra Quiat Enterprise Talent Sourcing Manager Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 19. System Administrator- La Jolla, CA 60,000- 70,000 compensation Full Time Employment Recruiter Comment: Direct Hire Position in Sorrento Valley...High Engergy Company looking for a Jr. System Admin...60-70k Job Description System Administrator The available position is for a System Administrator to be accountable for the systems that support the infrastructure and information systems, including but not limited to, Asset Management, Configuration Management, and Incident Management. Responsibilities include SA engineering and provisioning, operations and support, maintenance, and research & development to ensure continually available operations and next-generation innovation. Things we are looking for in you: • Passion and commitment to providing the best possible service to customers • Self-motivation with attention to detail • Ability to use logic to rationalize workflow efficiency • Natural curiosity with a passion for learning • Deep desire to help others be successful • Strong sense of the value of customer service and the drive for exceptional results • Team oriented with experience in a team-focused approach to service • Ability to multi-task, while simultaneously addressing complex situations and events with professionalism and efficiency Required Skills: • Proficiency with UNIX/Linux solutions • Familiar with the following UNIX flavors: o FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian • Ability to work under pressure resolving customer-impacting incidents • Ability to identify tasks which should be automated and then write tools to automate them • Multitasking & Time Management • Strong knowledge of local networks (IPv4) • Strong knowledge of system configuration, security, paging, swapping & RAID configurations • Ability to learn and apply new knowledge by personal initiative • Ability to work on non-business hours responding to business needs Required Experience: • 4+ year experience on UNIX/Linux Administration • CS education o Certification required • Administration of the following services: o DNS, BIND, NTP, NFS, DHCP, Samba, Apache • Shell Scripting, PHP & Perl scripts Diana Sisti Recruiting Manager Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 20. Financial Advisor - Financial Sales Representative - Salinas, California U.S. Retirement Partners, Inc.- Monterey/Salinas County (Area) Job Description We are expanding our market presence in the 403(b) market… …Endless source of warm leads. Employee Benefits Services Group (EBSG) specializes in helping clients with their retirement and financial planning. EBSG has 12 Advisors located in the San Francisco Bay area, serving primarily the education profession. Dynamic changes in the 403(b) market have created opportunity for us to expand our team of Advisors. Unlike many other financial services opportunities, where you must create your own market; our Financial Advisors have a specific niche market to work. This straight commission opportunity offers unlimited income potential. We have payroll slots/territories that are open and available. We have also just implemented a comprehensive lead/appointment generation system that is creating very positive results. Bottom line, our existing Financial Advisors are scheduling, on average, an additional 8 appointments per week. This proven system can help you get a huge jump start on this opportunity. EBSG is a member of U.S. Retirement Partners (USRP), a national network of regional benefits and retirement planning providers. USRP provides Partner Firms and Advisors with resources that allow them to compete with much larger firms. This is a unique worksite sales/marketing opportunity for the right Financial Advisor - Financial Sales Representative that entails: * Establishing relationships with clients to analyze their current financial situation and determine strategies for meeting their financial objectives. * Selling financial products such as annuities, mutual funds and insurance (licenses required). * Reviewing clients' accounts and plans regularly to determine if there is a need for plan reassessment. * Building and maintaining your client base and prospecting for new clients. * Answering clients' questions about the purposes and details of financial plans and strategies. Desired Skills & Experience Requirements for Financial Advisor: * Excellent sales and communication skills * Financial services sales experience * Securities registration (FINRA Series 6 or Series 7 and Series 63) * Must have clean FINRA BrokerCheck * Insurance licenses preferred * 4 year college degree preferred Company Description U.S. Retirement Partners (USRP) was founded by a group of experienced benefits industry executives who have developed a new model to provide top-tier regional 403(b) firms with the strengths and tools of a national firm. Our Financial Advisors have state-of-the-art resources available to them and, as a result, will have all the tools necessary to be successful in this niche market. Our regional partner firms and advisors are supported by our National Office in Iselin, NJ. To learn more about USRP, please visit our website. U.S. Retirement Partners, Inc. Additional Information Type: Full-time Job ID: 5497903 Christine Weiss Recruiter Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 21. Regional Sales Manager – Merchant Processing Experience – Miami, FL & Seattle, WA Resumes to: Searching for Sales Professionals serious about their future and career.... One of the Nation’s top providers of transaction processing services and payment processing is seeking a Regional Sales Manager. This position involves self sourcing and managing, cultivating and growing Referral Relationships. Requirements: • 3-5+ years of sales management experience • Sales and management experience MUST be in merchant services, payroll sales, or a related field (business to business, hunting, etc.) Offering: • Base Salary to $65,000- $75,000 @ plan $130,000 - $150,000 • No cap on commission & Residuals/Bonus • Full Benefit Package – First Full 30, 401k • Expense Travel/Gas Expenses • Career Advancement • On-going career feedback/promotions and A great working environment xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 22. Merchant Services Tele-Sales Senior Sales Manager – Denver, CO Base of $100,000 with @ plan to earn $200,000 Base of $100,000 with @ plan to earn $200,000 Resumes to Driven. Performance. Leader. Vision. Integrity: An exciting time for a New Career RESPONSIBILITIES Currently seeking to hire a Senior Tele-Sales Manager for Global Client in Merchant Sales • Senior Sales Manager – Manage a team of Managers and 75+ reps. Must have managed managers and inside sales reps preferably with multiple locations. Full relocation package for any candidates with Inside Sales Management with Industry experience in merchant services. Seeking energetic, ambitious, and career oriented sales manager candidates motivated to earn income based on performance and enjoy and thrive on an uncapped compensation. OFFERING: • Base to $100,000 (based on experience) • Year 1 earnings to double salary to $200,000 • Benefits, Retirement, Tuition reimbursement • Incentive trips/Recognition Programs, Paid Vacations and Holiday • Career Advancement Requirements: • College degree preferred, but not required • Required - 2-5 years in Merchant Services Tele Sales Management • Documentation of sales success • Oral and written communication skills, w/attention to detail RESUMES TO: National Recruitment Team xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 23. Digital Media- Interactive Sales - Outside Sales – Seattle, WA & Portland, OR Resumes to About the Job Join the largest Interactive Media Sales Team in the world and the fastest growing Internet Local Search Network! My client connects consumers and advertisers across multiple digital platforms – local search, SEM, on line video, and on line display ads. You can help create and support exciting new products and services for their growing portfolio of brands. Account Executives are representing an industry leader and selling web sites, links, banners and online advertising, video streaming, mobile, TV as well as media solutions pay per click/pay per call & search engine marketing solutions on sites like Google, MSN & Yahoo, etc. Now they are also offering a Deal of the Day. Responsibilities: • Meeting and exceeding aggressive sales goals and overall objectives. You are measured by sales contacts per day and revenue generated. • Demonstrating the value of products and offerings through face-to-face contact. You will service existing clients, sell new programs, protect and increase existing advertising, and minimize decreases and cancellations. • Developing sales strategies prior to contacting designated markets, using a variety of visuals, including Internet layouts and other sales aids. You will formulate client advertising recommendations, which are specifically designed to meet your customer's needs and objectives. • Handling an aggressive schedule of daily sales contacts. You will schedule, organize, and prioritize work to meet both customer and company goals and deadlines. Accuracy and organization are critical to your success. • Visiting client business locations to obtain critical information about client markets and challenges. • Weekly activity includes two half days in the office and the rest of the time in the field. Home office. Requirements: • 2-3 years consecutive years of successful commission outside sales experience. • Internet savvy. • Commission driven. • Willing to work in a strong objective and quota driven environment. • Computer Skills: MS Word, Excel and internet navigation are required. Compensation: Account Executives earn a $35,000 to $40,000 base salary (increases $5K after 1 year) plus commissions (uncapped). In additional to great benefits, a car allowance of $6K is provided, a laptop and company Blackberry Mobile Device. More benefits, 401K, Time off, Awards and Recognition, etc. Average earnings range $90K - $115K/yr. There is not a cap on commissions or earnings potential. Training: You will receive paid training in a world class training facility. This is instructor-led classroom training. Training consists of formal instruction and on-the-job training. Training is 4 weeks! Resumes: Forward your resume for immediate attention Direct Sales Recruiting, LLC, (DSR) a National Recruitment organization, is partnering with Fortune 10 to Fortune 1000 clients. Clients are looking for qualified sales candidates with a desire to succeed and earn a great income. DSR offers over 30 yrs combined Sales, Sales Management and Recruiting experience. Stephanie Gere Recruiter at Direct Sales Recruiting Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 24. C-130 Sr. Maintenance Trainer / Field Engineer (Cannon AFB NM)(S) Gould Global has an immediate need a MC-130J APG Trainer: Field Engineer, Sr.-Maintenance Trainer. This individual shall have skills equivalent to the USAF Craftsman (7-skill level) in a like position/system on the C-130 with preferred 1 year experience on C-130J model aircraft and a minimum 5 years experience on legacy AFSOC C-130s. Specific Job Description Field Engineer, Sr. – Maintenance Trainer: Field Engineer Sr. - Maintenance Trainer shall conduct Up Grade Training (UGT) IAW the performance standards identified in Air Force Instruction Knowledge objectives shall be measured, documented, and demonstrated by students to the level of skill required by the plan of instruction (POI). Field Engineer, Sr. - Maintenance Trainer shall provide supplemental academic training lectures, discussions, and hands-on training in order to satisfy course objectives. Written examinations and progress checks shall be administered to verify the student has gained knowledge as instructed. Seller shall assist the students with their Career Development Course (CDC) Volumes. Perform additional hands-on flight-line training, continuation training, and technical assistance/advice to assist the unit in bridging the current maintenance training gap to produce qualified 5-level personnel. Support blue suit technicians but shall not serve as the sole maintenance technician performing a task. This SOW requires maintenance tasks and functions to be accomplished IAW USAF Technical Orders (TOs), AFIs, and AFSOC instructions. This position is located at Cannon AFB in Clovis NM. This position requires a U.S. Government SECRET Clearance. Candidates should apply online at Sincerely, Stephen A Gould - President and CEO Gould & Associates Global Services, Inc. 303-993-7174 Fax: 303-279-5299 Mobile: 734-945-8178 Skype: stephenagould Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 25. DefenseReady Unit Specialist (Ft. Carson, CO) (clearable) L-3 STRATIS is among the largest divisions of global defense leader, L-3 Communications. We provide cybersecurity, intelligence, and enterprise information technology services and solutions to the Intelligence Community; the Department of Defense; U.S. federal civilian, state, and local government agencies; and international customers. L-3 STRATIS is proud of our many long-term partnerships with our customers. We take their missions as our own, always aiming to improve our level of service. Our employees take pride in their consistent application of industry best practices and their ongoing dedication to the highest standards of business ethics - reflected in our motto, Powered by Excellence. L-3 STRATIS is looking for a DefenseReady Unit Specialist to work with a team of technical professionals responsible for Information Technology located at Ft Carson, CO. DefenseReady Unit Specialist Position Description: An individual to provide data entry of Military Personnel Records information as well as provide assistance to Military Personnel support. The individual will have the ability to interface with military personnel and supervisors responsible for keeping military records updated. The person will be supporting a product called DefenseReady which is a customized Commercial Software Product Module customized for DoD and Military use. This position is specific to Military Units and will be at a Military Unit Level. Responsibilities: - Weekly interface DefenseReady Component Manager - Oversees Assigned Unit DefenseReady Priorities o Identifies DefenseReady Unit Requirements/Processes and potential DefenseReady Modules that match those processes o Identifies new DefenseReady Modules for implementation at Unit Level o Helps define requirements for DefenseReady after PERSTEMPO at Unit Level - Assists Unit Level Users/Supervisors/Team Leads with DefenseReady Issues Required Skill Set: - Service personnel systems background, - DefenseReadyTraining (need this person to sit in on the DefenseReady training on-site) - Attention to Detail (Data Entry and the requirements of correct and accurate data tracking) Desired Skill Set: - IT Background - Understanding of Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Understanding of Military Organizations - Understanding of Special Operations Security Clearance Required: - Secret eligibility Tanja Tanja Evcic Sr. Technical Recruiting Consultant L-3 National Security Solutions - STRATIS Defense Solutions Business Unit Office 864-288-9594 Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 26. Industrial Plumber Newport Beach, California Company: Metro Builders and Engineers Group Ltd. Location(s): 92663, United States California, United States Description: California General Contractor is seeking a Industrial Plumber with over five years of experience in Public Works Construction. This position would cover several jobs sites in the Los Angeles and Orange County area. The candidate must have strong knowledge and supervisory skills in the area of underground plumbing, above ground mechanical piping, general knowledge of construction, must demonstrate great leadership, coordinate work with subcontractors and our crews. Knowledge and use of Microsoft Office programs (Excel, Word) is required. Send resumes to Julio Velasco at No phone calls please. We will call you for an interview after reviewing your qualifications. Please provide salary history and references in resume. Position: Full Time Education: No Preference Start Date: ASAP Salary: Depends on Experience Contact Information: Metro Builders and Engineers Group Ltd. Richard Quattrocchi Address: 2610 Avon St City: Newport Beach State: California Zip: 92663 Phone: 949-515-4350 Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 27. Field Service Managers (CA) Company: Fire Safe Systems, Inc. Location(s): Redondo Beach, California, 90278, United States Los Angeles, California, Long Beach, California, Northridge, California, Santa Fe Springs, California, Description: Company Description: Fire Safe Systems, Inc. designs, installs, tests and services fire sprinkler systems - primarily in Los Angeles county. Celebrating our 20th year, we continue to grow and offer a solid opportunity for success for the right candidate. We are a non-union company. Job Description: The Field Service Manager will report to the company President, and will be responsible tor all aspects of our 24/7 Service Department. Position will involve estimating, scheduling, inspecting and supervising the service team. The ideal candidate has significant experience and understanding in the design and installation of commercial and residential fire sprinkler systems. Candidate should be able to perform test and repair work if needed. Responsibilities: • Supervise a minimum of two service team members, including scheduling daily/weekly work and on-call schedules. • Meet with customers to determine work needed and provide written estimates. • Contact existing customers to schedule required inspections. Maintain inspection data base. • Prioritize conflicting work requests. • Insure all materials and tools are available prior to starting jobs. • Prepare supporting documents for completed inspections. • Coordinate with Installation Manager to assure full labor productivity. • Coordinate with office staff to assure prompt and accurate billing. • Maintain field service trucks, tools and service part inventory. • Work safely in accordance with Fire Safe Systems and industry standard safety requirements. • Support the ongoing development and improvement of the Fire Safe Systems Field Service Team. Skills: • Extensive hands on experience installing, maintaining and trouble shooting fire sprinkler systems in a leadership role. • Comfortable in a fast paced field environment. • Outstanding bilingual (English/Spanish) communication skills. • Excellent customer service skills. • Must have a minimum of two years of fire sprinkler installation experience. • Understanding of fire sprinkler codes. Position: Full Time Education: Some College Start Date: ASAP Salary: Depends on Experience Notes: Please email resume current references and salary requirements to Please note we are a non-union company. Contact Information: Fire Safe Systems, Inc. Joyce Moller Address: 1312 Kingsdale Ave. City: Redondo Beach State: California Zip: 90278 Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 28. Program Specialist (San Diego, CA) Incumbent will be responsible for contract and performance management. Act as a liaison between One- Stop Career Center Operator and San Diego Workforce Partnership product and support teams. Additional responsibilities include ensuring proper quality control of program implementation of internal systems such as contracting, procurement, technical assistance and process improvement of system design. Job skills: Familiar with WIA, One-Stop and other federal, state and local legislation; Contracted program performance; Ability to conduct contractor needs analysis; Negotiation and facilitation; Ability to coordinate and deliver technical assistance; Data management systems familiarity; Ability to identify performance area deficiencies; Strong analytical and written skills; Attention to detail; and Critical thinking. Bachelor’s degree in a related field of study or equivalent and 1 year experience in a related field. Salary low to mid $40’s. For complete job description information; visit HOW TO APPLY • Cover letter and resume DEADLINE TO SUBMIT APPLICATIONS Position Open Until Filled • Standard application form (available at Workforce Partnership office or Career Centers; also attached) • Salary history and salary requirement • List 3 or more professional employment-related references Incomplete applications will not be considered. Respond to San Diego Workforce Partnership, 3910 University Ave., #400, San Diego, CA 92105 FAX (619) 528-1153 or email NO PHONE CALLS ACCEPTED. GENERAL INFORMATION The San Diego Workforce Partnership, Inc. is a non-profit entity chartered by the City and County of San Diego to administer employment and training programs and to create a workforce development system for the entire San Diego region. Employees are under an independent, merit-based personnel system and are not employees of the federal, state or local government. THE SAN DIEGO WORKFORCE PARTNERSHIP, INC. IS AN EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER. AUXILIARY AIDS AND SERVICES ARE AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST TO INDIVIDUALS WITH DISABILITIES. Leonardo Alarcón Business Services Coordinator South County Career Center (619) 628-0321 Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 29. Program Specialist (San Diego, CA) Team Leader: Adult Programs Team Manager Team: Adult Programs Team Status: Exempt Functional Responsibilities: The Program Specialist will work directly with the management of the Adult Programs Team to provide oversight and support to funded workforce development program partners. This position represents the San Diego Workforce Partnership with the implementation of employment and training programs throughout San Diego County. The Program Specialist is also responsible for researching best practices and fostering regional collaborations that meet the economic and workforce development needs of the region. Scope of responsibilities includes: • Contract management o Develop and execute contracts; o Conduct contract negotiations; o Make recommendations to management regarding issues and or new ideas for implementation; o Provide oversight and feedback to program design implementation matters; Conduct monthly desk/file reviews; o Execute budget/contract modifications; o Review policies and operations manual with contractors; o Provide fiscal and programmatic technical support to contractors; o Review and approve monthly invoices; o Development of contract monitoring tools to appropriately evaluate contract performance; o Review and analyze contract operating plans, budgets, invoices and work plans to verify program integrity and compliance with RFP requirements; o Evaluate contract compliance, including but not limited to fiscal, operational, and administrative systems; and o Provide solutions to fiscal and programmatic challenges. • Performance Management o Act as a resource to partners and other contractors for client flow and data analysis; o Analyze and evaluate program operator data as it relates to achieving and exceeding mandated performance standards; o Recommend corrective action(s) and provide a detailed implementation plan to achieve successful performance outcomes; and o Conduct on-site performance reviews. • Fiscal Management o Facilitate in contract budget development; o Serve as primary contact for contractors regarding budgets, invoicing, questions, problem solving and training; o Liaison between SDWP Finance and contractor to provide support and technical assistance to pertaining to budget analysis, contract cost-allocation plans, and contract closeouts; and o Track contract expenditures. Other roles and Responsibilities: o Provide customer service support to clients and partners; o Facilitate implementation of programs/projects within the Adult Programs Team; o Maintain thorough knowledge of assigned contractor program design and performance; o Identify and develop partnership opportunities and participate on regional community groups; o Ensure quality control of program implementation to include the following internal systems:  Contracting  Procurement  Technical Assistance  Process improvement of system design o Prepare and implement contract specific technical assistance; o Research best practices for program implementation; o Prepare internal and external reports, analyzing issues and ensuring accuracy; o Develop and implement action plans to address problem areas; o Develop a program specific Operations Issuances; o Prepare agenda items and board support materials; and o Represent Adult team at federal, state, local and other grant audits. Education/Experience: Bachelor’s degree in a related field of study or equivalent and 1 year experience in a related field. Job Skills: • Be familiar with WIA, One-Stop and other federal, state and local legislation • Knowledge of education system, education providers at all levels • Contracted program performance expertise • Program specific contract development and modification • Ability to conduct contractor needs analysis • Negotiation and facilitation • Ability to coordinate and deliver technical assistance • Contract management and coordination • Data management systems familiarity • Ability to identify performance area deficiencies • Experience developing and implementing action plans to address performance area deficiencies • Experience preparing reports, board agenda items and any operations or information issuances that clearly articulate the information presented Workplace and Team Skills: • Build/maintain relationships • Strong verbal communication skills (including the ability to present to teams, boards and other groups) • Ability to make independent and group decisions • Give & receive feedback • Customer service • Problem solving • Analytical thinking • Creative thinking • Influencing others • Excellent planning and time management skills • Time management • Multi-task flexibility • Presenting to groups • Process improvement • Goal oriented • Detail oriented • Deadline driver • Strong Written communication skills • Task prioritization • Trend forecasting Computer Skills: • Internet and web capabilities • Intermediate - Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint Personal Attributes: • Works well in teams • Innovative/creative • Goal/results orientation • Open to change • Honesty / integrity • Reliable/responsible • Development & learning • Initiative • Positive attitude Leonardo Alarcón Business Services Coordinator South County Career Center (619) 628-0321 Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 30. Quality Assurance IT Manager (San Diego, CA) 24 Hour Fitness- Greater San Diego Area Job Description GENERAL SUMMARY: Develops and implements quality control and quality assurance processes, standards, and procedures, with strong emphasis on testing automation for applications and web services. Defines and implements IT quality control practices and procedures to achieve business goals and objectives. Defines and implements IT quality assurance practices and procedures to specify, design, develop, monitor, and control an efficient and effective closed-loop corrective and preventive action system. Leads a team of analysts and engineers who specify, design, develop, measure, monitor, and control manual and automated functional, structural, regression, performance, and reliability system validation test cases to achieve world-class quality technical risk assessment. Works closely with project core team; however, has an independent reporting structure to development organization with an escalation path to resolve process non-conformance issues. Establishes team charter, defines and revises roles and responsibilities, recognizes and rewards outstanding performance, monitors and coaches for career growth, and implements continuous improvement “kata.” ESSENTIAL DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES: * Responsible for developing QA policies, processes, procedures and checklists across IT project management- and engineering-related practices. * Selects and implements test automation tools for an automated component testing harness in a Java development environment. * Oversees and participates in development, execution, and maintenance of automated tests using selected tools. * Oversees and participates in the integration of test suites into the test management system and test harnesses. * Relentlessly pursues and enforces data-driven automation of all testing activities as well as all repeatable processes in general. * Coordinates the development and execution of effective process improvement and quality assurance awareness, execution, and training programs. * Develops quality and system validation test strategies to achieve continuous improvement, quality, customer satisfaction, reliability and competitive technical risk assessment goals and objectives. Net result is clear contribution to the achievement of business and technical performance goals as measured by cycle-time/cost reduction, customer satisfaction and competitive advantage improvements. Establishes timelines, milestones, and resource allocation/backlog reports to facilitate process. * Responsible for developing System Validation Test Charter, policies, processes, procedures and checklists for Quality Control and technical risk assessment. * Establishes and coordinates the development and implementation of effective quality control awareness and training programs, as well as preparing and publishing papers/articles on testing best practices and ensuring the company’s sponsored training conforms to existing policies. * Works with Business Systems Engineering and Software Development to define and implement validation test requirements, plans, designs, programs, data-sets, reports, and metrics. Participates in system and software requirements and design reviews to ensure testability, performance, reliability, functionality, and conformance to user interface standards. Works with internal customers and SBE as liaison to external users to define and document system and software validation tests and user acceptance criteria. * Defines, designs, develops, implements and maintains integration- and system software-level test cases and plans to evaluate software functionality, performance and software defects, including traceability to requirements. * Works with QA Analyst leads to develop and maintain size and effort-based testing schedules. * Works with QA Analyst leads to monitor and report defects in business software applications – to include management of closed-loop defect tracking system. Desired Skills & Experience REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS: 1) Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: * Solid understanding of software development methodologies, including Agile (Scrum specifically), Prototype, Iterative, and Waterfall. * Thorough knowledge and extensive experience developing, implementing, and maintaining test automation using HP Quick Test Professional (QTP) and HP Quality Center in a multi-tier web application environment. * Thorough knowledge of service-level testing and test automation using SoapUI or similar framework. * Familiarity with the Selenium suite of tools for automated web application software testing – to include knowledge of supported scripting languages (C#, Java, Python, Ruby) and supported testing frameworks. * Thorough knowledge of standard testing activities – to include smoke, regression, functional, integration, system, UAT, performance, white-box, black-box, and back-end database SQL testing. * Extensive knowledge in functional test design. * Familiarity with the underlying architecture of multi-tier, browser-based web applications, including development environments (Java EE), application containers (JBoss), operating systems (Linux/UNIX and Microsoft Windows), database management systems (Oracle), networking infrastructure (load balancing and firewalls), clients, and browsers. * Working knowledge of SQL and PL/SQL. * Familiarity with SOA and open, standards-based web service technologies, domain-driven design, test-driven development, and contract-first web service development. * Familiarity with source control technologies, configuration management methodologies, and continuous build/integration environments (Jenkins, Bamboo, etc). * Demonstrated ability to lead, coach and motivate others. * Demonstrated ability to work effectively and harmoniously as part of an independent test team within a project-service-organization context. * Demonstrated career commitment to quality assurance – to include familiarity with the latest testing theory and practice, a commitment to on-going learning about the field, a history of applying useful testing concepts in previous positions, and a dedication to software and product quality. * Outstanding oral and written communication skills, with deep understanding of different audiences and ability to tailor message and communicate effectively, succinctly, and tactfully at all levels. 2) Minimum Education and Certifications: * BS Degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, Electrical Engineering, or related field. Master’s degree preferred. 3) Minimum Experience: * 3+ years of Quality Assurance Lead, Manager, or higher-level experience. * 5+ years of Quality Assurance and System/Software Validation experience working through all stages of the Software Testing Life Cycle – to include requirements and design review; test plan development; estimation and scheduling; test design; test case and test script development; test data creation/acquisition; test automation; creation of requirements traceability matrix (RTM) from functional requirements document (FRD); test execution and defect reporting; test results reporting; and test/defect metrics tracking and reporting. * 3+ years of experience in test automation development and maintenance, with at least 2 years of that experience in HP Quick Test Professional and HP Quality Center in a multi-tier, browser-based, web application environment. * 1+ years of experience with data-driven, service-level testing using SoapUI or similar tool. Company Description Headquartered in San Ramon, Calif., 24 Hour Fitness is the largest privately owned U.S. fitness club chain and a leading health club industry pioneer, serving nearly four million members in more than 420 clubs. Founded in 1983 as a one-club operation, the company is dedicated to helping members change their lives and reach their individual fitness goals. With convenient club locations, personal training services, innovative group exercise classes and a variety of strength, cardio and functional training equipment - 24 Hour Fitness offers fitness solutions for everyone. Through its support of the U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC) and many U.S. National Governing Bodies (NGBs) of sport, 24 Hour Fitness is one of the largest supporters of amateur athletics in the country and will serve as the Official Fitness Center Sponsor of the 2012 U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Teams. The company is committed to being a good neighbor in its communities via charitable and in-kind donations to groups focused on both helping Americans get healthy and improving youth fitness. The company’s national accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, which includes A+ ratings for all club locations across the U.S., demonstrates the organization’s ongoing commitment to member satisfaction. Please call 1-800-224-0240 or visit / for more information and to find the club nearest you. 24 Hour Fitness Additional Information Type: Full-time Job ID: 5959039 Kelly O’Rourke Recruiter Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 31. Inside Sales Account Manager (San Diego, CA) Culver Careers ( Greater San Diego Area Job Description Description Account Manager/Recruiter for Social/Mobile Interactive Gaming Space Our Client is looking for a Inside Salesperson who wants to grow with them and succeed. Our client is a global publicly traded company worth over $2.5 billion. They work exclusively with the Social/Mobile/Tablet Interactive Gaming & Technology Space. This opportunity is for an Account Manager/Inside Salesperson to grow the business in Social/Mobile/Tablet Interactive Gaming & Technology Space. It is a hot, highly intellectual, and creative work environment and an candidate's personality must match that! You will be responsible for: 1) Developing new business, 2) Managing a book of business 3) Consulting/negotiating/closing successful deals Desired Skills & Experience Requirements: SALES experience along with a positive attitude that includes willingness to grow and learn. You must be a team player, and possess a desire to understand the entertainment and gaming business. Bachelors Degree Required Company Description Since 1979, CulverCareers has been placing sales professionals with industry-leading, opportunity-driven sales organizations ranging from Fortune 1000 to established privately-held firms. CulverCareers began with 1 office and 3 recruiters. From those humble beginnings came our core value to build our business by helping our clients’ build theirs; while we stayed true to our values of Aggressive Selling, Accounts, Opportunity, Honesty and Loyalty, which offered an elite experience in the recruiting industry. We are currently one of the largest privately-held recruitment firms in the nation. Headquartered in San Diego, our ever-expanding network of 27 national offices and over 200 recruiters now offers recruitment and source talent services throughout the US. We have placed countless individuals with some of the largest, most successful corporations in the world. As we have grown, we have developed a reputation for quality service and expeditious delivery. Culver Careers ( Additional Information Type: Full-time Job ID: 5959103 Mike Hobbs President at Culver Careers Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 32. Classification Specialist - Carlsbad, CA Full Time Employment Recruiter Comment: I'm hiring - fantastic work environment - know anyone who might be a good fit? Job Description 3E Company is seeking to hire a Classification Specialist to work in the Carlsbad, CA office. Responsibilities: CLASSIFICATION DELIVERY AND SUPPORT • Classify in accordance with Transportation, Storage, and Waste regulatory guidelines, in accordance with department quality standards • Respond to customer questions regarding classification of hazardous materials • Deliver and manage client files REGULATORY RESEARCH AND DOCUMENTATION SUPPORT • Research regulations applicable to standard classification services • Review/update training content, SOPs, and work instructions, and provide internal training to new team members APPLICATION MAINTENANCE AND SUPPORT • Support IT with testing of new applications and tool enhancements, as well as testing and maintaining integrated technical content • Completes all responsibilities as outlined on annual Performance Plan. • Completes all special projects and other duties as assigned. • Must be able to perform duties with or without reasonable accommodation. Requirements: • Advanced MS Office computer skills (MS Access skills a plus) • 4 year college degree completed/in-progress or equivalent experience • Minimum 1-2 years customer service experience • Excellent oral and written communication skills • Demonstrated knowledge of OSHA, DOT, NFPA, and/or EPA hazardous material regulations 3E Company, a subsidiary of Verisk Analytics (Nasdaq:VRSK), offers a comprehensive suite of data, products, and services for environmental health and safety (EH&S) compliance management. This solutions suite addresses the entire chemical life cycle and includes vendor/supplier data obtainment and management; product level classification services, MSDS authoring and distribution; emergency response; and regulatory reporting. 3E provides an industry-leading combination of a 24/7/365 EH&S mission-control call center and the world's premier hazardous substance database of global regulatory and compliance information. The company was founded in 1988 and is headquartered in Carlsbad, California, with additional operations in Canton, Ohio; Bethesda, Maryland; Kingsport, Tennessee; Montreal, Quebec; and Copenhagen, Denmark. 3E Company is an energetic, vibrant and growing company that is shaping and leading the future of the environmental, health and safety information management industry. Quality individuals who contribute to team efforts are critical to that future. 3E offers competitive compensation and benefits as well as a dynamic, challenging work environment. Visit our web site at for more information. 3E Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer- EOE, M/F/D/V Shea Hamilton Recruiting Specialist Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 33. Customer Account Manager – San Diego, CA If you're looking for a career in a company that's evolving, has a great culture and amazing opportunities within the Healthcare Industry, AMN Healthcare is the clear choice. As America's largest and most respected health care staffing and management services company, we are the recognized leader in nursing, physician and allied. As part of the AMN team you'll work with motivated team members who have pride in - and passion for - what they do. Guided by our core values, we remain steadfast to our commitment to career growth and development for all levels of team members so they may navigate their own future and grow with the company. AMN will help you reach your professional and personal goals everyday while making a meaningful contribution. Experience for yourself The AMN Difference! Summary: The Customer Account Manager (CAM) resolves health care professionals’ questions or issues regarding paycheck earnings and deductions, federal and state taxation, and reimbursements in line with IRS guidelines. The CAM manages an account of Healthcare Professionals and maintains industry recognized benchmarks (SSPA) for resolution time, ASA, and customer satisfaction. The CAM works in partnership with an assigned group of internal business partners in order to increase higher customer retention, market share and revenue. Job Tasks: Issue Resolution Resolve payroll discrepancies by collecting, researching and analyzing information in PeopleSoft, Great Plains, AMIE, SBDEV and COVEO. Coordinate resolutions with pay/bill discrepancies by contacting Healthcare Professionals and partnering with internal departments which include payroll, billing, contracts, and sales. Diffuse dissatisfied customers by demonstrating empathy in response to verbal and written communications in order to address complex issues and maintain customer loyalty. Log and Track each customer case in Connect (Customer Relationship Management system) thereby maintaining historical records on all customer interactions. Maintain up-to-date facility timekeeping submission process data in AMIE/SBDEV to ensure HPs are provided relevant and accurate information. Proactively Review the SBDEV Marriage set ups for all new and updated marriages to ensure accuracy with Pay and Bill. Process reimbursements for Healthcare Professionals in PeopleSoft, and ensure company and IRS guidelines are followed. Calculate pay and deductions for manual payments (checks, wires, and EFT’s) in relation to missing hours, pay advances, and refunds for Healthcare Professionals. Create Earnings Overpayment Packages for Payroll, and communicates the deductions to Sales and the Healthcare Professionals. Customer Education Facilitate proactive TouchPoint calls to HealthCare Professionals (HPs) in order to educate on the most up-to-date timekeeping and payroll processes. Provide Healthcare Professionals with the proper forms needed to set up tax and direct deposit information. Email Healthcare Professionals detailed timekeeping and first day instructions for each assignment. Conduct daily communications with facility clients to obtain confirmation of hours worked to help expedite payroll and billing processes. Explain complex payroll issues over the phone using current federal and state laws as a guide in order raise customer awareness. Respond to internal communications via AMIE Tasks, SBDEV Follow ups, and emails regarding payroll, reimbursement, and time reporting questions to ensure timely resolutions. Answer incoming calls and emails from Healthcare Professional regarding payroll, reimbursement, and time reporting questions, with a goal of providing first call resolution for superior customer service. Communicate specifics on how to complete the electronic time and reimbursement systems and how to review hours received. Manage address change requests from Healthcare Professionals, and ensure databases are updated and accurate. Facilitate proactive and follow up outbound calls to Healthcare Professionals. Minimum Education: Bachelors Degree or equivalent combination of education & experience Minimum Experience: 2-4 years in a fast paced, externally facing customer support department, with preferred emphasis in general accounting, payroll, or sales operation Preferred Experience: One year leadership or supervisory experience or equivalent combination of education and experience AMN’s Total Rewards package includes more than just a paycheck…At the beautiful Corporate Headquarters in San Diego (Del Mar), you will have free access to an onsite gym, a partially subsidized café with a Starbucks, dry clean delivery, Corporate Library, and employee discounts for many attractions throughout San Diego. AMN offers a competitive package on Medical, Dental, Vision and 401K with a match. Experience the AMN Difference! Respect● Passion ● Continuous Improvement ● Trust ●Customer Focus ● Innovation We are an Affirmative Action Employer EE0 – M/F/D/V. We encourage minority and female applicants to apply. Chelsea Long Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 34. New Home Sales Consultant- Fort Collins, CO Meritage Homes (Fort Collins, Colorado Area) Job Description Want to join a growing NATIONAL company? Want to be a part of a successful TEAM? Then Meritage Homes is the RIGHT choice for you! **We are currently hiring New Home Sales Associates for the Fort Collins area!** What we offer YOU as our Sales Representative: * Competitive compensation (Salary plus Commission) * Great benefits package (medical, dental, vision, STD, LTD, Life, plus more!) * 401(k) Savings Plan * Outstanding marketing support * Great ongoing training * Beautifully decorated models to help your customers envision their dream What the position offers YOU: * Promote Meritage Homes to prospective Buyers and meet monthly and quarterly sales goals * Guide homebuyers throughout entire sales process including contract and mortgage * Provide exceptional customer service to Meritage Homes Buyers * Generate traffic through development of relationships with the Realtor community, participation in community events/meetings and other networking venues * Ability to propose a business plan for success and determine best marketing practices for community demographics * Must be able to work weekends, evenings and many holidays * Realtors must be willing to place license in inactive status Why we are the company you want to grow YOUR career with: With over 25 years in homebuilding, Meritage has positioning itself for growth. We have opportunities available for both experienced and entry level sales professionals who want to take their careers to the next level. Meritage Homes is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol MTH and is currently the 9th largest homebuilder in the nation. Meritage has been listed among Forbes’ Best Managed Companies in America and the “Fortune 1000" largest corporations in America. Meritage Homes is known for award winning designs, enduring quality, and commitment to excellence at an exceptional value. And, as part of our Meritage Green initiative, we are the first national builder to be energy star qualified for every home we build. Get Meritage Proud - the American Dream built responsibly to help protect the environment and save our homebuyers' energy dollars. Let us tell you why now is a great time to join the Meritage Homes team and lay the foundation for a fulfilling and rewarding career in new home sales! Desired Skills & Experience Preferred team members will have: • College degree or some college hours preferred • Professional appearance and presentation • High level of enthusiasm and excitement • Ability to engage, promote, educate and persuade • Excellent verbal and written communication skills • Strong desire to control your own income • Ability to analyze and propose solutions to complex problems • Numerical aptitude with basic understanding of financial principles • Computer proficient with ability to learn new systems quickly Company Description Our Core Purpose: To Enrich Lives by building the American Dream Home: It’s at the heart of everything we do here at Meritage Homes Corporation. We take great pride in designing and building homes and communities that are innovative, built with care and craftsmanship, that deliver enduring value. Over the years, we’ve built more than 58,000 homes across the southern and western United States. Our unmatched commitment to quality has helped us become the twelfth largest homebuilder in the country. Meritage Homes has been included among the Forbes’ Platinum 400 – Best Big Companies of America, the “Fortune 1000” largest corporations of America and has been named Texas Builder of the Year five times. Meritage is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol MTH. As a company, our focus is on building the right home in the right location at the right price. We provide new homes and new home communities across the southern and western United States, including Orlando and Las Vegas retirement communities. Our clients can select from our new home builders in Phoenix AZ, Maricopa AZ, Tucson AZ, Casa Grande AZ, Sacramento CA, Parker CO, Denver CO, Thornton CO, Orlando FL, Las Vegas NV, Austin TX, Dallas TX, Fort Worth TX, Houston TX and San Antonio TX to create their perfect dream home. Meritage Homes Additional Information Type: Full-time Job ID: 5961500 Erin Miller Recruiter Veteran Commitment Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 35. Diverse Military Resource Job and Career Fair - San Francisco, CA Support Our Troops 2013 Veteran Resource and Career Fair - San Francisco South San Francisco Conference Center 255 South Airport Bl., South 94080 HIRING EVENT: 6/26/2013 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM We recognize that the unique skill set and talents our Veterans bring to the work force is a great resource for employers. The Support Our Troops Veteran Resource and Career Fairs are designed to promote employment, educational and resource opportunities to our Veteran community. Our goal is to bring together the best military talent with those employers looking to hire them in a professional networking atmosphere. JOB SEEKERS All Veterans / Retiree, Current Active Duty, Reservist, Spouses and Surviving Spouses, Members of Guard EMPLOYERS Veterans benefits and services, community services, education/training opportunities, business startup assistance, employment/job opportunities (employers), and/or other services that can be of assistance to Veterans To register visit or call (800) 235-2732 X800 Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 36. Service Sales Representative - Tustin CA Employee Status: Regular Schedule: Full-time Shift: First Description Cintas is currently looking for a Service Sales Representative - Uniform. Selected individual will provide route service to a set customer base, through the pick-up and delivery of uniforms and facility services products such as floor mats, dust mops, air fresheners, soaps, restroom paper supplies, and other ancillary products. Duties involve driving a company owned box truck to and from numerous customer stops throughout the course of the day, as well as lifting, carrying and walking clean products into and soiled products out of customer accounts. Service Sales Representatives are also responsible for customer satisfaction, by responding to customer inquiries and requests, as well as pro-active problem solving. Additional responsibilities include growing the existing route, through sales of additional items from our product line and catalog to current customers. Specific routes and customers are assigned, in order to build a rapport between the Service Sales Representative and the customers serviced. Qualifications • A high school diploma or GED, preferred • A valid driver's license • Previous customer service experience, preferably in an industrial or service industry, preferred • Previous experience working in a sales-related role, preferred • Ability to meet the physical requirements of the position Our Service Sales Representative - Uniform partners enjoy: • Competitive Pay • 401(k)/Profit sharing/ESOP • Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance Package • Disability and Life Insurance Package • Paid Vacation and Holidays • Career Advancement Opportunities Cintas Corporation is an EEO/Affirmative Action Employer M/F/D/V Job Category Careers If you're looking for fantastic business attire and corporate apparel head straight to For a terrific selection of work uniforms, look no further than Cintas. Michael Harrison Service Manager Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 37. Project Scheduler – Salem/OR Preferred four year BS degree in Construction Management, Engineering or related field. Primavera Enterprise P6 experience required including construction resource loading experience. Requires minimum five years of experience in scheduling construction/infrastructure projects. Construction experience desirable - understanding of industry practices, processes, and standards, and their impact on projects. Strong computer skills, including MS Office excel and word (MS Project a plus) Excellent communication and interpersonal skills essential for interacting with internal and external project stakeholders. Knowledge and experience in transportation and/or vertical construction scheduling and project management is desirable. Bridge and Rail experience a plus. Formal project management course work is desirable. Must thoroughly understand the scope of project through design and construction phases and understand project plans and specifications. Must analyze drawings and other documentation to assist in preparation of quantity takeoffs for materials, equipment/labor needs, and schedule durations. Must have outstanding organizational skills. Strong attention to detail. B. 3821SD, Engineer Intern - San Diego/CA Requires a minimum of 2 years college engineering (working on BSCE) classes. Stacy Pei Human Resources Coordinator T.Y. Lin International Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 38. Field Marketing Manager I - Tustin, California - 19069 Schedule Full-time Stronger Connections. New Possibilities. A career with Level 3 is more than just a job, it's an opportunity to join a company that delivers a comprehensive portfolio of converged voice, video, data and managed services to enterprise, content, wholesale and government customers. Business applications require more bandwidth, and we aim to deliver exceptional value to support efficiency and growth. Our customers partner with our team of over 10,000 dedicated people in more than 45 countries who focus on understanding business challenges, responding with a relevant solution and delivering a consistent, industry-leading customer experience. Whether you are an experienced professional, or just embarking on your career, Level 3 provides a fast-paced, challenging and supportive environment in which to grow. Why Join Level 3 Communications? We are trusted, reliable and responsive in meeting the needs of our customers. Level 3 is experiencing tremendous growth and raising the bar in the telecommunications industry. To support our continued success, we are looking for the best in the industry to join our team. Apply today and become an integral part of the team that is raising the bar in the telecommunications industry. Summary Support the organization’s business goals and objectives, supporting ongoing companywide initiatives to drive revenue growth specific to respective verticals. Supports and manages various marketing programs, events and campaigns across a group of customers. This role will require the marketing manager to work closely with Segment Strategy, Sales, Solution Marketing, and other internal marketing groups to understand potential opportunities within these segments and translate those opportunities into successful programs and messaging. Additionally, the Marketing Manager will conduct market and industry research, acquire and analyze customer data for touch-point analysis, conduct customer messaging research and support external customer events. Essential Duties * Develop and execute marketing communication plans consisting of Awareness, Demand Generation and Sales Tools. Create customer facing collateral including customer presentations, interactive tools and brochures. * Conduct competitive and market research, compile findings, and communicate in concise, clear manner. Propose marketing tactic recommendations based on findings. * Create and execute external events and tradeshows to generate awareness and engagement amongst customers and prospects. * Manage and track projects, POs, initiate work orders, etc. to contribute to the general work flow and process of the Marketing team. * Manage various components of for updates and maintenance. Manage internal Sales Source Intranet for updates and maintenance plus overall upfront transition. Education and Experience * Experience: 5+ yrs * Education Level: Bachelor's Degree * Field Of Study: Marketing * A combination of education and experience is acceptable: Yes * Attention to detail with good organizational capabilities. * Ability to prioritize with good time management skills. Knowledge, Skills or Abilities 4+ years broad marketing background required including experience developing and executing marketing communication plans for verticals. Event experience and logistical planning. Creating and executing on lead gen and demand generation programs. Must be skilled in Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and Word. Program management experience and strong project management skills. Telecommunications experience a plus. Work Environment * Government Security Required: No Sits five to seven hours per day. Stands and or walks one to three hours per day. May bend, reach, stoop and crouch throughout the day. Should have the ability to hear, speak and see effectively to perform the necessary tasks of this position. Manual dexterity is occasionally required. The position may require frequent movement and activity relating to using keyboards, viewing data on computer displays, and communicating verbally and in writing to the needs of others. The employee may occasionally lift and/or move up to 10 pounds. Working Conditions: Work is performed in an office environment. The noise level in the work environment is usually moderate. Lighting and temperature are adequate and there are no hazardous or unpleasant conditions. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential job functions. The above job definition information has been designed to indicate the general nature and level of work performed by employees with this classification. It is not designed to contain or be interpreted as a comprehensive inventory of all duties, responsibilities, and qualifications required of employees assigned to this job. Job duties and responsibilities are subject to change based on changing business needs and conditions. Level 3 Communications is an Equal Opportunity Employer and unless it is an undue hardship, will make necessary reasonable accommodations upon notice that an employee or applicant requires an accommodation for a disability in order to perform the essential functions of the job. Shelli (Hesse) Bozak Senior Staffing Consultant, Talent Acquisition Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 39. Accounting/Financial Specialist – San Francisco, CA Avidbank- San Francisco Bay Area Job Description Avidbank has an immediate opening for an accounting/financial specialist to work in our Finance and Accounting Department based in our Palo Alto office. Responsibilities cover a wide range of tasks, including: Preparation of various weekly and monthly financial reports in Excel GL reconciliation Monthly fixed asset and prepaid processing Assistance with the monthly close Payroll entry, and a variety of other HR related tasks Assistance in preparation for periodic internal and external audits Assistance with other accounting, financial and human resources projects Desired Skills & Experience Qualifications: • Undergraduate degree in accounting, finance or equivalent work experience • Proficiency in Excel • Willingness to perform both routine and challenging tasks • Detail-oriented • Ability to work independently • Positive attitude • Experience in banking and/or with public company reporting experience is a plus. Company Description Our goal at Avidbank is to advance our clients’ success by offering innovative financial solutions and service. Our experienced people create long-term relationships by providing an individualized banking experience based on mutual effort, ingenuity and trust. Utilizing technology, innovation and unique personal service, Avidbank specializes in commercial and industrial, corporate finance, real estate construction, commercial real estate lending and real estate bridge financing. Avidbank Additional Information Type: Full-time Job ID: 5978153 Megan Kelly Executive Assistant Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 40. JIRA Administrator (San Francisco, CA) Corus360- FULL RELOCATION AVAILABLE (San Francisco Bay Area) Job Description RELOCATION TO ATLANTA & SUNNYVALE, CALIFORNIA 3+ years working with JIRA, including JIRA Administration and customization using scripts & plug-ins Hands on experience working with JIRA, Confluence, and GreenHopper etc. Experience installing, configuring, performance tuning, and maintaining Enterprise JIRA instances 2 years successful development in open source service management tools in Linux Internet Hosted Operations Environments Desired Skills & Experience Bachelor's Degree (Computer Science etc.) or higher education in a relevant discipline 3+ years of working with SDLC methodologies and workflow management tools Company Description Corus360 is a technology consulting and solutions company with over 10 years of success helping clients better leverage technology investments to satisfy strategic and tactical business requirements. Corus360 helps organizations solve business problems, reduce costs and enhance efficiency by devising, recommending and deploying business-aligned technology solutions. Corus360 applies proven methodologies that, in aggregate, help organizations reduce risk, respond more quickly to business challenges and better utilize assets through the full technology lifecycle. Corus360 delivers infrastructure solutions, recovery and professional services that help organizations reduce costs, increase efficiencies and maximize productivity. Corus360 Additional Information Type: Full-time Job ID: 5668968 Julie Brown, LION Director of Recruiting, National Accounts Veteran Commitment Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 41. Director Of Packaging Services - Wayne, NJ Full Time Employment Recruiter Comment: Be part of the Best "TOY STORY" Ever! #job #packaging Job Description Engagement and process leader responsible for facilitation of TRU Exclusive Brand packaging development activities. This position owns the total packaging process globally, providing leadership support to the package design/production, product development, and brand management teams. Based in Wayne, NJ. Leadership: • Leads the evaluation and enhancement of the global packaging process • Lead global communication with global packaging partners to ensure successful process implementation and private brand business goals are supported. • Leads development and communication of expectations to internal/external partners on package development initiatives Industry Knowledge/Intelligence: • Knowledge of Retail Product Development Cycle • Packaging and Labeling requirements • Consumer Product Marketing Acumen • Knowledge of Design and Print Production Processes Management/Functions: • Actively lead packaging process refinement/development and drive implementation across global packaging teams • Manages and communicates process requirements and business impact to brand and product development partners • Manages global packaging process integration in China Sourcing Office and Europe • Lead packaging component of PLM tool refinement and process integration globally • Manage day to day project activity with packaging managers including large scale program resource prioritization and critical path timelines • Participation in Global "R" Us Brands global line reviews to provide support and follow-through on packaging related development concerns • Identify, prioritize and launch special projects while managing day to day execution of packaging programs. • Responsible to draft, maintain and communicate global packaging initiatives and procedures • Refine, develop and manage budget and financial tracking process and tools in collaboration with operations team • Will remotely manage a team overseas as well as directly supervise a team here at R HQ. Qualifications • Bachelors degree in marketing, management or related • 10+ years Project management or client service experience in a corporate or consultancy setting. Advertising or design industry experience preferred. • Ability to lead and manage a team • Ability to build strong cross functional relationships Debra Quiat Enterprise Talent Sourcing Manager Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 42. Regional Sales Manager - Solar Power - Irvine,CA - 710323 Cube Management - CA Our Client has been delivering top-tier solar power service and installation to homeowners for over 20 years. With their ever increasing portfolio containing tens of thousands of energy-related projects, they are recognized as one of the most experienced companies in the market today. This company holds itself to the highest standards in product quality, craftsmanship, and customer service and are honored to be ranked among the top 10 solar integrators in the Country. This company only partners with the industry’s premier product manufacturers to offer some of the highest quality and most innovative components available. Their customers will not only be satisfied with the materials the Company uses, but also with the professionalism of their staff. The solar installation crews at this company are comprised of the most experienced and talented craftsmen in the industry. Their production team prides itself on achieving an industry-leading installation time which is measured from initial customer contact all the way to completed installation. They also stand behind their work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This company has received thousands of referrals and reviews from satisfied customers over the years. Job Summary: The Regional Sales Manager will be responsible for managing, motivating and continuing to build a B2C outside salesforce. This company is willing to pay an exceptional wage for the right individual who can take their sales organization to the next level. The position will require someone with an in-depth knowledge of the utility (Electrical Power Tier Pricing) structure, Solar Energy Products, equipment leasing, business to consumer sales strategies, print advertising, social media, strong customer service, contractor management, and outstanding sales management skills. Primary Responsibilities: * Manage and grow an outside B2C sales organization of 25 - 30 outside sales reps * Work with company executives to specify market requirements for the products and develop go-to-market strategies. * Work with company assigned contractors to ensure a high quality of customer satisfaction with the installation of products. * Bring a higher level "sales IQ" to the entire salesforce. * Drive new sales, open new territories and take this company to the next level. Requirements: * 8-10 years B2C outside sales management, experience in the solar industry (You MUST have solar industry experience) * Experience in strategic planning, and implementation * Excellent communication skills * Project management skills * Well organized, analytical personality * Ability to be pro-active with a sense of urgency * Be a self-starter, a highly motivated person able to work in a fast paced environment that is continually changing. Base City: Los Angeles, CA Relocation: No Number of Openings: 1 Base Salary: $175k to $180k (DOE) OTE: $300k If you wish to be part of this successful and vibrant organization, please email a MS Word version of your resume to This company is an Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action Employer. Cube Management helps companies accelerate their sales, by providing the Sales & Marketing talent they need to grow their business. Cube Management is a leading recruiting and consulting partner to emerging growth, mid-market and global companies in the technology, manufacturing, healthcare and business service sectors. We work across the spectrum of Sales, Marketing and Business Development, providing holistic solutions that drive revenue and profit success. Cube Management combines Strategy, Process and People, to produce great results. For a complete list of our job openings, please visit Wayne Cozad CEO Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 43. Security Analyst - Glendale, AZ $71.43/H, W2 compensation Contract Employment Recruiter Comment: Looking for a Security Analyst in Glendale. Great opportunity with a great company! Job Description Work with members of the application development teams to design and integrate applications with SSO and perform other related project tasks as required. He/she will interact directly with Security and project teams to ensure that the companys needs are satisfied, and development efforts are executed properly. Be responsible for providing senior level expertise on development exercises and application integration efforts regarding SSO and Identity and Access Management to integrate authentication and self-service security systems. Work some weekends for the purpose of production releases. Work in an office environment sitting at a desk, table or computer workstation for long periods of time. Occasionally travel by car, plane or other forms of transportation to attend business meetings or conferences. Approximately 50-80 percent of time spent on the job involves the use of a personal computer. Skills: 5. Technical background, with experience in: 10+ years experience with software architecture WIF/WS-FED/SAML enterprise SSO data flows Federation architecture between multiple Identity Providers (IdPs) Service Provider (SP) Integration (SaaS, Java, .NET) Self-Service Management Tools Architecture Provisioning and Management Architecture to implement Role Based Access Control (RBAC) and Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) Service Oriented Architecture to include knowledge of SOAP web services, REST web services, and web application servers Familiarity with the WS-* specifications from OASIS, W3C, and DMTF Network Architecture to include working knowledge of network components (Firewall, Router, Proxy) Familiarity with encryption key management Familiarity with system hardening and security controls related to enterprise SSO Ability analyze vulnerability assessment reports and propose remediation solutions for security components • Possess excellent written and verbal communication skills • Possess high integrity and a customer focused attitude • Excellent teamwork skills while being able to assist others • Ping Identity PingFederate Administration [Or equivalent SSO IdP] OAuth enterprise data flows Working knowledge of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) XML Firewall architecture for secure SOA transactions Knowledge of basic ITIL framework and processes Certification(s) in industry-adopted security expertise areas such as, CISSP, GIAC, GSNA, or CISA. Tyrell Ross Client Services Recruiter Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 44. Attack the Network Liaison Officer - Camp Lejeune, NC $100,000 - $110,000 compensation Full Time Employment Recruiter Comment: **Available NOW - Attack the Network Liaison Officer Job Description MCTOG AtN LNO (AtN link w/ DtD lead) Major Duties and Responsibilities. The MCTOG AtN LNO (Liaison Officer) shall be a subject matter expert with respect to understanding, identifying and targeting threat networks that are engaged in supporting and conducting attacks against operational units via the use of the IED and other asymmetric means. The incumbent shall coordinate with the Marine Corps Tactics and Operations Group (MCTOG) staff to plan, design, and incorporate threat network Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP) and CIED information streams into MCTOG training events including the Tactical MAGTF Integration Course (TMIC) that is used to for Operations and Tactics Instructor certification, and other MCTOG training events including large-scale MAGTF exercises and other training events, supporting up to Regimental staff pre-deployment training. The incumbent shall immerse himself in the Defeat the Device (DtD) training provided by the Marine Corps Engineer Center (MCEC) and the lessons observed from the operating forces pertaining to evolving methods and principles in defeating the IED as a tactical and strategic weapon of choice. The incumbent shall interface with the MCEC, on behalf of MCTOG, to ensure the doctrine, training, and standards developed and promulgated by both of these organizations are consistent, synchronized, and integrated. Incumbent shall spend approximately 33% TDY. a. Synchronization Between AtN and DtD Training • Support MCTOG’s training to analyze and target of IED Networks and other asymmetric threats, as well as analyze requests for information and requests for support to identify specified/implied tasks. Possesse in-depth understanding of service staff planning and targeting processes, procedures and capabilities as well as how IED/Asymmetric networks operate. • Possesse in-depth understanding of methods and principles for assuring the mobility of maneuver forces and route reconnaissance and conducting route clearance (R2C) operations in IED environments. • Remain informed of political-military developments in theater and maintains liaison with other agencies in order to identify intelligence gaps and initiate the required data collection to conduct holistic threat assessments. • Analyze threat network activities, composition and TTP’s, geospatial distribution of events, indications and warnings of attacks, and information operations. • Conduct information retrieval, knowledge consolidation, analysis, and development of assessments of facts, threat intents, cultural behavioral norms, knowledge and implications of the operational environment, and adversarial involvement in that environment. • Provide proactive insight into anticipated enemy reactions to friendly current, future operations and provide insight into second and third order effects of operational planning. • Complete all requests for information and requests for support in a timely manner, utilizing the most effective tools and applications. Brief results to senior military and government officials. b. Training Event Planning and Design • Ensure the consistency, synchronization, and integration of MCEC produced DtD training events, scenarios, and academic material with MCTOG generated geographically correct and reality based IED network events, scenarios, and academic material to facilitate AtN operations during MCTOG supported exercises and training. c. Training • Support MCTOG’s training to deploying units on how to identify threat networks, composition, activities, TTPs, vulnerabilities and how to produce actionable intelligence. • Remain abreast of MCEC training to deploying units on how to locate and reduce IEDs through the employment of time-tested and field-validated principles. • Facilitate integration of Attack the Network best-practices into Regiment, Battalion and Company training. • Supports MCTOG exercises to replicate asymmetric threat and IED networks for realistic and accurate Counter Threat and Attack the Network training to deploying battalion and regimental staffs. • Support MCTOG training of deploying company, battalion and regimental staffs on the use of all CIED enablers and intelligence information streams to effectively plan CIED operations, target IED and asymmetric threats and assess the success of the operations. d. Liaison Officer Duties • Serve as MCTOG liaison with the supported command. Work issues and responses to requests for information, carrying out daily coordination, and arranging and preparing for meetings, and visits. Communicates MCTOG position on issues of interest. Establish and maintain close personal working relationships with all appropriate offices within the supported command. • Perform ongoing coordination as needed with various offices within the supported command, with the goal of ensuring understanding and appreciation for the mission, operations, and accomplishments of the TATT and MCTOGs AtN training mission. Keep the TATT team lead and MCTOG AtN training OIC apprised through briefings and written material of any current plan, action or interest that has special significance or anticipated impact requiring their personal attention. Track actions of interest to the TATT and MCTOG, attend meetings as necessary, and report to the TATT team lead and MCTOG AtN training OIC. Civilian Education. Bachelor’s degree required. Graduate of Graduate of Marine Corps Command and Staff College (CSC) or other service equivalent. Civilian / Military Operational Experience. Former military with staff and training/operational experience—USMC experience preferred. Proof of Security Clearance. Shall possess a valid Secret security clearance; TS/SCI preferred Chaz Bantle Recruiter Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 45. Network Systems Administrator - San Diego, CA SOLUTE Consulting, Inc. is seeking an experienced Network Systems Administrator to provide system administration of network, web, and communication systems. The ideal candidate is an expert in Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN) system administration. Further, the successful candidate will be self-sufficient, resourceful, and able to operate in a fast-paced environment with minimal support. The candidate will configure servers, coordinate backups, make software/hardware recommendations, advise users of network service issues, and monitor systems performance. In addition, the candidate will perform implementation planning, resource planning/scheduling, document topologies, and prepare reports for management. The ideal candidate will have some requisite experience supporting Department of Defense (DoD) C5I systems or other DoD programs, but this experience is not required. Required Qualifications: * Active DOD Secret or above security clearance. * Recent experience implementing, administering, testing, and analyzing Microsoft Exchange 2008 or 2010 servers and services. * Minimum of 2 years of general experience operating and maintaining a LAN/WAN environment. * Recent experience in network support for military C5I systems (GCCS-M, CENTRIXS, etc). * Recent experience implementing, administering, testing, and analyzing Cisco networking devices. * Strong knowledge of Cisco networking equipment. * Extensive experience using and administering Linux and Windows Operating Systems. * Experience using and maintaining user accounts for various platforms. * Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university in Information Systems, Computer Science, Engineering, or a related technical field. * Prior experience in military /defense related field. * ONE of the following Microsoft certifications: * Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA), Server 2003 * Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA), Server 2008 * Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP), Server Administrator 2008 * CompTIA Security+ Preferred Qualifications: Required Certifications Travel: less than 5% Send resume > and see more information at > . POC: Holly Dunigan, (619) 758-9900, Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 46. San Diego, CA, Tactical Data Link Verification & Validation Project Lead Job Summary: This position directly supports the Space and Naval Warfare (SPAWAR) System Center Pacific (SSC-PAC), Next Generation Command and Control Processor (NGC2P) Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) and other Joint Test and Evaluation (JT&E) Programs. Requirements: * Detailed knowledge of the military based SATCOM systems, Demand Assigned Multiple Access (DAMA), Joint Range Extension Application Protocol (JREAP), and Joint Tactical Information * Distribution System (JTIDS) Multifunctional Information Distribution System (MIDS). * Experience in the testing and analysis of common Tactical Data Link systems. * Experience in identifying test requirements and generating architectures, test procedures and test cases to satisfy and verify the identified requirements. * Experience with the development of Test Scripts and Post Test analysis reports. * Experience with test management and defect tracking software. * Demonstrated ability establishing the necessary Multi-TADIL architectures (Link-16, Link-11, Joint Range Extension Application Protocol) to support test objectives. * Experience in military standards and Operational Specifications, preferably those for TADIL J equipment operations. * Ability to establish test architecture necessary to verify TDL test programs. * Knowledge and experience with Combat Systems, Tactical Data Links and associated communications equipment. * Proficient in computer system networking and interfacing protocols utilized in commercial and/or military communications systems. * Experience with test management and defect tracking software. * Provides direct supervision of tasking during the various phases of development, execution, analysis and reporting. * Manages the day to day tasking and operation of all personnel assigned to the project and will supervise the tasking of test leads to ensure that all requirements of the program are being met, within each test area. * Works to promote an effective and efficient working environment for the team members. * Ensures that continuous training of the team is conducted to ensure that all members supporting test and analysis has the required skill set to autonomously perform any task, as required by the test program. Basic Duties: * Assists in the planning of all phases (i.e. Planning, development, execution and report) of a test program and supervises the daily activities to ensure that tasking of the team, meet scheduled and deadlines. * Provides and guides the proper training of new and junior personnel to learn and gain the required skill set needed to support the position. * Attends various planning meetings and program specific working groups for program support and situational awareness. * Assist in the generation of required reports and briefings that will be delivered to SSC-PAC and/or Program Office. * Monitor and maintain all project requirements for planning purposes and provide updates to the Program Manager at least weekly and immediately if the situation warrants it. * Performs the required reviews of all test material that will be delivered to the customer or outside agencies. This includes Daily Status Reports (DSRs), TORs and TRRS forms and other delivered documentation. * Monitor, review and update project specific databases and test management tools that support the assessment of the overall program. This includes Bugzilla and QaTraq/VCRM and other test applications (if applicable). * Generates required reports which include test status, defect, and final test reports. These reports fully describe and report on the results of an executed event. * Supports in the planning and implementation of required tools/applications and/or process that is needed to support the test program. * Utilizes UNIX scripts, MicroSoft Office tools, specialty applications and programs to support requirement evaluations and testing (e.g., Vi, MS Project). * Implements complex system problem isolation/detection and resolution techniques during test events which are demonstrative of logical, deductive reasoning ability to identify defects and their sources using independent discretion and reasoning. * Independently performs research, analysis and development of test cases based on Military Standard defined TDL's (e.g. MIL-STD 6016 and MIL-STD-3011). * Develops and configures Ethernet based networking architectures used for advanced TDL test simulations and events. * Performs Supervisory duties as required, in a timely, professional manner. Please visit our website for additional information about this job, > . Resumes showing desired qualifications can be emailed to > . Please reference job #118 POC: Alice Adams, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 47. San Diego, CA, Aegis Combat System Network System Engineer Job Summary: Project duties involve test event preparation, equipment configuration, and system test architecture verification of the BMD Combat / Weapon System, Aegis LAN Interconnect system (ALIS), and Computer Network systems to ensure the preparedness of the these configurations to support BMDS engineering, analysis, and testing of various system requirements. Requirements: * In depth knowledge of computer system networking and interfacing protocols used in Navy Aegis communications systems. * Extensive technical knowledge in Computer Networks, Aegis Baseline 9 Combat Systems including Aegis LAN Interconnect system. * In depth knowledge and experience of NTDS-A/B/E hardware interfaces including the performance and operating limitations of these interfaces. * Knowledge of Cisco IOS and IBM Blade Networking Technology is desired. * LINUX and WINDOWS + CERTIFICATION. * Requires one of the following degrees: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Information Technology, Information Systems, or Electrical Engineering, * Minimum of 5 years relevant experience in WAN/LAN Network Architectures, Networking Protocols (TCP, UDP), and Military Network Systems ISNS, ADNS. Basic Duties: * Develops strategy in defining, isolating, and analyzing C3I Interoperability Issues. Uses the resultant data to develop, propose, and/or and implement solutions to these issues. * Utilizes Subject Matter Expertise in Shipboard Networks (ISNS, ADNS) and Combat System Operating Systems to support the maintenance, sustainment, and trouble shooting of the Aegis Combat Systems prior to and during BMD test events. * Provide subject matter expertise specifically in the Stimulation and Simulation elements (ACSIS/NGS and OASIS) of the Aegis Combat System. * Assess the performance and utilization of the Automated Digital Network Systems (ADNS), Integrated Ships Network Systems (ISNS) as interfaced to Aegis Combat System via ALIS. * Applies network engineering expertise in technical and supervisory disciplines related to communications systems, software engineering, and system level design. * Identifies, evaluates, and utilizes new technological developments in complex communication systems and applies them to applicable projects and programs. Please visit our website for additional information about this job, > Resumes showing desired qualifications can be emailed to Please reference job #117 POC: Alice Adams, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 48. San Diego, CA, Translator, English to Japanese (Konji) - Part-time, on call position Job Summary: The project duties include converting technical and educational written material from English to Japanese, ensuring that the translated version conveys the meaning of the original as clearly as possible. Translator shall work on technical and educational documentation. The Translator will work on an as-needed basis. Requirements: * U.S. Citizenship * Effective Written and verbal communication skills in the English and Japanese language. * The ability to use a personal computer (keyboard and mouse) on a constant basis. * Translation to be performed on company premises. * Certification in translation. * Four (4) - twelve (12) years of relevant experience as a translator converting English to Japanese languages. * Familiarity with English to Japanese word-processor document tools and processes. * Familiarity with researching technical and educational phraseology to find the correct translation from English to Japanese. Basic Duties: * Uses independent discretion to read through documentation written in English and rewrite in Japanese, ensuring that the meaning of the source text is retained. * Acts independently to review technical and educational documentation written in English and provide clients with a grammatically correct, well-expressed final version of the translated text, as a word-processed document in Japanese. * Uses independent discretion to read through documentation written in English and rewrite in Japanese, ensuring that the meaning of the source text is retained. * Acts independently in proofreading and editing final translated versions. Please visit our website for additional information about this job, > Resumes showing desired qualifications can be emailed to Please reference job #120 POC: Alice Adams, > xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 49. Database Architect/Software Analyst - Dahlgren, VA Job Summary: Project directly supports Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Z Department Asymmetrical Division. This project provides Engineering support for the Anti-Terrorism / Force Protection project. Requirements: * BS (Engineering Discipline or other relevant technical degree). * At least 10 years' experience in software development, to include 7 years' experience in C Sharp and .Net programming, and 5 years' experience in SQL and Database development. * Must have the ability to obtain a US Government security clearance, and will be subject to a US security background investigation (i.e. favorable background investigation / credit score). * U.S. Citizenship. * Effective written and verbal communication skills in the English language. * Long distance (>500 miles) travel to other US Government and Contractor facilities. * The ability to execute the duties of the position independently, and with limited to no supervision. * Knowledge of standard computer based business tools (including but not limited to Microsoft Word and Excel. * The ability to use a personal computer and data entry device (keyboard and mouse) on a constant basis. * Regular attendance to be performed on company premises or US government facilities during regular business hours. Basic Duties: * Independently provides Subject Matter Expertise in SQL Server 2008. * Subject Matter Expertise in Database Development * Works independently providing expertise in the use of C Sharp and .NET programming techniques. * Knowledge of OLAP Cubes preferable. * Subject Matter Expertise in maintaining operating systems, database packages, compilers, assemblers and utility programs. * Ability to work independently from specifications to develop and modify software applications. * Assists in designing, coding and benchmark testing, debugging and documentation of programs. Please visit our website for additional information about this job, > Resumes showing desired qualifications can be emailed to Please reference job #119 POC: Alice Adams, Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 50. The Walt Disney Company Opportunity, Hollywood, CA, Assistant to the Producer Working as an Assistant to the Producer, this position will offer direct exposure to the entire production process for a television show to be filmed in Hollywood. This role will start on or about July of 2013 and run for the duration of the television series This position is part of a team for an upcoming television series * Take direction from the Producer to assist in accomplishing the wide variety of tasks to produce a television show * Develop comprehensive plans to maintain schedules and coordination * Lead and project manage the development and implementation of large synchronized operations * Serve in a variety of administrative roles with tasks to include but not limited to, schedule synchronization, organizing meetings, making phone calls, etc Basic Qualifications * 2-4 years' experience in Leadership with strong organizational skills * Extensive knowledge/expertise around all Microsoft applications with particular emphasis on word, PowerPoint and excel * Proven experience in maintaining schedules and monitoring progress toward a goal * Demonstrated ability to successfully influence, collaborate and integrate and establish strong credibility with peers, partners and clients * Understanding budgets and monitoring spend rates * Coordinating * Well Organized * Detail Oriented * Flexible * Strategic Thinking Preferred Qualifications: Knowledge of the film industry Any interested candidates may resumes to: > POC: Kevin Preston,Director Human Resources-Veterans Initiative, The Walt Disney Company, > Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx